1 Chapter 1 : Leaving Home

"Y/N? Y/N!" My teacher was yelling. "What?" I said so angrily. "Where's your homework from yesterday?" she said hitting my desk. Would she just shut up for once! "My Step-Dad ripped it," I said. "All you do is lie. Where is your homework?" she said hitting the table harder than before. "Like I said my step-dad ripped it." I grabbed her hand and took it off my desk. "DETENTION!" she yelled and everyone was laughing. Yes, it made me mad, but I'm that like bad girl for a reason. I don't cry. I wish my life was as normal for a 17 year old girl. My dad really did rip my homework. He, my mom, and his daughter abuse me. I have bruises all over my body. I actually cut myself when I get angry but I don't do it as much anymore. My mom used to be good before she hired a serial killer to murder my dad. My dad was so nice. He did nothing wrong. I just wish he was with me right now. *RING RING RING*


After Detention I walked home. My stepdad was very rich. I don't like money. I really don't want that much. My dad buys his daughter and my mom everything. Except me. He even got guards for around the house. How am I ever gonna get out. I made it home. *Slap*