3 03 Friend indeed!

Ehh??? wait what? why is she even waiting for me? like what does this tomato want from me? Ok, I need to calm down. I took a deep breath and asked her why she was waiting for me.

And now she is acting very bashful. OK, she can do it she is trying to say something. But why does she even need to be shy? Her words were very uncertain. It was almost like she was going to propose to me or is she going to propose to me? (hehe). Nah, who even needs a crap like me. She sure is taking a pretty long time and all she is saying is I, I..... I. Ah I'm done, Orrrr maybe I can play around a bit. She was already eating a lot of time away so it's not a big deal. And it's the perfect time to tease her a bit (watch close).

I said some random sentences that started with 'I', like 'i love sushi', 'I wanna die', 'I like school', and so on. She said a straight no to these sentences, I knew that it would happen this way and this was just a get-up for my final question.

Yes, you guessed it right.

bwah, bwahahahahah [evil laugh.mp3]

The most famous sentence with 'I' yes 'I love you' (oh boi! caution!: Don't take this wrong!!). I asked her whether that's what she wanted to say.

well, well. Missin accomplished. She got really embarrassed or shy or whatever. This time she turned from a tomato to an ultimate tomato, I personally call it the "tomatinator".

bwahahahaha (I'm going nuts!)

Anyway jokes apart. I asked her to at least write it down on a piece of paper. I was traumatized!

All she wanted to say was that she wanted my god damn notebooks to complete hers. I don't think I will ever understand these girls... I gave her my notebooks and started walking back home. It's pretty fun to watch her blush. She is like a leucistic axolott. Well, it was a fun day today.

As I stopped by the vending machine to grab a drink, I saw Lula coming by. She looked like she was very bullied, looking down at the road. She really seems to be gloomy for most of the time (maybe I'm just thinking up too much)

I know what to do!

"H...Hey! Lu...Lula wh...wan...wanna join?"

She ran near to me and shook her head saying yes. We walked our way to the bus stop spending time together. The thing is that she kinda like seems to be making fun of me all the time. I feel like she is stammering her words on purpose ( yeah I'm like a little pile of laundry, I got a hand full of disorders like bipolar, MDD, and minor dyslexia. Hehe I'm a big mess). It kinda like rages me most of the time.

We parted our ways when we reached the bus stop. She really did make me hate her in no time by today. Just thinking about tomorrow in the same way as today makes me wanna kill myself.

Then came the next day. Another wonderful day begins. I took a bath, wore my dress, and got ready for school. Of course, I ate my breakfast (yum). I started walking to the school with high energy to piss the boys off. But the thing is that, if I'm going with my plan, I'm planning to flirt with her but I don't really know how to flirt. On my way to the bus stop, I saw Lula already leaving the stand in a bus. I'm really glad that I got some time to think. I'm not the type of guy who takes the bus all the time I would rather walk.

Girls can understand girls way better than boys. So I need to seek the help of a girl.

Oh, I got the right person for that. I can ask to Ave.

[Ave Yuuki, 15-year-old. Most importantly, a childhood friend of Ren]

But... How will I ask to her? more importantly, what will I ask her?

Hmmm...What if I tell her that I want to learn how to flirt? (too straight), What if I tell her that I wanna flirt (uuff... congestion). Ehh... This is too damn confusing. What should I do? Maybe I should ask her ho-

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oh shit, I'm running late.

I ran to my classroom with all I got. If I'm late the maths teacher is gonna eat me up like an equation ~tanθ~. Well I don't think that I'm that late but still I can't be late. *bump*

What a coincidence I accidentally ran into Ave, Well I was planning to meet her anyway.

I asked her "H...Hey Av...Ave could you t...teach me h...how t...tu...to fli...flirt?" (Fek I messed it up and I know it was clearly out of the blues) and prayed from my deep inside for her not getting the wrong idea. I was embarrassed. She looked at me and smiled, she said yes that she would help me but on one condition that I should be sincere in my relationship, I'm going to be in (what if I'm not going to be in a relationship Hehe CHECKMATE!).

Anyway, I was really happy that she didn't take me in the wrong way and that she would help me. That's the childhood friend for you, no misunderstandings.

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