1 01 First shot

Life was surely fun when I was a kid. Nothing was there to take away my free time. But now...I'm living in hell, getting boiled with the books and tables. Good god!

Yeah, you are right, high school. Or I guess you didn't predict it

High school is supposed to be fun, but it turns out to be total crap for me. Oh, wait I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Ren Hilston. A normal 16 year old high schooler, I guess. Well, I'm 16 for sure and I'm a high schooler too. But I don't know whether I'm normal. Pardon me.

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Today I'm starting my second year of high school. I hope that this year won't end up like the last year, don't wanna get ignored this time too. So letz goooo...

Through the dazzling daylight, while I was walking to the school, I came across a face I have never seen before. She was cuter than anything.

Eye-lined, lob hair, and an outstanding face that can't be judged. But more importantly, she is wearing the same school uniform as mine!!!

I was like 'who can this be? Maybe a freshman. Who knows' Gawd demn

As a man who knows a lot about my school. I was pretty sure that I won't get another chance to talk to this chick. Ahem I mean to talk to this lady (hehe). This is my golden chance.

I walked near to her into the waiting shed. Well, she surely did smell good. Anyway, I can't keep numb. I need to say something. Well, I wasn't sure about what I should say, at the same time I didn't want to sound like an old fart. So I didn't go with the weather thingy.

It surely was getting weird...

And for some reason, she was blushing. Maybe she might have realized how ugly I look, wait...That won't do the job.

Or is my zip open or something? Na, it's closed. Uh... Never mind about what I just said.

Well, crap I can't waste any more time. I went with just came into my mind at first. Of course the uniform

"H..Hey It lo....looks la..li..like we are in the s..same sch..sck..school"

Still, she was blushing... Then there was an awkward silence between us.

Not over yet

Yeah done!

Then suddenly out of nowhere, she said a 'yeah'. And the way she was looking at me was really weird. Like, weird in a cute manner.

I tried to keep up the conversation (I'm telling the truth, it's pretty hard to keep up a conversation with a girl you just met a moment ago). I asked her whether she was new to this school. She said yes, that she is new to the school as well as the area she is living. Just as I thought, a freshman. She took a deep breath and...

Then she started to say a lot, a lot means a lot about stuff's that I didn't even ask for. She was stammering the words, I guess she was making fun of me. And this stammer's made the conversation really big and uninteresting. Luckily the bus arrived. I thought that I could be free again. But..... For christ's sake, she sat beside me and continued with her non-sense.

Good lord, I'm starting to regret this.

Finally, I made it to school alive. The last thing I heard from her was that she doesn't have many friends and whether I could be her friend. Well if I say 'no' that's gonna make things go worse, like a rude act on my first day, you know what I'm talking about. Ahh... I had no other choice I said yes. ( actually, I hate seeing cute girls being sad. Hehe. Don't get the wrong idea ok?)

We parted our ways. I went to my class and she went to her as well. She got to know my name, but... After all this time, I still don't know what her name is. I'm a goner.

The pedos were with the magazine right in the morning staring at girls in bikini. They haven't changed yet. Oh, I forgot these two are my friends, Kevin and Andrew their hobbies include: sneak-peak, taking lewd pictures, and of course collecting magazines (great readers of pictures).....

I still don't know what her name is, I wis- (wait... please don't underestimate me I don't have any special feelings. I just wanna know her name as we are friends. That's all)

And for some reason, I got a feeling that something bad was going to happen..... Yup, it turned out that my sense was right. The same old maths teacher was again the class teacher. I don't wanna attend this class!!!!!

Then she announced that we have a transferred student joining our class. I was about to say that I would be happy if it's a dude who's not into lewd stuff (me no gay!). But.....


For frick sake, it's that weird girl from the morning. I tried not to get noticed, cause if I ge-


She shouted my name..... Now my mates are really going to eat me up (eat in the sense kill). Now my life is unsuccessfully peaceful.

But why me???

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