1 Chapter 1

"Breathe sweetheart, breathe." A man said, holding the hand of his wife who was soon to be a mother, and he a father. The man had a look of concern on his face, watching his wife as she cried out in pain and trying to breathe slowly, but to no avail.

"You're almost there Sarah, just a bit more." The female doctor said between Sarah's legs, ready to receive the baby she wore long gloves and had a look of dedication in her eyes. She wasn't going to let anything wrong happen here.

Sarah nodded frantically at the doctor and her husband. With one last hurrah, a lovely baby boy was brought into the world. The doctor cut the cord and brought the baby out of the room for some time, to clean and implant the "LvL system" into the newborn.

An hour or so later the doctor came back, a shocked expression on her face as she stood by the pair. Sarah sat up with a tired expression, and the man was sitting beside her, holding her hand firmly with a smile.

"Firstly, congratulations, your son is beyond healthy, and has no problems to speak of." She smiled and handed the baby to Sarah. "Secondly though, you two are both low level parents, correct?" At this the pair of new parents looked at each other and nodded. "This is odd then.." The doctor flicked her wrist upwards, a digital screen popping up like a projected hologram from her wrist. "Your son just at birth has A Grade stats...and his personal attributes are...astonishing!" She showed them the apparent graph, his statistics shown to whoever saw.

"J-Jake...our son will live happily!" Sarah gripped the mans arm with tears in her eyes. Jake, who was clearly the husband, looked at the boy and lifted him to his chest with a smile.

"I'm glad you won't have to struggle like us, son." He planted a kiss along his forehead and sighed of relief. The doctor watched with a smile and flicked her wrist again, the screen vanishing.

"Take good care of him, you two will be wonderful parents." She walked out of the room, apparently, never to be seen again afterwards.


"Mom, Dad! I'm heading out to school!" Amory called out to his parents, a light jog in his step as he went downstairs to meet his parents. It's been 16 years since Amory was born, and 4 years since he decided to hide himself as best he could.

"Amory! Don't you dare leave without eating! It's your first day at a new school, and you'll need your energy!" His mom called out to him as she pointed at the table for him to sit. He groaned and did so, sitting down at the table across from his dad.

"So Amory, how are you feeling about today?" His dad smiled softly and leaned forward at the table, waiting for a response.

"It's just school. Nothing to be overly excited for or anything." He stretched his arms as he spoke, his mom setting down a plate in front of them both. On it, there was eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Amory thanked his mom with a smile and started to eat.

"Nothing to be excited about? Third year of high school is when you get brought into dungeons. I remember my first one still." His dad smiled in remembrance as his mom went up behind him and put her hands on his shoulders.

"I do too, your father ran like hell to escape the monsters." She snickered at him, which made his dad go wide eyed and cross his arms.

"Don't say that, I'm trying to look cool for Amory here!" He said loudly, deepening his voice to add a 'cool' factor, which failed horribly.

Amory laughed and finished eating, taking his plate to the sink he washed it quickly. "Alright, I'm going now. Take it easy at work I love you guys!" He smiled and ran out, grabbing his bag. As he walked he flicked his wrist and played some music. Due to the scientific advancements nowadays, the LvL System made it to where headphones weren't a thing anymore, the music played directly into your ear now.

Amory hummed along to the music. What were once current songs were the old songs of his age. He didn't like how music currently was, lots of unnecessary messages within them, stories of what people did. He liked the music of the 21st century, sure some of the songs were the precursors to what's around now, but the ones that weren't were really good. To him at least.

"Almost there." He checked a map he flicked up to see and turned the corner, walking up and through the school door he found his homeroom class. Most classes were done within homeroom, besides maybe a handful of classes, which were usually electives or science related classes that did labs. Other then that, people could flick up a screen or two and participate that way. As he sat down in the back of the class, he kept an eye out on anyone coming in, surveying who may be an issue, or who could be a friend.

The final few students came in and took a seat, the teacher soon appearing in and clapping his hands together.

"Alright class! I'm Mr. Lange. I'm your homeroom teacher." He smiled, scanning the room with his eyes. "Today, we'll start off with introductions, any volunteers to go first?"

With that a few people raised their hands, Amory on the other hand shrunk back into his seat more to not be noticed instantly. This of course didn't result well since the teacher called him up.

"Come on up. I see you hiding back there." Mr. Lange moved and sat on the teacher desk, waiting for Amory to go up with a smile.

Amory sighed and got up, going to the front of the room he swiped his hand to turn his music off.

"Is there any info I should provide besides my name?" He asked the teacher.

"Maybe something about your stats, attributes, etc. You know?" Mr. Lange recalled key details and nodded once he was done.

"I'm Amory Sato. For personal reasons I won't be sharing anything about my stats or attributes. I hope we can get along." With that, Amory went back to his seat. Some people watched him with curiosity, others chose to ignore him, thinking he was weak.

The rest of the class introduced themselves, one after the other, minute after minute. Amory didn't really listen, he resumed his music and did work in his seat, ready for the day to be over already.

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