1 Chapter 1 Chosen as a Hero

"What the f*ck!" Ben looked around as his heart felt like it would burst into pieces. His limited edition action figures were completely crushed into nothingness by a Goddess that appeared in front of him.

Her words were fresh in his mind as it was the last thing before his precious figures were sent to the underworld. "Hello Ben I am the Goddess Veni I wish for your help in saving the world." Just thinking about how this was the last thing before they were taken from him caused him to huff and puff like the big bad wolf. The only thing was he wasn't trying to destroy a house but a Goddess.

"What do you want?" Ben said in a tone full of resentment. Although he was stupid he wasn't at the level of not knowing 1+1=3. Besides since she was a Goddess, if she wanted to she could totally end his life with one finger.

The Goddess seeing him in such a state couldn't help but shake her head.

"Are they that precious to you?" Her question was about Ben's little toys.

"Of Course they were!" Ben stated with absolute conviction. Seeing him like this the Goddess sighed and couldn't help but think 'Why did it have to be this weirdo that was chosen.'

She gently waved her hands as the broken parts of Ben's action figure seemed to rewind in time and come back together. When Ben saw this he was shocked. He understood that she wasn't lying when she said she was a Goddess because she had appeared right in front of him but seeing the other supernatural stuff was still aweing.

"Now that your problem has been fixed can we get back to the real reason I am here." She said impatiently.

Ben wanted to retort that she was the reason that problem was created but since the other party was a Goddess and he was a puny mortal he just nodded his head.

The Goddess pointed to Ben. "You have been chosen by the Great Oracle to save the world! From now on you are the hero that will defeat the Demon God's Incarnation and clear the 5 Heavenly Demon Towers before the Demon God can descend to the mortal world."


Ben blinked a couple times before looking at the Goddess. "Excuse me but what the f*ck did you just say!?!" Him defeat the Demon God's Incarnation. Please don't be ridiculous! Unless the incarnation was a 5 year old kid Ben was very confident he would lose to it.

Obviously the Goddess noticed what he was thinking. She rolled her eyes at his thoughts. Only a dumb*ss would think that she would allow him to fight the enemy without additional help. When she looked over the background information about this human from Earth called Ben she was shocked that he was still breathing and not already in his deathbed.

His stats were far weaker than the average person and a simple cold could make him bedridden for months. He was simply the weakest human in existence. This caused her to question whether the Great Oracle was getting too old. But either way since he was chosen to be the hero there was nothing left to do other than help him.

"Alright hero you will first be sent to another world to train up before you embark in your journey to slay the Incarnation. Oh yeah before you leave I have three things for you. First is the system which all beings with energy use, secondly is a unique skill that I have bought for you and thirdly I will unlock your hidden potential." The Goddess seconds after saying these words waved her hands again.

This time Ben felt something like a orb escape from her hands and enter his temple. This was when a sharp pain caused him to nearly pass out. He gritted his teeth as he felt that something was cramping itself into his brain. This pain lasted for only a couple of seconds but Ben was on the ground with cold sweat dripping down his back.

The Goddess seemed to be slightly shocked at the panting Ben. 'I expected him to faint from such pains but it seems his tougher than I thought.' Her impression of Ben increased by a slight amount. Although Ben wouldn't know this.

As he only thought of overcoming the pain. The basic reason was Ben always read that if the main characters fainted when they were given some op power then they would die or the power wouldn't be as great. Following their footsteps he decided to endure that incredible pain.

'Please give me cheats worthy of my endurance!' Ben prayed to who knows what. Before opening up the system that he had learned about from that orb that entered his temple.

Potential: Lv 1/Lv 5 (Hidden Potential: Lv 1/Lv ∞)

Name: Ben ??? (Title: The Hero)

Exp: 0/100

STR: F- (Actual Stat is Lower)

AGI: F- (Actual Stat is Lower)

INT: F- (Actual Stat is Lower)

VIT: F- (Actual Stat is Lower)

Skills: [Exp Steal (Unique): LvMAX]

Item Slot (0/10):

Looking at his stats Ben felt like he was a piece of beef getting grilled and roasted. After taking a deep breath Ben looked at the other things in his status Window. He first noticed the potential thing and also noticed how his hidden potential had a max limit of infinity. Before he went to the other world he would ask the Goddess about the hidden potential thing.

He then check out the title. He knew some of the functions of this status window like clicking on the word would give more information about it. Knowing this he clicked his Title.

[The Hero: A title given to those that were chosen to be heroes, increases exp gain by 100% and increases damage to all enemies with negative alinement by 50%]

'Sh*t this title is more overpowered than I thought!' The effects given by it were crazy but also understandable. He was in the end the Hero who would fight to save the world. While thanking himself for being chosen as the hero he looked at the cheat skill the Goddess had given him.

[Exp Steal (Unique): LvMAX] - A passive skill that gives certain amount of exp for every attack is done. The amount of exp depends on the damage of the attack.]

Seeing such an skill almost made Ben want to embrace the Goddess with infinite passion. Obviously it all from gratitude. After checking out the other functions of his status window he finally looked back at the Goddess.

"Alright I'm ready to go." He said with determination. Seeing his resolve the Goddess nodded her head as she started to create the portal. While she was making the portal Ben asked her "Oh by the way what is hidden potential anyways?"

"It's the true potential of a person. The first potential you see is just a false peak, when you awaken your hidden potential that's when you reach your true limit. Why do you ask don't tell me your hidden potential is weird or something." Goddess responded.

Ben scratched his head. Before telling her the about it. When the Goddess heard what he had said she was so shocked that she nearly fell over. Ben didn't know this but having infinite potential was one of the requirements in becoming a God.

Knowing that Ben had such a thing caused the Goddess to have a headache. Who would have thought that the human she was sent to help would have the potential to be a God.

"For now don't tell anyone about your hidden potential and don't worry no one but yourself can see your hidden potential and it's limit." Saying so the Goddess sighed as she lead Ben to the portal. Ben gave a goodbye wave to the Goddess as he walked into the portal.