1 the I don't know

i an "I don't know" I love going on average with friends by I can't because I don't a single friend all of them either dye or not my friends any more. I have a dagger and a spell that let me summon one loyal worker a day. I am starting a dungeon It is not going to good but me and my only worker found so tungsten just a inget. I have a idea my worker said let us build a Forge me and her built a Forge for the rest of the day. The next morning I started to try to melt my dagger and add in some melting tungsten. it was a hugk fo metal he forgot to get a hammer. so he go to a town nearby while the worker made the dungeon.(state level 1 ep 10 skills to summon one loyal worker a day)he decided to sell the hugk of metal to some people but no one some hunk of metal so he was about to go back to the dungeon but a man covered by a cloak and a mask he offered to buy the hunk for 100 dollars but he told him "that is too much for the hunk this hunk of metal it is only 20 dollars." the man said "I know but I don't really care I just want to buy it for 100 dollars."

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