'What happened? My head hurts!'

She lifted her hand to the back of her head and instantly felt a sting when she touched it. 

"Ouch!" she reflexively said out loud and pulled her hand away. 

She touched the white fabric that was rolled around her head and looked at the red liquid that had stained her fingers, it was blood. 

'What happened?' she thought to herself, still looking at her hands.

A minute later, her head was starting to hurt like someone was poking and hammering in it. A high pitched sound was piercing her eardrums, making her ears feel like they will bleed. She closed her eyes and placed both of her palms against her ears, hoping that it could momentarily stop the sound but it was no use.

Suddenly, a white light flashed before her eyes and memories of her past self came to mind.

'What? What was that?... Are you saying that I died? Wait, did I really die?'

A teardrop left her eye, running down her face, and suddenly she was crying.

"I don't know what to do."

Her memories kept on repeating inside her head... feeling betrayed, feeling alone, feeling frustrated.

She cried for an hour or two, hoping that everything that happened was just her imagination. That it was just a dream - that she was just having a nightmare.

'I was starting to achieve something and all of a sudden I died?!... I was starting to find my happiness and it crumbles just like that?!!... That's just so unfair.'

She wailed like a baby while resting her head on her knees.

After she cried her eyes out, she tried to recall everything but it felt like something was blocking her from recalling her past self.

'Well at least I know what happened before I died... But why can't I recall everything before that?'

She pinched the upper part of her nose as she tried to calm her throbbing head.

After a while, she started to take a look at her surroundings. Analyzing where she was and trying to figure out why she was here.

'I was supposed to be dead... right? Or maybe not?!' 

She's happy, the thought of having a second chance in life came to her mind. She tried to make a wishful wish. Trying to fool herself that she really didn't die and was just recovering when all of a sudden she realized that her hands were not supposed to be like this.

'These hands are way too smooth to be my hands. My hands are rough and unladylike because of the part-time jobs I used to do back home'

Now, everything was sinking in and she started to question where the hell she was. It was dark, so maybe it was night time and she was in a large soft bed, a king-sized bed if it was compared to what she knew.

'This bed can fit 5 adults and still have space... what a large bed,' She thought to herself.

Looking at the space in this room, she realized it was ten times bigger than her old apartment when she was in college. Thanks to the moon's reflection it helped her see the inside of the room.

'Wow! They're filthy rich. It looks like a medieval room that I've seen in a lot of movies… but the interior sucks! Who the f*ck make their room pink?! Everything's pink!! Ugh, my eyes... this sucks.'

The room walls were painted pink. Plushies, teddy bears, the cover sheet, the furniture, the ornaments and walls design… Everything was pink.

'If I don't get out of here, I'm going to be blinded by all this pink...'

She tried to get out of the bed to look for a mirror. She felt dizzy as soon as she stood up but she also needed to know what was happening and see it for herself. She had a bad feeling that something outrageous was happening to her but she still made her decision to face it.

'I need to find out who the hell this lady that I have become is. This is crazy!'

Her thoughts made her wonder that maybe she had become a ghost and possessed someone.

'Did I become a bad spirit because of what happened to me? Because I died?... and died as a vi-vi-virgin!!! Did I become a vi-virgin ghost and possess this body to fulfill my desire? To find a boyfriend?... Nah, that didn't happen… right?!'

She was confused as well as different kinds of thoughts lingering in her head, conclusions of what is really happening to her. She felt it was too real and even for herself it sounded ridiculous. She sighed. 'Haaa...'

She saw a vanity in the room and walked over to it. As she came to a stop in front of the white ornamented vanity that looks luxurious, she let out a scream in shock. 

The girl in the mirror had a pale skin that looked like snow. Her ombre hair was colored and mixed with black hair that had silver-blue at the ends and the length went below her knees while her golden red mixed eye could be described as the setting sun.

"Wow! Who the hell is this? Oh My God! Who's this Lolita? She's so cute." She screamed again because of how cute her body was.

"Wait... how old is this child?! She looks to be around 12. She's so cute." She mumbled

She was so beautiful. A few more years and she will become a gorgeous lady and still have those innocent eyes. But there was something about it that bothered her. It was the eyes of this child! She had the same eyes back then… eyes filled with evident loneliness.

"I wonder why a small girl has this kind of look in her eyes." As she silently whispered the door suddenly burst open and a maid with jiggling balloons came towards me.


The maid knelt down and wrapped her arms around her, giving the little girl a hug while bawling her eyes out.

"Thank goodness you're safe. I was so worried that something might happen to you, Lady Evelyn. Are you okay?" She was looking at her sunset eyes, evident worries were displayed in the maid's pupils.

She just stared at the maid not knowing what to do but inside the little girl was screaming her lungs out.

'Ah! Sh*t! Why is there a maid here? Oh my god! Those pair of melons were so soft, I almost suffocated. This is not the time to think about her bo*b?! How should I respond to her?! Someone please tell me what to do?!' She panicked.

'Wait... how can I understand her?! I'm pretty sure that's not English,' she pondered. 

'Oh!' then a realization came in.

'it's because of this body. Thank goodness! I don't know what I will do If I speak gibberish because of the difference in language.' she sighs in relief.

'Okay! haa!, deep breaths Adelyn. Calm down! You're a full-fledged adult. No need to panic… just take a deep breath and answer like a human being... ' she thought as she stared at the maid and finally decided to speak.

Just please act normal!

"Ye-yes... I'm o-okay..." She blushed hard because of how foolishly she stuttered while giving a simple answer.

The maid smiled and so, she also smiled, as the maid wrapped her in a warm embrace. 'I don't know why but I feel like I know her before. And this hug sure is nice... it's warm.' Evelyn accepts the gesture and lets her be lulled by the maid.

As she was wrapped in the maid's arms, drowsiness began to take over as she was still a child and an injured one at that.

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'I'll think about everything tomorrow, for now, I need to sleep. My mental and physical are drained because of this unbelievable situation!' Darkness invaded her consciousness and her heavy eyes closed as the maid sang a lullaby.

"Good night, Lady Evelyn." She said in a whisper.


"haa... ha..."

Evelyn felt like she was in a marathon, trying to catch her breath. She was soaked in her own sweat. The hair was messed up and her hands were clutching the cover sheet of the bed as she gasped for air.


She woke up from her nightmare and thought about the dream she just had.

Flashbacks came and she was walking in the park... There were two woman walking in the dark lit pavement. 

"Hey, Amy! Let's go to the nearby restaurant. I'm starting to get hungry because of all the projects that I'm doing," She said while her back was facing her, as she walked in a hurry to get to the restaurant that she spotted across the park with her childhood best friend Amy.

"Yeah. Sure," said Amy. 

"You know what..." She turned around to face her when suddenly...

*Chuk! *Chuk!

Her eyes went wide in shock to the realization of what was happening as she felt an object repeatedly pierce her abdomen. 

She looked at her best friend Amy whose hands were on the hilt of a knife that was buried in her flesh and the blood that started to gush out of her body as the sharp knife was pulled out.

She clenched her teeth at the sudden pain that shuddered her entire being. 

She pressed her hands to where the wounded part is. She tried to stop the blood that was rapidly flowing out when her best friend Amy attacked again. She saw that she was aiming for the upper right of her chest, indicating that she really wanted her dead.

She dodged! But soon felt her world turning upside down, she was dizzy due to the amount of blood leaving her body at a rapid rate. 

When she looked up at her, Amy was already in front of her with her hands against her chest and the knife imbued that was stuck in her flesh.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she slowly dropped to her knees and looked at her best friend's Amy's eyes.

"Why?... Amy?" Adelyn asked.

A loud bang suddenly filled the air followed by her body falling to the ground. 

While she saw Amy looked at her with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry... *sniff"

"I needed to do this."

"I'll see ****************...."

As her eyes felt heavy, she still thought and wondered about what she said.

'What do you mean you needed to do this?'

'What did you say? I didn't hear you.'

'Haa... so much for being a best friend' Her consciousness started to fly away as her body was feeling cold.

Darkness envelops her and the next thing she knows her senses become numb. The air was gradually leaving her body and she felt lonely as she thought of her pathetic life, she breathed her last breath. 

*flashback ends...

She sighs.

She felt so betrayed by what happened and was curious as to what her "best friend" said at the end.

She shrugged it off and focused on the memory she just recalled. She felt great danger at the situation that she's now in.

She deeply sighs in agony.

"Is this a typical reincarnation thingy?" She mumbled.

"Getting stabbed by a friend and then reincarnated as a child." She continued.

"… Nah."

She recalled stories about truck-san hitting a person then they become a hero and defeat the dark lord.

She must say, as she experiences reincarnation, or possessing the body, whatever that is! She prefers truck-san than getting killed by a friend.

'Shit! I don't even have a day to grieve myself and now this. I need to arrange my thoughts and gather information about this place. I need to know this body's owner and how she acts... no! no! no! Let's just pretend that I lost my memories. It's better that way. Then, they won't suspect me if I behave weirdly and foolishly. I'll ask the maid that was here earlier. I need to grasp my situation.' she pondered for a while before she made a conclusion.

Her head began to throb in pain again and her hands flew to her head as memories flashed through her mind.

'What? So... I really got reincarnated as a baby?! But why is my memory only the first five years and jumped from the age of 11 to now?'

By the way, she's 13. Not really much of a difference of what she guessed her age was.

'Let's arrange my thoughts first.' 

With the memories that flashed through her mind, she needed to arrange her thoughts with the newly gained information.

'So, my name is Adelyn Cathy Dashton. A free-spirited soul and a graduating student.' 

A dark brown haired lady, big eyes that were a hazel color, long lashes, a petite figure with a decent breast cup and a small face. A girl with a height of 5'5 ft., not boasting, but well she can say that her beauty's above-average. She also has a decent functioning head that she used and helped her to climb the top ranks of her university school. 

But what's the point? She still died though... not to mention at the hands of her best friend too. "Is she really my best friend? I'm having a different opinion about my whole life right now." she said.

Adelyn was only 21 when that happened.

And her life was miserable before that, let's talk about something personal, shall we? 

Like any other kids she has parents... well that's obvious of course. What's different is that they can't really be considered as one.

She can't even really call themselves as a family. They hardly talk. What she means is they really don't care about her.

She thought they would even throw a party when the news of her death reached them.

They always say horrible words to hurt her, saying that she's useless, a piece of baggage, that it was her fault why her mom can't continue her dreams and why his father was too harsh on her... really, there's a lot to talk about that even she can't even count how many ridiculous words she heard from them.

When she was a child, she would experience domestic violence just because her grades dropped and that she didn't make it to the rank.

Adelyn doesn't understand them, but still, she tried her best to reach their demand, hoping that they would look at her with warm, and loving eyes, and that someday they will be proud of her as their daughter.

But that was too much of a goal for this lifetime. As even If she became top of the class, they would scold her and ask why she couldn't reach the top in the whole school.

She still did her best and thought that it would be okay. She thinks that it was her fault that she didn't aim higher.

When that time she became a top student at the top university in their country, she thought that this time, they would definitely be proud of her.

Little did she know that her expectation will get crushed and she will be a joke! Not even that could make them look at her.

That was the thin line that made her snap from the dream she was trying hard to achieve and she finally faced the reality that they really didn't care for her, much less acknowledge her as their child.

It was foolish, really!

After that, she left the house and lived at a small apartment near her university college and worked part-time jobs to meet daily ends. She didn't rely on them... trusting them all those years had taught her nothing but pain.

"Ha," a frustrated laugh left her lips as she thought of how pitiful her past self was.

"I only have one friend and she just betrayed me." She smiled at how ridiculous her fate was and then when it finally registered that she escaped that wretched life, another misfortune befalls unto her. Because she was reincarnated… with a twist!

Basically, it's like this...

She was reincarnated inside the novel that she last read before she died, the title was 'A happy ending'. A cliché story with a heroine and the male leads fighting for the love of the female lead. 

And she was the "villainess" of that cliché story that will die at the end by public execution! What's worse is she won't die like those in traditional dramas that she was so obsessed with where the villainess will just be poisoned to death as punishment! 

The death of the villainess in this story was more cruel than that! The head will be severed from the body! A clean cut by the guillotine! The reason? because the villainess will be bullying the heroine.

That's right! "I'M GOING TO DIE AGAIN WITH THIS NEW BODY AT A YOUNG AGE!!!!" she frustratingly said.

"Author?! This is a romance story, right? So, why did you kill the villainess with that cruel punishment?" she said as she complained and ruffled her ombre hair in frustration.

She deeply sighs! "Haa!" and she cursed the author of this novel.

"If I knew that I would be reincarnated in a novel, I should have read sleeping beauty! At least, I'll just be sleeping in a few years and then I'll meet my charming prince when I wake up!" 

She regrets loving the tragic life of those villainess in romance genres!

The cliché story was actually like this.

Evelyn Callie von Emsworth, is a young noble lady. The only daughter of the Duke and Military General of the Kingdom of Levingstone, Duke Keene Adalfurus von Emsworth.

A spoiled brat and a selfish young lady who thinks that the world revolves around her because of her status.

She becomes a disgrace to her family when a series of events take place because of her selfish acts and it got even worse when she started to bully the apple of the eye of the male leads which led to her execution.

So, this means the story was set when she... the "supposed villainess" gets engaged to the crown prince of this kingdom.

Evelyn was 14 when she got engaged to the Crown Prince. It was also the time to enter the magical nobles school, the St. Prisch Academy.

This is where all the characters of the novel will encounter each other and the story begins to take its course.

It means she only had a year to think and come up with a plan to escape this wretched fate of her.

"So this is my new life? I see… What a pain in the a**!" She taught as she felt an impending headache.

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