2 Life-Changing Day

In Joren's small apartment, it was forbidden to make loud noises. Or else, the cheap and strict landlord will come and tell the story of his life to make you feel guilty and annoyed for four hours straight.

However, it is because of Jeron's law-abiding personality that restrained himself not to scream.

Just that, he had already screamed earlier from sheer shock.

Hurried footsteps could be heard from the staircase. Joren's neighbors have already prayed to bless this man's soul to endure the story of the landlord's life.

<What do you choose, Joren Vierei? To be a gangsta or to be the first male in all of history to have a zero-inch dick?>

'What the hell is happening!?' Joren felt dizzy from confusion.

Tak! Tak!*

"Joren, did you forgot how my children left me because I was noisy!? You want your future children to leave you too?"

"The... the landlord...?" Joren quivered. He looked at the floating fish again and rubbed his eyes.

<If you don't choose in ten seconds, you will lose one ball.>

"Joren, do you remember my second boy? He was very quiet and now, he's had graduated from a prestigious university."

"L-landlord, I'm sorry, it will never happen again." Joren replied with a forced voice.

"Joren, I have a friend who died because he didn't come out to meet their guests."

<Wow, annoying.> the fish suddenly commented.

'And you are not!?'

<Also, five seconds remaining.>

In the last five seconds, Joren's brain suddenly bolted. Under extreme pressure, he would become calm and think.

It was an easy decision.

Although Joren is a law-abiding and kind-hearted man, in the end, he is still a man!

'I... I don't know if this is just a dream or a hallucination, but...-

'I still want to lose my virginity to a big-boobed cute goth girlfriend in the future!'

"I'm not taking any chances that this is not real, so I accept."

Joren finally said as his final decision.

"Joren, my father talks to himself too and do you know what happened to him? He got in jail after getting caught doing drugs."

<Isn't that just because he's doing drugs!?> the fish then got closer to Joren.

This was the moment that would change Joren's life forever.

<Joren Vierei, since you wholeheartedly accepted the Gangsta System, you are now considered as a Level 1 Thug Underling. Congratulations!>

"Th-thug Underling...?"

<Think of it as a game. The higher your Level, the stronger you are. But to level up, you need to do crimes and become the top dog, yo. Mission will also be->

"Joren, after getting in jail, my father always asked me to bail him out. You know why? Because he had no visitors and is very lonely. Do you not appreciate a guest and not let me in?"

The fish oscillated toward the door.

"Joren, do you forgot how low the rent cost here? Did you forget how my sister lost her house and has to live in the streets? I know she found a sugar daddy but can you tell that the same will happen to you?"

A nerve popped out of the floating fish's head. Oscillating toward Joren, the voice entered Joren's mind again.

<Explanations are for later. Your first mission, towards becoming the King of Thugs, is to shut that man and shoo him away!>

'IT's angry...' Joren sweated, he still couldn't follow, especially the part about the King of Thugs.

<As a Level 1 Thug Underling, there are no changes to your body and strength. You are just eligible for growing up. Now go! Go and make that man cry and go away!>

"Sorry, but he's my landlord. What if he kicked me out?"

The kind-hearted Joren reasoned. Even though he doesn't understand what was happening, he wouldn't let the pressure change what he wants to do.

<Complete the mission or...>

"Or...?" Joren furrowed his eyebrows. He is prepared to resist whatever the fish will do to him.

The fish then turned around and hovered towards the chopping board. On the side of the chopping board was a knife. Magically, when its fin touched the knife, the knife stuck to the fin as if the fish was holding the weapon.

The fish then turned to Joren... menacingly.

<Or you will die.>

'It just stepped over a lot of steps!' Joren was startled.

"Fine, fine! I just have to make the landlord go away, right?"

<And make him cry.>

"Is that necessary?"

The fish became silent for a few seconds and got closer with the knife on its fin.

<And make him cry.> it repeated.

"Okay, okay, I will try."

Despite Joren's appearance, he was soft and is easily scared. His imaginations run wild. An image of a newspaper flashed before his mind.

[Headline: Man died from multiple stabs by a floating, greasy, and floating fish. Should the residents be scared that fishes can kill now or is Joren Vierei just too weak that he died from a dried fish?]

'I will just make up with the landlord after this.'

Meanwhile, the landlord outside raised an eyebrow.

'Are my stories not getting through him?' he was about to knock when the doors opened and come out an intimidating tall man.


'I forgot how scary this young man is, but no! I need to be strong!'




"I don't care about your life. I will not be noisy again. Go away."

"You... you don't care about my life?"

"I... I don't."

"Fi-fine! I don't care about yours either!" the landlord then ran away, crying like a heartbroken maiden, "Also, your rent this month will be doubled."

Closing the door, Joren felt like crying from guilt and frustration. He turned around and saw that the dried fish dropped the knife.


<Very good, you are indeed worthy of the Gangsta System. I didn't know you have the cold heart to just say things like that to the poor landlord. Geez, I was surprised by your sudden outburst.>

'S-sudden outburst!?'

<Now, sit and I will tell you what will happen to you now.>

Feeling depressed, Joren could only sit on the couch of the living room.

The fish floated towards his front.

<Listen, carefully.>

Joren lifted his head and looked at the dried fish radiating holy light.

<Soon, you will be taken by a secret society. I don't want to be seen so, good luck, later!>

The dried fish suddenly vanished.


Joren froze before dropping onto the couch.

"I must be just tired... I hope I'm not turning crazy."

While he was about to doze off, black cars parked in front of him.

Men in black suits came out and this was noticed by the heartbroken landlord.

"Hey, who are you people!?"

"We work for the government. We are here to get Joren Vierei."

One of the men in black came towards the landlord and showed a card.

"Huh? Platinum card for Sexy Angels Club?"

"Oops, wrong card. I'm going to upgrade it to diamond later. Here."

"Agents of the Special Department?"

"Yes, so if you will excuse us..."

The men in black walked past the dumbfounded landlord. Behind them was the only woman in the group under a large fedora.

Sometime later, Joren woke up in the darkness. But when the black bag was removed from his head, he was temporarily blinded by a bright light.

Once his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw a table with a lamp in the middle and a beautiful woman with a long curled blonde.

"Hello, Joren Vierei, how are you feeling?"

"... huh? What? Where am I!?"

When Joren's senses came back, he looked around and panicked.

He just saw darkness and some mysterious men in black.

"What!? W-where am I? Who are you!?"

Joren struggled to get out but he found that his wrists were handcuffed behind the chair.

"Calm down, Joren." the blonde said.


"If you don't calm down, we will have to-... you will?" the blonde frowned.


The law-abiding Joren always does his best to keep people around him comfortable. This is to compensate for the appearance that he's showing.

Due to this, any request would be his pleasure to accept.

What happened last time with the landlord was a clash of requests. Although the dried fish is annoying, is the landlord not annoying as well?

Not only that but he was also threatened. He only does it to the best of his abilities and will not sacrifice his precious life for it.

"I-is that so... this is the first time someone actually calmed down after being said to calm down."

The blonde couldn't believe it. She had already prepared many ways to keep the subjects like Joren calm and listen.

'I guess my job became... easier?'

"Anyway, do you know why you are here?" the blonde turned serious again.

"Here..? Where am I in the first place?"

"Hm, Joren, you are deemed as an Abnormal to the world. Before we tell you what will happen to you or where you are, I will give you a choice."

"A choice...? Again?" Joren made a puzzled face.

"Do you choose to live with the other Abnormals or come back to the society where you will forget everything that happened but you will be under 24/7 surveillance!?"

"W-wait! That seemed like an important decision! I don't know about these Abnormals and 24/7 surveillance, that's practically no privacy!"

"You will know once you answer!"

"Such a heavy decision again..."

Under pressure, Joren's brain bolted to fast thinking!

Once again, Joren is a law-abiding and kind-hearted man, however, he is still a man!

'24/7 surveillance... that means she will see how I jack off to hentai with big boobs! I won't be able to enjoy it anymore!'

"I-... I accept!"

"Good!" the blonde stood up.

At the same time, the lights turned on. Joren was shocked what he saw.

"Hey! Isn't this my apartment!?" he was so shocked, he shouted, "What's the purpose of the bagging my head!?"

Outside, the landlord crouched and played with the soil while muttering.

"He doesn't care about my life and is still shouting. What could I ever do to him..."

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