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I D YT L M deleted


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Ham Eunjung is one of the most popular girls in her school; known not only for her wealth, beauty, and wit, but also mischief along with her group of friends: Qri, Boram and Soyeon. With them together, anywhere is their playground.They love to have fun and play games with one particular favorite: the Dare Game. Though what they do is good clean fun, their notoriety came from exaggerated stories about them probably made by others being jealous. On their senior year, to end their last year with a 'bang', Eunjung reluctantly took on a dare: To make someone fall in love with her. And their unsuspecting victim? -- Park Jiyeon. Park Jiyeon is Eunjung's classmate; a transfer student on their sophomore year. Due to what happened to her parents, she has a slight trust issues. She keeps everyone at arms length, only mingling if need be, just enough not to be branded as a snob, just enough not to stand out. She spend most of her school days reading books and just plain looking at people. One that caught her eye is Eunjung's group--particularly Eunjung herself, she enjoys watching them having fun, deep inside, she wants to be friends with them, since she doesn't have to courage to enter their long standing friendship, it's enough to look from the outside. In the span of time she's been watching, Eunjung became the object of her affection. Eunjung, driven by peer pressure and a dare. Jiyeon, held up by her fears and with her treasured unrequited love. Their paths crossed... Is it a fated happy ending? Or a pending broken hearts?


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