2 Tori Is A Slave!?

Trigger Warning: Light Torture


Tori looked up in surprise, not expecting his room to suddenly be invaded, and also not expecting to be called a slave.

An obese and bald man barrelled into the cramped room, yelling at Tori as he did so. His blubbery face was flushed red and his small mustache quivered in fury.

[To keep you safe, the Cultivation System has decided to conceal your cultivation strength from others. You will appear as a regular mortal.]

There was no screen this time, only the voice, but Tori only managed to barely understand what it said, more focused on the man calling him a slave.

The man grabbed Tori by his hair and pulled him to the ground easily, kicking him in the guts as he did so. Tori grunted from the pain but did his best to endure silently.

"Oh, you're going to try and be quiet now, huh!? Let's see how quiet you'll be when I whip you!"

The man only got angrier at Tori's endurance, dragging him out of the room and through a long corridor. A maid cleaning a room watched worriedly as he was dragged by his hair, but she didn't do anything.

Tori was dragged for around a minute before being kicked out of a door, landing roughly on a patch of grass. A sliver of blood trickled from the corner of his mouth, but he wiped it off silently.

He could already feel his body improving from this!

'Haha, yes fatty, hurt me more!'

He considered whether or not he should provoke the man, but decided he didn't have to when the man approached again. Tori was picked up by his throat and thrown against a wooden post a meter away from another post, thick string tied to each one.

"You! Tie this slave up!"

The man pointed at a watching boy and yelled his order, and the boy didn't think about refuting. He scrambled over and grabbed Tori's left hand before tying it to a post, before doing the same with the other hand.

"I'm sorry."

The boy whispered before running away.

The man reached into his grey robe and pulled out a notched whip, multiple jagged points protruding from it. He unraveled it with a simple swish, before whipping Tori's back.

Tori felt the seemingly limitless pain as he muffled his scream to a strange hum, his once neat shirt now ripped and bloodstained. His back was torn with bits of flesh hanging off.

He was only given a chance to recuperate as another lash resounded in the yard, as well as another painful hum from Tori. Blood flowed out of his back riddled with torn holes as tears flowed from his eyes.

Tori half-wished he could just pass out already, but his Immortal's Pain Physique wouldn't let him. What could you do with a strong body but an untempered will?

'Okay, maybe hurt me a little less now...'

Tori didn't think the man would whip him!

Seeing Tori's resilience, the man was increasingly enraged further.

After multiple whips, Tori's back was reduced to strips of bloodied flesh, his spine showing in multiple spots. The man, previously furious, was now horrified. After enduring such torture, this 11-year-old slave was still alive, and even awake!

He wanted to kill the slave, but the boy's skill far surpassed the other slaves in his age group, and that would just be wasted talent in his herb garden. He decided to leave the young slave tied to the post, he had a guest arriving soon.

After the obese man left the yard, the previous boy scurried back to Tori. The boy was a little younger than Tori but was still quick with his hands, untying Tori and letting him down gently.

The boy was approached by an elderly man with gray hair,

"Leave the boy with me. Go tell Mary what happened."

The old man told the little boy before bending down, inspecting the wounds in pity.

A few minutes later, the previous maid exited the mansion with a worried expression, her panic increasing when she saw Tori. He was still awake, silently enduring the incessant pain, growing stronger every second he suffered.

The woman rushed over and picked Tori up in her arms with unnatural ease, rushing back to his room while avoiding the guards. If the guards told their Master that she was taking care of Tori, he would not be happy.

When she entered his room, she gently let him down on his stomach on the bed, before hurriedly leaving again. Although Tori couldn't be knocked unconscious, he could still fall asleep.

And that's exactly what he did.


Tori opened his eyes, awakening from his state of recovery, but froze.

A woman's face was just a few inches from his, and their eyes locked.

"Did you see me naked yet?"

To break the silence, Tori voiced the first thing he thought. His childish voice was loud in the small and silent room.

The girl backed away with a discontent expression,

"I'm your mother. I've seen you naked the day you were born. But if it alleviates your misplaced concern, I only took care of the wounds on your back."

She responded in an annoyed tone, glancing at Tori's back.

"How bad is my back? I can still feel the sting."

He squinted his eyes a little as he thought back on his torture, but the pain was insignificant compared to when he was being whipped.

"I was able to get a few pills to help with your recovery, but your wounds are still healing..."

She gingerly touched the clean bandages on Tori's back as she spoke.

"Thank you for helping me, and the other two as well."

She hmphed before responding,

"Of course, why would we let you suffer and die by yourself? Little Rang and Elder Bo are struggling with us as well.

"I've been taking care of you for quite a while and I need to get back to my duties before someone notices. You can still rest for a few days since your wounds were so grave, but try not to make such a mistake again."

She concluded her thoughts as she stood up, pausing in case Tori wanted to speak, but eventually left as she closed the door.

'Why did I already know she is my mother? And why do I now know that that fatty is my "master"?'

[To not let you suffer too much, the Cultivation System has decided to transfer most of the previous body's memories into you! Also, don't forget to check your Status regularly!]


{Name: Tori}

{Age: 11}

{Race: Human}

{Cultivation: Rank Four of Body Refinement Stage}

{Cultivation Aptitude: Immortal's Pain Physique}

{Cultivation Technique: Immortal's Wisdom Technique}

{Cultivation Manuals: None}

{Treasures: None}


Tori raised his brows in surprise, he didn't expect himself to rank up so quickly! And now that he's sensing his new strength, he realizes that he is much stronger, over double!


And that's the end of the second chapter! Who knew that Immortal's Pain Physique was so strong?

I also wanted to state now that I will try to post chapters once or twice a week with around 1k words each, but motivation is fleeting and the heavens are random!

Many readers may have already noticed that my writing style isn't like most Chinese translated novels, and that's because this isn't a Chinese novel, every single word comes straight from my brain!

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