16 A Reasonable Misunderstanding

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"Ah! It hurts…"

"Ugh, I'm not that skillful yet. Hold on for a while longer and after that, you should feel more comfortable." 

"Ugh, alright."

"How do you feel now?"

"A little numb, but feeling much better."

Zhou Heng was applying acupuncture on Cheng Jiangjian.

As he carried out his acupuncture, he realized that she was actually a little scared of pain. But she was able to endure it when given candy. 

Her current look was completely different from the aura displayed when she was in the ring earlier.

After all, she was only eighteen years old.

Before Zhou Heng's transmigration, he was already twenty-one years old and in his senior year at college. To him, an eighteen-year-old person was merely a junior in her first year at college.

After a while, Zhou Heng took the needles back and asked her, "How are you feeling now?"

"The qi and blood circulation are smooth. I can even command some power smoothly too."

With candy inside her mouth, Cheng Jiangjian was happy to feel the improvement inside her body. Suddenly, she widened her beautiful eyes and cried in astonishment, "I can't believe that the speed of dispelling the ghost aura has become that fast too! How is that possible?"

Based on her own understanding, the removal of ghost aura could only be done by relying on one's own strength. If she needed external assistance, only a third-class Deva was able to help her.

Evidently, Zhou Heng was not a third-class Deva, he was not even a ninth-class.

'What happened?'

The situation was beyond her comprehension.

'Could the acupuncture technique he applied to regulate my qi and blood circulation be somewhat extraordinary?

'I'm afraid that's the only valid explanation!

'But that's just too much!

'What kind of medical skills are those?!'

An unranked martial arts apprentice had actually been able to do things only a third-class Deva was able to perform!

That was truly incredible and unbelievable!

"Any problems?"

Zhou Heng asked, puzzled.

He had not expected Cheng Jiangjian to be so shocked.

He was also very surprised at how effective that acupuncture technique had been in removing ghost aura.

After all, during his studies, there was no mention of such effectiveness!

Just as Zhou Heng was puzzled, he suddenly figured out something. 

'Could it be the attribute of the extra damage on Yin Spirits?

'I think so.'

"Mister, try to avoid using this acupuncture technique in the future."

Cheng Jiangjian stared at Zhou Heng in a very serious manner, and she continued, "It's very magical and mysterious. If others know about it, it'll probably bring death to you. It's too dangerous.

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"I've no idea how you learned this acupuncture technique. However, I'm afraid that the origin of this acupuncture technique is incomparably phenomenal. Therefore, it's best not to let anyone know about this." 

Zhou Heng was dumbfounded.

'This was only an Eighth-Class Medical Skill!

'Why did you make it sound as if it's the only divine first-class technique in the world?'

However, he was much aware that there was no other explanation for the attribute of this extra damage on Yin Spirits.

For now, he should grab the opportunity to increase the speed of removing the contamination of ghost aura through this acupuncture technique. It undoubtedly would bring up the best results. 

"Alright." Zhou Heng nodded.

The attribute of the extra damage on Yin Spirits actually worked in the medical field, which even shocked him.

Initially, he had planned to make money by healing people with these medical skills after becoming more familiar with them.

Fortunately, this was discovered early. 

Otherwise, if he simply provided the treatment to the public and happened to bump into an ungrateful patient, he would get into trouble.

"Mister, please do not misunderstand me for making a big deal out of it."

Cheng Jiangjian removed her mask. Her brilliant eyes fixated on Zhou Heng, and she said in a deep voice, "Your acupuncture technique is ridiculously good at removing the contamination of ghost aura. Even Devas would covet it.

"To be honest, the thought of reporting this matter to my master actually crossed my mind. But you performed the acupuncture technique just to heal me. As such, I cannot betray you.

"Nonetheless, you must remember that the value of these medical skills is priceless. You must never let anyone know about it until you become truly powerful."

"Okay, thank you so much for your friendly advice, Ms. Cheng." Zhou Heng nodded and smiled as he said, "Don't worry, I treasure my life. Unless necessary, I won't reveal these medical skills in the future."

He did not doubt the truthfulness of Cheng Jiangjian's words and also believed that she would not tell others.

After all, if she really wanted to expose the incident to her master, there was no need for her to warn him like so. She could have remained silent and lodged the report after recovering from her injuries. 

"Alright." Cheng Jiangjian relaxed a little after receiving the assurance from Zhou Heng. Then, she continued, "In the following days, you don't need to apply these medical skills to heal me, Mister. I'm worried that by doing so, it may expose your medical skills. Therefore, you should just let me recover naturally."

"Alright," Zhou Heng smiled as he replied, "Besides, I can save up from these candies. They are quite expensive, two for one coin ."

"Huh?" As soon as Cheng Jiangjian heard this, she immediately showed a bitter look. Then, a thought popped up in her mind. She smiled gently and said, "How about I pay you one tael of silver per candy?"

Zhou Heng fell silent. Immediately, his eyes teared up and turned red. He stared at the lady close to him and said, "Are you serious?!"

"Of course… I was joking!" Cheng Jiangjian laughed out loud and said, "Dream on. There's no way something so good would happen. When I recover in two days, I can have all the candies I want in the world.

"Bah!" Zhou Heng smiled too.

The banter relieved the tense atmosphere just now.

Early the next morning, it was the first of May.

Zhou Heng reached the martial arts school early in the morning.

After all, to the apprentices of Prosperity Martial Arts School, there was always an exciting event that attracted everyone's attention on the first day of every month. 

In fact, not only would the attention of the people inside Prosperity Martial Arts School be gathered, even the nearby neighbors would come over and have a look.

"Is he coming? Is he coming?"

"Isn't Yu He here yet? Isn't that inn his home?"

"Why is he taking so long to copy the board list?"

"We don't need the Earthly Ranking Board nor the Heavenly Ranking Board, we only want to look at the People Ranking Board!"

"The People Ranking Board has got the most names and information."

The crowd was chattering as they stood by the front door and waited anxiously.

Zhou Heng also went there.

Somehow, he was also interested in the latest edition of the People Ranking Board.

The People Ranking Board was actually one of the three ranking boards issued by the Great Qara. All three of them were Heavenly Ranking Board, Earth Ranking Board, and People Ranking Board.

Heavenly Ranking Board and Earthly Ranking Board aside, the People Ranking Board took into account the power ranking of the world's younger generation below the age of thirty.

It was not based on their level of cultivation. It was purely based on the results from their combat records.

There were a total of one hundred people.

The People Ranking Board had more than a thousand years of history. As long as the people ranked on board could maintain their positions and not drop, eventually, they would become famous.

As long as one was ranked on the People Ranking Board, they would be considered to have a bright future ahead regardless of whether they were ranked in the eighties, nineties, or even at the hundredth place. 

As such, on the first day of every month when the People Ranking Board was updated, many people paid attention to the changes.

Some were there, concerned about their own rankings. Some were there for recruitment or investment purposes, some were there to update themselves on their idols. Of course, a majority of them were purely watching for fun in order to create more hot topics for discussion.

Therefore, those who were ranked on the People Ranking Board enjoyed great fame. With fame came profits!

As a result, countless young men who embarked into the world of martial arts were as hungry to be up there as starving lions. They challenged one after another to differentiate the strong and the weak as well as the winners and the losers in order to squeeze their names onto the ranking board.

"Here it comes! Here it comes!" Yu He held a scroll in his hand and hurriedly trotted over. "Get out of the way! Get out of the way! I need to find a place to hang it up." 


The crowd shared a tacit understanding this time. Tens of people immediately paved a way to allow Yu He to run into the martial arts school. There was no sign of the dissatisfaction just now.

After Yu He unrolled the scroll and hung it up on the display board, the crowd flocked over to look at it, and within a second, Yu He was pushed aside.

Yu He was miserably squeezed out from the crowd. When he saw Zhou Heng outside the crowd, he felt his eyes sting, and he said, "Bud, you're the only one who cares for me!"

"That's because I knew that you must have already gone through it." Zhou Heng patted his shoulders and chuckled, "Come, tell me, are there any changes in the top ten of the People Ranking Board?"

"So, those were your true intentions!" Yu He put on a look of dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, he still answered him, "Not much changes in the top ten of the People Ranking Board, Fang Wen is still ranked first. He's been in the same rank for five years consecutively. That man's so strong. Also, this time, the tenth is…" 

At that moment, the people surrounding the display board suddenly gasped.

"Oh my god! This person is ranked tenth! She's only seventeen years old?!"

"She's ranked tenth in the People Ranking Board without even reaching twenty?!"

"The last person below twenty years old who ranked in the top ten was the reincarnation of a Deva from Lotus Stage Temple three hundred years ago!"

"She's the disciple of the Pious Sun Palace, one of the largest sects among Daoism!"

"What's her name? What's the name given in the People Ranking Board?"

"Cheng Jiangjian!"

"Immortal Jade Mountain!"

As Zhou Heng heard this, he was stunned. He turned his head and looked at it.

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