6 Zombie Control

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Wang Hao drove around the area on his scooter for a while before stopping at a shop where he hoped to buy knives.

The blinds of the shopfront had been pulled down, and there were bloodstains on them.

Wang Hao reached out and drew up the blinds and entered the shop to see that the items had been strewn all over the place. It looked as if a big fight had taken place here when the Apocalypse hit.

But Wang Hao was very lucky. It didn't take him long to find a machete that was suitable for chopping firewood.

"This machete isn't too bad, and it's sharp enough. It'll be great for hacking zombies."

Wang Hao looked at the machete and was fairly satisfied with it. The wooden handle felt good in his hands, and it had a long blade with a slight hook at the end, resembling an eagle's beak. That seemed like a good way to slash a zombie's head open like a watermelon.


Since the blinds of the entrance had been pulled up, some zombies had begun to approach the shop.

"How strange. I thought these zombies weren't interested in me anymore. Why do they look like they've discovered food?"

Wang Hao was puzzled by this, and he decided to be careful. He immediately transformed himself into a zombie and walked out toward them.

He had a new machete, so he could test it out on these zombies.


Wang Hao lifted the machete and swung it down on the zombie right at the front of the crowd.


The zombie's head burst from the impact of the machete, and there were zombie blood and brain juice all over the place.

But what surprised Wang Hao was that a blood-red-colored ball appeared above the zombie's body, and it slowly rotated as it hovered in the air.

DING! "Congratulations on obtaining one Zombie Bomb."

A mechanical voice suddenly rang out inside his head.

Wang Hao looked at the bright-red Zombie Bomb and was rather surprised. So this was the Zombie Bomb.

"I wonder how to use this thing."

Wang Hao was curious, but he didn't pick up the Zombie Bomb. Instead, he lifted his machete again and started to hack the zombies behind the one he'd just killed.


In the blink of an eye, there were more than ten zombies on the floor. After he had finished going through these zombies, he was awarded another Zombie Bomb.

"I've just gotten two Zombie Bombs. Looks like the chances of one appearing are pretty high."

Wang Hao picked up the Zombie Bombs and started to try them out.

After he had inspected them for quite a while, he felt that he figured it out, and he finally flung one of the Zombie Bombs out.


The moment the Zombie Bomb hit the floor, it exploded. Shortly after that, a zombie that looked just like any other zombie on the street appeared.


The zombie growled several times without moving, and then it started to wander about aimlessly.

"Is this what the Zombie Bomb does? It seems like all it did was create a zombie… Wait… What's this?"

Wang Hao suddenly discovered that there was a new icon in his mind labeled Zombie 1, and there was the option to control.

"Control Zombie 1," said Wang Hao to himself.


Suddenly, Wang Hao felt everything go dark, and the image he was seeing changed. He found himself on the street standing among other zombies.

"What's going on? How did I appear here? No, wait… This is the perspective of the zombie that I created."

Wang Hao looked down at his two feet and his completely different two arms and was suddenly enlightened. So that was the effect of controlling a zombie made from a Zombie Bomb.

"Not bad. This Zombie Bomb is amazing! This is insane!"

Wang Hao became especially excited. With this ability, he could use a Zombie Bomb to protect himself from anything that might put his life in danger. It was like gaining a few additional lives.

"Stop the control," said Wang Hao to himself again.

The scene before him changed again, and he found himself back at the shop.

"This is incredible. It's amazing! Wait, I've got to test this thing properly."

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Wang Hao pulled the shop blinds down again, hid himself, and shouted, "Control Zombie 1!"


The scene in front of him changed, and he was back on the streets outside.

"Let me see how far this thing can walk."

Wang Hao controlled Zombie 1 and started walking in the opposite direction from the shop, going farther and farther.

About 30-odd steps later, he realized that Zombie 1 wasn't listening to him anymore and had started to wander about aimlessly again.

"Looks like that's the farthest this zombie can go under my control."

After Wang Hao had achieved an understanding of how far the zombie could go from his own body, he controlled the zombie to walk back the same way it had come.

As the zombie was walking back again, control of the zombie became easier and easier, and it eventually felt like his own body again.


Just then, he suddenly heard the bloodcurdling scream of a woman coming from above him.


Wang Hao then saw a woman with black hair sprawled on the ground. She'd hit her head and had started bleeding profusely, so she probably wasn't going to survive.

This woman had no clothes on, and there were several obvious wounds on her back. She must have gone through some sort of torture.

"What's going on? Did someone push her down?"

Wang Hao looked up to see that there was a gym near her body, and its third-story window was still open. A fierce-looking man was leaning out the window. He spat a mouthful of saliva out and closed the window.

"This woman had probably been violated by that fellow and then pushed out from that window. It's only been a few days since the Apocalypse hit, and people have already started killing other people."

Wang Hao was filled with horror. He didn't want anybody that dangerous to be living in his vicinity. Since he was now controlling Zombie 1, he quickly got the zombie to start heading toward the gym.

The main glass door of the gym had already been broken, so he could get in without pushing it open. But the staircase leading to the second story had been blocked by a wall made up of several boxes of protein powder.

This wall of boxes would have been enough to block an ordinary zombie, but Wang Hao easily hopped over the wall.

This gym was quite large, and it had pretty much every piece of equipment a gym should have. Wang Hao started wondering if he should come here to work out once he was done with this matter at hand.

After all, if he wasn't in zombie form, his original body was still rather weak and skinny.

There were so many pretty ladies left in the Apocalypse. If he didn't have a strong and fit body, he might not be able to fully enjoy himself.

In no time, Wang Hao arrived at the third story.

He could hear voices coming from inside as he came up the stairs.

Since zombies had an exceptionally good sense of hearing, he could hear everything that was said very clearly.

A man was now shouting as if he was reprimanding someone, "Did you see that? I could rescue you, and I can kill you too. If you dare go against me, I can push you out of the window any time I want to."

"Cheng…I promise to listen to you. Please, please don't kill me. I will listen to you," pleaded a woman.

"You're really good at talking, huh? Then let's have a go and see how you perform," said the man with a laugh. His tone of voice was clearly lecherous.

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