14 The Scheming Li Dong

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Just when Wang Hao was about to walk out of the clothing shop, one of those modified steel monsters of a Hummer came driving back toward the direction it had come from originally.

This car reached the entrance of the convenience store and stopped when they saw the woman's body on the ground.

Wang Hao thought that the people inside the car would at least get out and take a look at her, but, to his horror, the Hummer only stopped for five seconds before speeding off again.

On top of that, the car actually literally drove right over the dead body of the woman. It made all his hair stand on end.

"These fellows are really cold-blooded and violent."

Wang Hao thought he was already very violent because he had killed other human beings, but, compared to these people, the things he'd done were practically good deeds.

"This won't do…these people are too dangerous. I must find a way to get rid of them as soon as possible. If they continue to lurk around here, they'll definitely be trouble."

Wang Hao hopped onto his electric scooter and started riding it in the same direction that the Hummer had driven toward.

He felt that those people probably didn't live too far off and were maybe within the nearby residential estate.

If they lived much further away, they could have found food in the supermarkets and convenience stores in their neighborhoods. There would be no need to come all the way here.

But even after driving along the same road for a while, Wang Hao couldn't see any trace of the car at all.

The electric scooter was too slow, and it was impossible for it to catch up with a Hummer.

But Wang Hao had lived in this city for a long time, so now when he looked at the road in front of him, he came up with two possibilities.

One possibility was that these people lived in the small residential estate nearby, but the possibility of that now seemed rather small.

The noise of the cars would attract a lot of zombies to the estate, so it would become even more difficult for them to have any peace there.

So Wang Hao thought of a second possibility. He felt that these people were possibly headed for the bungalow area that was nearer the mountains in the suburbs.

When he thought about that bungalow area, Wang Hao started to get a little excited.

There were about ten-odd bungalows in that area, and each one was worth more than $10 million. It was even difficult for a rich person with money but no connections to buy a house there.

The people who managed to own a bungalow within that area weren't just rich.

"I've got a pretty woman now, so I just need a bungalow. If I could move into a bungalow, that would be amazing." Wang Hao peered at the amount of battery his scooter had left and finally decided to turn back in the end.

He wanted to wait until nighttime before coming back to have a look. It was very easy for someone to discover him in the daytime.

Once night fell, it would be more difficult for anyone to notice him, and he could also use the lights in the area to find out where those people lived.

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With that in mind, Wang Hao rode the scooter to a convenience store to grab some food, then quickly headed back to the dormitory.


Meanwhile, within one of the dormitory rooms on the third floor of the male dormitory...

"How did things turn out like that? How did these zombies manage to get in here?"

Li Dong looked through the piece of glass on his room door and could see the zombies wandering about the corridors. He was really on the verge of a breakdown.

He'd originally intended for Ma Bing to find some food, and then they would continue to see if they could find more pretty girls to have fun with.

But now, Ma Bing hadn't found any food and had lost his life instead.

And he was stuck inside his own dormitory room because all these zombies had appeared from absolutely nowhere.

There was nowhere he could go now. He had to either wait for someone to come and rescue him, or he had to just wait to die.

Li Dong had almost lost all hope. If someone was going to rescue him, he would have come long ago and wouldn't have waited till now.

He felt that besides jumping out of the window, his only other option was to eventually starve to death.

"No…I can't die now. I have to live on. I'm going to kill that *sshole living across the way and make Li Mengyao mine."

Li Dong's eyes glared at the female dormitory block that was across from his room. He simply couldn't forget the scene of what Wang Hao had done with Li Mengyao on that balcony.

"Li Dong, what do we do now?" Ma Bing's woman looked at Li Dong inside the room and started asking him anxiously.

"What else can we do? Besides jumping out of the window, do we still have any other choice?" snapped Li Dong.

"Jump out of the window? No…I don't want to jump out of the window. Even if I don't die from the fall, it'll attract all the zombies in the area to come over to eat me," replied the girl, as she shook her head in horror.

"Attract the zombies?"

When Li Dong heard her say this, a thought suddenly popped up in his mind. He started to look very strangely toward the girl in front of him.

"What's wrong with you? Why are you looking at me like this?" asked the girl confusedly.

"I've thought of a way to escape from this place," said Li Dong.

"How?" asked the girl curiously.

"Look at the bedsheets here. We can tear the bedsheets into strips and tie them together into a rope we can use to climb down from the balcony," said Li Dong.

"Oh! That's not a bad idea."

The girl was initially excited, but soon started frowning as she said, "But there are some zombies downstairs too."

"What are you afraid of? Is there any other way out of here besides getting ourselves downstairs like that?" asked Li Dong.

"You're right, we don't have a choice." The girl sighed.

"So, why are you still hesitating?"

After Li Dong said this, he pulled the sheets off the bed and got a knife to start ripping the sheets into strips.

The girl didn't just stand around either and started to help him.

Half an hour later, they had made a rope out of the bedsheets that was slightly over 20 yards long.

Li Dong tied the bedsheet rope to the banister of the balcony and slowly lowered the other end.

"Not bad, it looks strong enough, so I don't think there'll be a problem." Li Dong was pleased to see that the rope was long enough to reach the first floor.

"Li Dong, you're amazing! You're so much better than that Ma Bing," said the girl.

"Which area are you referring to?" asked Li Dong with a naughty smile.

"You're so irritating. What sort of situation are we in? Why are you still joking about this sort of thing?" said the girl as she blushed.

"Ha, ha!"

Li Dong was immediately aroused when he saw how shyly the girl was acting. He grabbed her waist and pushed her onto the bed.

Five minutes later, Li Dong put his pants back on properly.

He looked at the girl and said, "We don't have a lot of time, so we'd better move fast. To play it safe, I'll go down first, and you come down after me."

"Okay, I got it."

The girl quickly put her clothes back on and followed Li Dong to the balcony.

Li Dong stuck a dagger into his belt, grabbed hold of the bedsheet, and started sliding down. When he'd reached the second story, he called out to the girl and told her to start sliding down the bedsheet too.

The girl felt that it was a little dangerous for two people to be holding onto this bedsheet at the same time, but she trusted Li Dong wholeheartedly so she grabbed the bedsheet and started sliding down.

In no time, the two of them were clinging onto the bedsheet about five yards above the ground.



More than ten zombies had smelled them coming and had gathered around on the first floor. They were just waiting for the two humans to come down on the bedsheet.

"Li Dong, what do we do now? There are so many zombies downstairs, so there's no way we can get down," said the girl with some panic in her voice.

"What do you mean there's no way? We just need to jump directly down." Li Dong didn't seem fearful when he saw the ten-odd growling zombies right below him. He seemed very confident instead.

"Li Dong, what do you mean?" asked the girl puzzledly.

"You'll get it in a minute." Li Dong's lips curled into a cruel smile as his right hand pulled the dagger out from his belt and stabbed it into the girl's ankle above him.


The girl let out a painful howl, her arms let go of the bedsheet, and she immediately went crashing onto the ground.


All the extremely hungry zombies on the ground started growling excitedly as something caught their attention.

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