40 Putting on an Act

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"Can you please just stop talking? We're living in Apocalyptic times, so of course there are zombies everywhere outside. Besides, that zombie is so far from us, what are you afraid of?"

As Wang Hao said this, he reached out and grabbed the policewoman's wrist and pulled her forward.

The policewoman instinctively wanted to move backward, but she eventually allowed Wang Hao to hold her hand, and they walked out of the police station.

Right now, she didn't have any other choice besides trusting in Wang Hao.

Any other choice would only lead to her death. So it was better to follow Wang Hao, since at least she would have a chance of surviving that way.


A zombie started growling as it opened its foul-smelling mouth and stood a few yards away from them.

The policewoman felt her heart pounding wildly. She was ready to fire her gun at any time.

But Wang Hao didn't react at all. He didn't even raise the katana in his hand.

"Does this fellow really have such confidence? Don't tell me we're going to get bitten just after we've stepped out of the police station?" The policewoman started getting really worried.

She knew that Wang Hao had killed off many zombies before this, but she had never witnessed him kill any before, so it was hard for her not to doubt him now.


The zombie continued to growl as it came right in front of Wang Hao.

The policewoman's heart was already about to leap out of her mouth, and she couldn't help but raise her revolver.

But just then, Wang Hao raised the katana in his hand and suddenly swung it across.


There was no warning at all. Wang Hao swung his blade at the zombie, and it sliced the zombie right across the neck.

Even though the katana did not completely slice through the zombie's neck, it sliced enough for the head to become disconnected from the body, and it hung loosely from its neck.


The zombie soon lost control of its movements and collapsed onto the ground. Its arms started flailing about as it struggled.

Even though a zombie's movements didn't seem to be controlled by its head, it didn't mean that it could still attack humans after it had lost its head.


The zombie lay on the ground and kept growling nonstop. After its neck had been cut halfway through, its body had lost its balance, and it was no longer able to stand up.

The policewoman stared at the zombie on the ground as if her eyes were going to pop out of their sockets. She was so stunned and impressed by Wang Hao.

She was completely convinced of Wang Hao's bravery, and she didn't doubt Wang Hao's capabilities anymore.

He was actually able to remain so calm and collected and was also able to kill the zombie so effectively at the exact right moment. He was seriously amazing.

"Let's go," said Wang Hao quietly as he looked at the policewoman who was still standing there in a daze.

"Okay." The policewoman snapped out of her daze and immediately continued walking with Wang Hao.

Everything that happened after that made her even more in awe of Wang Hao.

To her, Wang Hao seemed to fight without caring about his own life, and he didn't seem the least bit nervous when he was faced with zombies that came pouncing his way.

Every time he killed a zombie, it was always when the zombie was super-close to him, and it always took only one slash of his katana. He was even calmer than those heroes in martial arts movies.

Wang Hao continued to pull the policewoman along with him, and they finally came to the entrance of a hotel called 007.

"Let's just rest here tonight," said Wang Hao.

"Okay, we'll just stay here. There are lots more zombies coming," said the policewoman nervously.

Wang Hao glanced at the few zombies that were slowly wandering over to them from afar, then turned around and walked toward the main entrance of the hotel.

When he got inside, he hacked the two female zombies who had probably been receptionists of the hotel to death, then headed for the staircase and walked upstairs.

Before the Apocalypse happened, there had probably been several guests staying in the hotel.

He could hear a lot of zombie growls coming from the rooms on the second floor.

But the higher they climbed, the fewer the number of occupants. So the rooms with zombies growling inside decreased along the way as well.

By the time they reached the sixth floor, they couldn't hear any zombie growls at all.

They chose a room that was at the deepest end of the corridor, opened the door, and walked in.

This room turned out to be a luxurious presidential suite. The room was huge, with a TV, computer, gym equipment, and a large table that could seat several people.

But the most important thing was that there was a large round bed that looked as if it was suitable for several people to lie down on.

Wang Hao figured that this sort of bed had probably been for those rich men to have threesomes on.

The bed was enormous, so it would be such a waste to just use it for sleeping. He was sure that rich men booked this presidential suite, then called a few women to come over to use this bed to its maximum.

Wang Hao looked all around, and he was very pleased with this room.

But just then, the policewoman looked at Wang Hao a little weirdly and asked him, "So…can you let go of my hand now?"


Wang Hao was slightly stunned to hear what she had said. He suddenly realized that he was still holding onto the policewoman's soft, slender hand.

But Wang Hao didn't let go of her hand immediately and continued to hold onto it.

"Why…why aren't you letting go of my hand?"

The policewoman was a little confused, and she started feeling even more awkward now.

Wang Hao was younger than she was, so she felt weird about him holding her hand like this.


Wang Hao pretended that he was feeling a little nervous and said, "I just think that your hand is so soft. I've never touched a woman's hand before."

"What do you mean by that?" asked the policewoman.

"If you don't mind, let me hold onto your hand for a while more," said Wang Hao.

"Huh…what do you mean by that? I'm not an easy woman, you know?"

The policewoman frowned and started to feel a little angry inside. After those thugs had forced themselves on her, she'd started to have negative feelings toward men.

But Wang Hao had no idea what she was thinking about. He was thinking to himself, "You've been screwed so many times by those thugs, and you're not willing to just let me touch your hand? Aren't you going a bit too far? Is it because you think I'm not handsome enough?"

Even though that was what he thought inside, he said, "I know that you're definitely not an easy woman. But now that the Apocalypse has happened, I don't even know if I will live to see tomorrow, so…so I'm afraid that I might never have contact with women again in this life."

After he said this, Wang Hao held onto the policewoman's hand even more tightly.

"You…don't grip me so hard…stop…it hurts…we can talk it out…I'm not an unreasonable woman…"

When the woman felt Wang Hao's strong, firm grip, her heart suddenly started pounding wildly. The heart that had been killed by the violations of those thugs actually started beating again.

She had joined the police force only two years ago and had never had a boyfriend, and she used to have a lot of dreams about the future.

But after the Apocalypse hit, and she'd ended up being a treated as a toy by those horrible thugs and violated and humiliated by them.

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During that time, she had suffered a devastating blow to her spirit and didn't have any good feelings toward men anymore. But now, Wang Hao's words had actually made her heart skip a beat.

She realized that she probably still had some dreams about the opposite sex, even though those thugs had shattered her dreams by violating her.

And now, it seemed like those dreams had been summoned back to life once more by Wang Hao.

But was it really okay to let a boy so much younger than herself just hold onto her hand so blatantly?

She knew that boys of his age definitely had fantasies in that aspect already. What should she do if Wang Hao suddenly wanted to do that sort of thing with her?

She was already a woman who had been violated countless times by those thugs, while this might be Wang Hao's first time. Was that fair to him?

The policewoman suddenly felt very frustrated about this whole subject, so she pulled her hand out of his grip violently.