15 Li Dong Goes Mad

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The girl fell to the ground and let out a bloodcurdling scream.

All the zombies that had already been waiting for a long time immediately pounced on her.

Even though the girl's ankle had been stabbed by Li Dong and was bleeding profusely, she attempted to make a run for it.

But the injury on her foot was simply too severe, and she couldn't even stand up correctly.

As a result, the girl had barely managed to crawl two yards forward when the entire horde of zombies started to tear at her.

"AHH!! No! Nooooo…"

The girl continued to scream tragically as her voice became weaker and weaker.

Li Dong watched the scene, but didn't feel a single thing. A smug smile appeared on his lips.

Since all the zombies had gone after the girl, the coast was clear around him.

"It's my chance!"

Li Dong jumped down and landed on the ground, then started running toward the female dormitory.


But to his surprise, just as he made it through the main gates of the female dormitory, a zombie immediately appeared from behind the gate.


Li Dong's instinct was to use his arm to block the zombie, but he ended up getting bitten on the arm by the zombie instead.


Blood spurted everywhere, and he even lost a chunk of flesh.


Li Dong's heart immediately despaired. He knew that once he had been bitten by a zombie, he was definitely going to die.

"Go to h*ll!"

Li Dong pulled his dagger out and stabbed it straight into the head of the zombie, thereby killing it on the spot.

"Sh*t! Why am I so unlucky? I actually ran into this one."

Li Dong stared at the lifeless zombie on the ground and didn't feel happy at all. His footsteps faltered, and he suddenly felt like there was no point in living anymore.

"I'm going to become a zombie in no time. I'm doomed!"

Li Dong's heart was filled with despair, and he stood in place in a daze.

He'd originally planned to kill off Wang Hao and take Li Mengyao for himself. But now he realized that even if he did manage to kill Wang Hao and have Li Mengyao, it would only be for a short while.

When he thought about it this way, his heart started to become filled with hatred.

"No…they get to live happily…why do I have to become a zombie? Why? I don't accept this," Li Dong roared angrily and started clambering up the stairs.

He'd decided that even if he was going to become a zombie, he was going to make sure at least one of them died with him.

Li Dong knew the layout of the female dormitory, and he managed to reach the third floor in no time.


Li Dong came to one of the rooms and started banging on the door.

The door opened, and the person who'd opened it was Li Mengyao.

"You…why are you here? Are you taking me away from this place?" asked Li Mengyao in surprise.

"You can stop dreaming. I've been bitten by a zombie already, so where am I going to be able to take you to?"

As Li Dong said these words, he pulled his dagger out and pointed it at Li Mengyao.

"What? You've been bitten by a zombie?" Li Mengyao was so frightened that she started moving backward.

"That's right, I've been bitten by a zombie, and I'm going to die soon. So before I become a zombie, I'm going to make sure I get your body," said Li Dong.

"No…no, you can't…you've already been bitten by a zombie, so you can't have sex with me," said Li Mengyao as she continued to retreat farther into her room.

"You say I can't have sex with you. Do you really think I won't?"

Of course Li Dong wasn't going to listen to anything Li Mengyao said. If it wasn't for the fact that he was going to become a zombie anytime now, he might consider talking it slow with her.

But he had already been bitten by a zombie, and he didn't have much time left. If they continued talking like this, he wouldn't be able to have sex with Li Mengyao anymore.

Li Dong looked at Li Mengyao's incomparably beautiful face, and his eyes sparkled like a hungry wolf's. He was extremely excited now.

This was the goddess of his dreams. How many dreams had he had about her, and how much tissue had he wasted on her?

And now, he was going to ravish her. Of course he was excited.

If he could get her just before dying, perhaps he would die happy.

"Li Dong, calm down! Don't be rash, perhaps there's still hope for you." Li Mengyao saw how Li Dong's arm was bleeding profusely, and she was terrified.

"I don't care about being calm. I want some excitement."

Li Dong bounded over to her, grabbed her shoulder, and pushed her against the wall.

"Li Dong, you weren't like this before. Calm down! The most important thing now is to quickly stop the bleeding on your arm," said Li Mengyao.

"Enough of this nonsense! Be good and stop moving, otherwise I'll kill you."

Li Dong flung the dagger aside and used both hands to press down on Li Mengyao's arms.

"Let go of me…let go of me…" pleaded Li Mengyao.

"Humph!" Li Dong scoffed coldly and said, "You let that *sshole f*ck you, but you won't let me f*ck you? Are you looking down on me?"

When he thought about how this woman of his dreams had actually become Wang Hao's woman, his heart started to ache.

But it was too bad that Wang Hao himself wasn't here, otherwise he could kill him before dying, and that would make him feel better inside.

But even though Wang Hao wasn't around, being able to f*ck Li Mengyao before dying wasn't too bad either.

After thinking about all this, he bent down and tried to kiss Li Mengyao.


Li Mengyao continued to struggle desperately as she turned her head from one side to the other and didn't let him kiss her.

Before this, she did have a small crush on Li Dong, but she had no idea he was such a horrible person.

Before dying he was going to force himself on her, and he might even kill her once he was done.

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Besides, she felt that Li Dong was actually even more despicable than Wang Hao. At least Wang Hao had never forced himself on her.


When Li Dong failed to kiss her, he got so angry that he slapped Li Mengyao across the face and shouted at her, "If you dare to resist me again, I'll slap your face so badly you'll become unrecognizable."

But Li Mengyao didn't seem to care and refused to give in.

"Oh, my, my, you've got quite the temper, huh? But I like that! The more stubborn you are, the more I'm going to make sure you feel it later!"

Li Dong said this as he grabbed hold of Li Mengyao's arms and pushed her onto the bed, then pounced on her and start tearing away at her clothes.

"You nutcase! Go away! Don't use your filthy hands to touch me."

Li Mengyao continued to struggle with all her might, but soon her sleeves tore, and her fair arms were exposed.

Since Li Dong was having so much trouble with Li Mengyao, he gave up trying to remove her clothes first. He turned and started removing his belt.

"You little b*tch, just you wait! I'm going to show you how incredible I really am."

Li Dong looked at how Li Mengyao's chest was moving up and down as she panted heavily from the struggle earlier, and he started getting really excited.

But Li Mengyao was so hurt and scared she just hugged herself tightly and curled up on the bed. She was helpless against Li Dong's aggression and started to cry in despair.

Even though Li Dong hadn't managed to do anything to her yet, she knew that she couldn't do anything to fight him all by herself.

Was she going to end up being raped by this man?

Li Mengyao's heart was filled with nothing but despair.


"Hmm? What happened here?"

Wang Hao got back to the school and saw a long bedsheet extending from the third story of the male dormitory that reached down to the first floor. There was also a female corpse lying on the ground who had obviously been torn apart by zombies. He immediately started frowning.

"That fellow used this woman as bait and escaped by himself."

After Wang Hao saw this scene before him, he started to feel uneasy inside and quickly ran toward the female dormitory.

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