1 I Can Transform Into a Zombie

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"Wang Hao, get out here now!"

The muscular, strong Li Dong stood at the entrance to the dormitory and punched Wang Hao as soon as he came out, shouting angrily at him.

"What'd you do that for?" Wang Hao asked indignantly as he wiped the blood away from his lips.

"Stop pretending you don't know."

Li Dong glared at Wang Hao and said threateningly, "Xu Xin is my woman, and you actually went and peeped at her when she went to the bathroom. I've got a good mind to kill you."

"Peeped at her when she went to the bathroom? I didn't do that." Wang Hao looked at Li Dong in shock. This was clearly a false accusation.

"Stop trying to defend yourself. Xu Xin was the one who told me this herself, so how could it be a lie? Forget it…since you've helped me quite a lot these last few days, I'll let you leave this place alive." Li Dong's expression darkened, and he pointed a finger toward the outside of the dormitory's large metal gates.


Right now, there were zombies roaming around under the strong sun outside the dormitory's large metal gates. Their bodies were completely rotten, and they gave off a terrible rotting smell.

If any human went outside of those gates right now, they would surely run into some zombies.

"Li Dong, you're going too far. I took a huge risk going to the female dormitory with you the other day where we only managed to rescue three girls.

"And you picked the prettiest one for yourself, then gave the other two girls to Xu Chao and Ma Bing. Did I quarrel with you over this? Didn't I just shut up and suck it up?

"And now you're actually using something like this to falsely accuse me? Aren't you obviously just trying to bully me?"

Wang Hao glared angrily at Li Dong as he shouted indignantly at him.

"Enough of this nonsense. I'll give you one more chance right now. You can go back and get your things. Otherwise, I'm going to push you out right now," said Li Dong.


Wang Hao couldn't do anything about Li Dong at all. Even though he was around the same height as Li Dong, he was exceptionally skinny and weak from years of watching too much porn.

So there was no way he could fight Li Dong physically.

In the end, Wang Hao had no choice but to give in. There was no way for him to compete with Li Dong in terms of strength.

Wang Hao returned to his room, finished eating the half slice of bread on the table and drinking the leftover mineral water, and then packed his bags to prepare to leave.

Just then, someone opened his room door.

A pretty, young lady walked in wearing a black mini-skirt. She had a well- endowed chest and long, fair legs. This girl was Xu Xin.

"Xu Xin? Why did you lie and say that I peeped at you when you went to the bathroom? Why did you have to do something like that?" questioned Wang Hao.

"Yes, that's right. I'm the one who did that. We're in the Apocalypse now, and we don't have a lot of food left. A useless fellow like you is just a waste of our food rations. Li Dong felt bad chasing you away, so I had to help him by finding an excuse," replied Xu Xin smugly.

"You...you're a girl, and you're actually so wicked.!" Wang Hao was feeling unusually furious inside.

"All right now, as your classmate, I'm bidding you one last farewell." Xu Xin chuckled coldly and left his room.

"Wow! This is the sort of mentality people have in the Apocalypse..."

Wang Hao watched Xu Xin leave and felt so much regret rising in his heart.

That day, the Apocalypse had happened to hit them in the morning as a bright blue flash suddenly appeared in the sky. After that, he lost consciousness.

By the time he'd woken up, he could see that the school was in complete chaos, filled with shrieking and crying. So many people who used to be his classmates had turned into rotting zombies.

He could see that there wasn't anybody in the corridors of the dormitory, so he'd quickly run out of his own room in order to shut the main metal gates of the dormitory.

But just as he was shutting the gate, Li Dong had run over, slamming his hand against the metal gates.

Wang Hao hadn't wanted to open the gates again, but since Li Dong had pleaded with him, sounding so miserable, he'd decided to open the gates after all.

Who would have thought that just three days later, the situation would have completely changed? Li Dong, who had pleaded with him so desperately then, was now chasing him out of the dormitory. This felt terribly ironic to Wang Hao.

"But it's a pity that there's no restart button in life. Otherwise, I would never have opened those gates for you. I would rather have watched you die out there than saved you."

But he also realized that once he left the dormitory, he would have to face countless zombies. Whether he could even survive was a huge problem, never mind get his revenge.

He arrived back at the entrance of the dormitory and saw Xu Chao and Ma Bing there as well. Initially, he'd thought that the two of them would say something to him, but his heart turned cold when he realized that there was nothing but coldness and disdain in the way they looked at him.

"These *ssholes…are really pieces of sh*t. I shouldn't have let them in that day." Wang Hao cursed himself inwardly before walking toward the metal gate.

"You'd better move fast. It's noontime, and there aren't many zombies around at this time, so you might still get out of here alive."

Li Dong smiled strangely as he said these words before taking out a key to unlock the dormitory's large metal gates, which he opened just a little.

"You'd better hope I don't come back alive."

That was what Wang Hao turned to shout at Li Dong as he walked out of the metal gates.

After Li Dong had heard those words, he froze for a few seconds before he snapped out of his daze and shut the metal gates again.

"Bro, do you think that Wang Hao will come back for revenge?" asked Ma Bing a little fearfully as he recalled the expression on Wang Hao's face as he left.

"Revenge? Revenge, my *ss! There are so many zombies out there, and it'll be a miracle if he makes it out of the school alive. If he comes back, he might as well be courting death," said Xu Chao with great confidence.

"All right now, let's not talk about this matter anymore."

Perhaps Li Dong was feeling slightly guilty about the way he'd treated Wang Hao after all. After he locked the metal gates again, he went back to his own dormitory room without saying a word.

But once he thought about Xu Xin's fair, supple body, the tiny bit of guilt he'd felt about Wang Hao had instantly disappeared.


After Wang Hao walked out of the dormitory, he started to quietly make his way toward the entrance of the school.

Zombies were wandering all over the school now, so if any of these zombies spotted him, he would be in great danger.


But things often didn't go the way one hoped. Wang Hao had only taken a few steps when he could already hear the groans and growls of zombies approaching him.

Wang Hao turned and saw a movement in the bushes beside him, and a zombie popped out soon after that.

The zombie's face had entirely rotted away and one eyeball was hanging from its socket, so it looked especially terrifying.

"I'm really too unlucky, right? Looks like I won't be the star of the Apocalyptic world!"

Wang Hao laughed to himself self-deprecatingly and then sprinted toward the main gates of the school.

Even though he himself wasn't optimistic about surviving, his basic survival instincts still pushed him to run for his life anyway.


But before Wang Hao could make it to the main gates of the school, he saw that several zombies had appeared in front of him and blocked his way.

"Sh*t…I'm really doomed this time…"

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Wang Hao felt despair in his heart and also some regret. He had watched so much porn but had never been able to have the real experience, and now he was on his way to see the grim reaper. He was really indignant about that.

This indignation finally turned into hatred toward Li Dong and Xu Xin. If Xu Xin hadn't falsely accused him and if Li Dong had given him one of the girls, he wouldn't be in this predicament right now.

He was feeling really indignant and upset…people like that would continue living on, while he was going to become zombie food soon.

DING! "Congratulations on activating the Zombie King Evolution System. You have successfully opened the gates to the path of evolution. You may now check your own attributes mentally."

Suddenly, a mechanical voice had started speaking inside Wang Hao's head, and it shocked him so badly that he remained rooted to the ground.

"Zombie King Evolution System? I have a system now?" Wang Hao was a little stunned.v

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