10 Goddess of His Dreams

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Li Mengyao had been simply too famous in their school. Almost every boy in the school felt that she was one of the top three prettiest girls in the school, and even some of the male teachers looked at her flirtatiously. So, of course, someone who watched porn every single day like Li Dong had had plenty of fantasies about her.

Li Dong had considered Li Mengyao, the goddess of his dreams for a long time, and he'd always imagined doing with her what boys loved doing most.

But no matter how many dreams he had had about her, they couldn't possibly compare to the feeling of actually getting her.

So when Li Dong saw that Li Mengyao and Wang Hao were staying in the same room, he couldn't remain calm anymore.

He decided that even if he might die in the attempt, he had to get himself to the female dormitory. By hook or by crook, he was going to have Li Mengyao. He wanted to see what she looked like lying below him.

And, just then, Li Dong realized that Li Mengyao was looking at him with a sort of anticipation also.

What's going on? Did Wang Hao force himself on her, and she doesn't like Wang Hao at all? Is she looking forward to me going over there to rescue her?

In reality, Li Mengyao was thinking exactly that. Wang Hao was just too ordinary, nowhere near Li Dong in terms of looks.

If she could be with Li Dong, then she would feel better even though they were in Apocalyptic times.

And even though the two of them looked straight at one another, neither said anything.


Of course, Wang Hao had no idea what was going on in the room right now.

But then again, even if he had known about it, it wouldn't have mattered.

Li Mengyao didn't fancy him, and he knew that very well, since he realized that he was not good-looking. Even though he had had sex with Li Mengyao, it had happened only because Li Mengyao had run out of food. It didn't mean that she had fallen for him.

But Wang Hao was certain that as long as Li Mengyao realized that she would survive this Apocalypse only by sticking with him, she would definitely follow him wholeheartedly.

She probably didn't think this way yet only because she didn't know what Wang Hao was actually capable of in this Apocalypse.

"Zombie Form!"

Wang Hao shouted and became a zombie immediately.

He quickly ran toward the classroom blocks of the school.

Many students had been trapped inside the classrooms as they were having lessons, so it made killing zombies convenient for him.


Wang Hao kicked the classroom door open and dashed in with his machete in hand.


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The zombies didn't have any reactions whatsoever when they saw Wang Hao and continued to wander about the classroom aimlessly.


Wang Hao held the machete tightly and dashed in swinging it wildly. In just a few minutes, more than 30 zombies had already collapsed on the floor.

He looked at the XP bar in his mind and then proceeded to the next classroom with his trusty machete.

More than an hour later, Wang Hao finally stopped his massacre.

After slashing and destroying more than 400 zombies, the machete finally died too.


Wang Hao flung the broken machete away and opened his bag to have a look.

"Not bad. I've actually accumulated 21 Zombie Bombs already."

Wang Hao had already experienced the power of a Zombie Bomb, so he was in an excellent mood right now. With so many Zombie Bombs on hand, he didn't have to fear anybody anymore.

Besides, with all these Zombie Bombs, he didn't feel any stress when thinking about dealing with Li Dong.

But Wang Hao didn't intend to kill Li Dong too quickly. That would be letting him off too easily.

"I'm going to make sure you die slowly while despairing. That's going to be my revenge."

Wang Hao packed his bag and returned to the female dormitory.

"I'm back."

The doors of the female dormitory rooms were aligned with the balconies, so when Wang Hao opened the room door, he saw that Li Mengyao was leaning against the banister of the balcony.

And on the balcony right across from her stood Li Dong.

"Wang Hao…you…you're back!" Li Mengyao noticed Wang Hao and spun around a little frantically.

"What are you doing?" asked Wang Hao.

"It's a little too stuffy inside the room, so I was just enjoying the breeze on the balcony," said Li Mengyao a little uneasily, as she clutched the corner of her nightgown with one hand.

"Is that so? Then let's enjoy the breeze together."

A faint smile appeared on Wang Hao's lips. Was this woman trying to make a cuckold out of him? She had underestimated him.

"What are you doing? It's not very nice if others see something like that," whined Li Mengyao awkwardly.

Wang Hao grabbed a box of condoms and dragged her by the arm back to the balcony.

Li Dong stood on the balcony across the way, his eyes turning red once again.

He could see that Li Mengyao was now leaning against the banister of the balcony, while Wang Hao was moving up and down behind her. Li Dong was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

"I really should have killed you back then. If I had, then Li Mengyao would now be mine," roared Li Dong to himself. His entire face was flushed red.


He couldn't stand another man having his way with his goddess right in front of him anymore, so he forcefully slammed the window shut.

"Tsk, he can't take it anymore?"

Wang Hao watched how furious Li Dong was, but he couldn't do anything about it. Wang Hao felt an enormous sense of satisfaction.


Half an hour later, Li Mengyao clutched the banister and collapsed on her knees from exhaustion.


She panted heavily and turned to look at Wang Hao as she asked in an upset voice, "Why did you have to do that? What do you take me for? Am I just your tool to show off?"

"What's wrong now? Are you upset that your idol saw me have my way with you?" asked Wang Hao.


Li Mengyao didn't know what to say since he had obviously seen through her thoughts. After falling silent for a while, she spoke up again, "You've agitated him, so what good does that do you? He's way stronger than you are."

"And so what? You think he will come and kill me?" asked Wang Hao with a laugh.

Li Mengyao continued to pant and didn't say anything.

"All right now, it's too bad that you were the school belle and I'm just a bum. I can understand why you don't fancy me. But I will tell you now that it's pointless to fancy Li Dong either. We're in the Apocalypse now, so just being handsome isn't going to help you survive this era. I hope you'll realize this reality soon…"

After he'd finished saying that, he threw a roll of toilet paper at Li Mengyao.

"He's not just handsome. If you could find food out there, I'm sure he could too," said Li Mengyao as she tore off some toilet paper and wiped herself.

"Oh, really? Since you put it that way, then I'll go kill him. If he can't even handle me, then he can forget about protecting you."

Wang Hao put his pants back on, picked up his backpack, and left the room again.

He'd originally planned to make Li Dong suffer slowly in despair and drive him to death eventually, but now Wang Hao didn't want to waste any more time.

The world out there was huge, so he decided to settle things with Li Dong and his gang soon and increase his zombie system to Level 3, and then go outside to find a more suitable place to live.

The dormitory rooms within the school were too small and weren't suitable for living in.

Wang Hao went downstairs, but he was afraid that someone might discover his secret ability, so he immediately transformed into a zombie.

He walked to the male dormitory and used his fist to smash one of the glass panes, and then flung a Zombie Bomb through the hole.


The Zombie Bomb instantly exploded to become a new zombie, and it began to wander aimlessly about inside the dormitory.

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