11 Feeling Despair

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"Control Zombie 1!"

Wang Hao quietly called out an order as he looked at the zombie that was now roaming around inside the male dormitory.


In an instant, everything before him went dark. When he opened his eyes again, he was already within the male dormitory.

"Not bad, this ability is really simply amazing."

Wang Hao had already tested what the Zombie Bomb could do once, but he was still floored by this amazing ability.

As long as he could use this ability well, most people would end up being at a loss when he attacked them.


Wang Hao controlled the zombie and quietly opened the dormitory door in front of him.

There wasn't anybody in the corridor, and he didn't hear any movements at all.

Wang Hao walked around the first story and didn't find anybody.

He was about to go up to the second floor when he heard a woman moaning from inside the dormitory's general office next to the main gates of the dormitory.

"He's really making full use of his time. Could it be that idiot, Xu Chao?"

Wang Hao thought of the disgusting face that Xu Chao had made to him on the day when he'd gotten chased out of the male dormitory and felt very deeply unhappy.

In no time, Wang Hao had reached the door of the dormitory's general office.

Just as he'd expected, Wang Hao looked through the glass door and saw that Xu Chao was embracing a girl on a table and heaving away.

"Looks like you've been living pretty comfortably these last few days, huh? But your good days are going to end here and now!"

Wang Hao reached out to push the glass door open and strolled right in.

Xu Chao had heard some noise behind him, but didn't intend to stop what he was doing.

Over the past few days, he had already gotten used to the feeling of being watched when he was having sex.

"Who is it…?"

But the girl with him was a little embarrassed and turned to look behind her.

And the first thing she saw turned out to be a terrifying zombie that was covered with a reddish skin.


The girl was terribly frightened and couldn't help but shriek.

Xu Chao was shocked by the girl's sudden shriek, and he quickly realized that something terrifying must have appeared behind him, otherwise the girl wouldn't look like she was scared out of her wits.

Xu Chao just rolled to the side.


He fell to the floor but didn't have time to think about the pain. He quickly turned around.

In that instant, he started shuddering as he saw a zombie exactly where he had been standing just moments before.

The girl was very unfortunate though. The zombie had landed on her, so the supple skin on her back had been scratched by the zombie's sharp nails.


The girl was both shocked and frightened, so she started screaming even more frantically.

But this zombie didn't continue biting the girl. Instead, it turned to attack Xu Chao.

"What's going on with this zombie?"

Xu Chao was confused by this turn of events, but his first reaction was to grab the leg of the table nearest to him and fling the table toward the head of the oncoming zombie.


But there was only a crisp sound as the zombie grabbed hold of the table.

"How…how is this possible? Since when have zombies learned how to dodge attacks?"

Xu Chao was hoping to use the table to smash the zombie's head in, but he was now suddenly both frightened and stunned.

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The zombie roared and stuck out its other hand instantly and grabbed hold of Xu Chao's neck.


There was a cracking sound that resembled the sound of a chicken's neck being broken. Xu Chao immediately collapsed lifelessly onto the floor.

The girl slumped against the desk collapsed on the floor also, and the floor was soon covered with the terrible smell of pee.

Wang Hao ignored her and just pulled a set of keys out of Xu Chao's pants, stood up, and walked right out of the general office.

"This zombie isn't going to eat me?"

The girl was sprawled on the floor and was too frightened to stand up, but her mind was still very alert.

When she saw Wang Hao walk out of the general office, she felt rather relieved inside.

But as she watched how the zombie actually used the keys to open the main gates of the dormitory, her eyes grew wide again.

She simply couldn't imagine how a zombie actually knew how to open the main gates of the dormitory. This was completely beyond her understanding of zombies.



It didn't take long for the other zombies milling around outside the main gates of the dormitory to smell the people inside, and they started swarming into the dormitory.

And, of course, the first ones they went for were the two humans inside the dormitory's general office.


By the time another bloodcurdling scream rang out, Wang Hao was already at the staircase landing of the second floor.


Just as he reached the second floor, he heard the sound of a door closing.

"Looks like there's someone on the second floor."

Wang Hao followed the sound and soon stopped in front of a door.

There was a small piece of glass on the door, so one could see what was happening inside the room.

Wang Hao saw that there was someone on the bed who was all wrapped up in a blanket, and it was impossible to see who it was.

But Wang Hao could tell that this person was probably a woman.

"Could it be that slut, Xu Xin?"

Wang Hao made a guess before trying to bang the door down.

And, even though he was strong, the dormitory room doors were made of metal, so it was difficult to bang them down easily.

At this time, Wang Hao remembered that the teacher in charge of the dormitory had spare keys.

The teacher in charge of the dormitory had keys to every single room in this building. As long as he got those keys, he could open this door.

But Wang Hao was in no hurry to find those keys. Instead, he started to look around the other rooms.

He wanted to confirm exactly where everyone else was hiding first before making further plans.

After checking the second floor, he found that there was nobody else on this floor.

Wang Hao then headed for the third floor.

Once he'd reached the third floor, Wang Hao soon discovered the room that Li Dong was in.

Inside that room was Li Dong, as well as another girl. That was the girl who used to belong to Ma Bing.

"Since he's already slept with two girls, then he hasn't lived for nothing. But your good days are going to come to an end today."

Wang Hao was thinking these things to himself, as he purposely banged a few times on the door like a normal zombie would.


Li Dong noticed the terrifying zombie outside his door, and his breathing immediately quickened.

He simply couldn't imagine how a zombie could have gotten into the male dormitory. After all, the main gates had been properly locked, so unless someone had opened the main gates, there was no way a zombie could possibly barge into the dormitory.

But he would never have thought that such things were child's play to Wang Hao in zombie form.

"What are we going to do? Zombies have made it inside here? What are we going to do?"

Lv Chunying looked at the zombie outside the door and immediately felt fearful and uneasy, so she could only place her hopes in Li Dong.

But Li Dong didn't know what to do either. If he'd known how to handle all these zombies, he wouldn't have hidden himself in the male dormitory all this time without daring to go out.

"We're doomed…we're doomed!"

Li Dong's heart immediately despaired, because he knew that once the zombies made it into the dormitory, he could only continue hiding within this room and hope to survive.

Even though most of the food he had scoured was all hidden within this particular room, the food probably wouldn't last more than two days.

Without food, he was going to starve to death sooner or later.

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