9 Envy, Jealousy, Hatred

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The next day, Wang Hao was awoken by the sound of chaos downstairs.

He got up and walked to the balcony to see that a boy had been surrounded by zombies on the first floor.

This boy was no stranger to Wang Hao. This was Ma Bing, the boy who was with Li Dong and Xu Chao in the male dormitory. But Wang Hao had no idea why he had come out so early that morning.

And now, he was completely surrounded by zombies, and there was no way he could escape from this.

But Ma Bing held a wooden bat in his hands and was trying his best to kill his way out of it.

He shouted as he used the bat to smash each zombie's head, one after another.

Wang Hao was surprised. He hadn't expected Ma Bing to be this strong. This guy had actually managed to knock down more than ten zombies all by himself.

But he was all by himself after all. As more and more zombies came for him, he started to lose steam.


Finally, there was a bloodcurdling scream as a zombie pounced on him from behind. The zombie bit him on the neck and blood spurted everywhere.

As a result, even more zombies pounced on him, and he was soon completely covered by all the zombies.

But Wang Hao started frowning, because he'd realized that Ma Bing's last expression had been filled with great hatred, and he'd been staring straight toward the third story of the male dormitory.

Wang Hao followed his gaze and noticed a figure moving behind one of the third-story windows.


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Wang Hao realized that the person standing behind the window was actually Li Dong.

Li Dong looked down at Ma Bing, who had died so tragically, and made a face. He spat as he said in a low voice, "What a useless piece of trash. You're just a piece of trash meant to be zombie food. I told you to go out and find food, not take yourself out there to die. So bloody useless."

They had nearly finished every scrap of food that they could find within the male dormitory, so Li Dong had sent Ma Bing out to get more food. Ma Bing, however, was very timid and hadn't wanted to go out.

Li Dong had had no choice but to threaten to take Ma Bing's woman away from him. He told Ma Bing that if he couldn't come back with more food, Li Dong was going to take his woman for himself.

Ma Bing had been left with no choice, so he'd plucked up his courage and stepped out to get more food, but, unfortunately, had been surrounded by zombies instead.

"Forget it, you were too useless, so you can't blame me for being a lousy friend. Your woman is mine from today onward."

When Li Dong thought about how Ma Bing's woman was now his since Ma Bing was dead, he wasn't so angry anymore.

After all, Li Dong had only been a student and had only seen this sort of thing in movies. But now, he had the chance to have sex with two girls at one time, and that was fulfilling one of the dreams he had always had.

Just when Li Dong was about to turn away from the window, he felt someone staring at him.

He followed his instincts and looked toward the female dormitory across from his window. He immediately spotted Wang Hao standing on one of the third-floor balconies of the female dormitory.

"Wang Hao! He…he's still alive. I can't believe he's actually still alive. And he's managed to hide himself in the female dormitory. How did this fellow do it?"

Li Dong was really deeply shocked by this revelation. He had just watched Ma Bing take only one step out of the dormitory and be turned into mush by the zombies, but Wang Hao wasn't injured at all and was still hiding inside the female dormitory in one piece.

And judging from his complexion, he didn't look the least bit hungry.

"Wang Hao, do you have any food over there?" asked Li Dong in a loud voice.


Wang Hao scoffed quietly, then turned to grab a packet of biscuits and two sausages from his table before coming back to the balcony and waving them in Li Dong's face.


Li Dong was almost drooling when he saw those sausages in Wang Hao's hands. He quickly put on a big smile and said, "Wang Hao, could you give me some food? If you give me some food, I can give you Ma Bing's woman."

Li Dong figured that offering a woman to a bum like Wang Hao would be enough to tempt him.

But to Li Dong's dismay, Wang Hao just shook his head. Then he tore open the biscuits and started eating the biscuits in large bites.

Li Dong watched as the biscuit crumbs just fell carelessly onto the floor. His eyes turned red just watching this.

This was such a waste of food. Food was already in such a short supply, but Wang Hao was wasting it just like that. Li Dong couldn't help but suspect that the dormitory room Wang Hao was in had a lot of food.

"Then again…girls love to eat tidbits, so the female dormitory definitely probably has a lot of food. If I could get some of that food, it would probably last me a long time."

Once Li Dong started thinking about this, a fierce glint appeared in his eyes.

He stared at Wang Hao and said loudly, "Wait there for me! I'm coming over to kill you."

"Come on over then," replied Wang Hao nonchalantly. After that, he turned and went back into the room.


"Wang Hao, who were you talking to just now?"

Li Mengyao had woken up and asked Wang Hao this question as she stretched lazily.

"Li Dong," replied Wang Hao.

"What? Li Dong? You mean the one from the school's basketball team?" asked Li Mengyao with some surprise. Li Dong was tall and rugged looking, very handsome, and there were many girls with a crush on him.

"That's right." Wang Hao didn't deny it.

"Oh, so what did he say to you?" asked Li Mengyao.

"He said he wants our food," said Wang Hao.

"What? His side has run out of food already? Then are you going to give him some food?" asked Li Mengyao a little worriedly.

"If you want to give him some food, you can go ahead. But don't forget, when you're surrounded by all those zombies, I won't go out and save you," snapped Wang Hao coldly. It was better to state some things clearly very early on, otherwise, this woman was going to give him trouble sooner or later.


Li Mengyao thought about how she had seen so many of the other girls get bitten by zombies when they went out and been eaten alive, and her heart was immediately overwhelmed by terror.

"So you don't intend to help him?" asked Li Mengyao after falling silent for a while.

"Help him? Why do you think I would help him? Why should I? You clearly have no idea, but I was chased out of the male dormitory by him. I'm not only going to be of no help to him, but I'm also going to think of a way to kill him." With that, Wang Hao ignored Li Mengyao and just opened a bottle of mineral water on the table and started gulping it down.

Li Mengyao was very pretty and had a good figure, but if she couldn't accept the things that he did, then he had to find another woman suitable for himself and abandon this girl.

He wasn't going to find himself a woman who wasn't only completely useless but could even bring trouble on himself. It didn't matter that she was the school belle.

They were now in Apocalyptic times, so even though many things were in shortage, pretty women weren't in shortage.

Li Mengyao was the school belle, but the world out there was huge. It was probably even possible to find a female celebrity to be his wife.

"You can help yourself to the food. I'm going to go out for a while."

Wang Hao saw that Li Mengyao remained silent, so he slung his backpack across his back, picked up the machete from the floor, and left the room.

After Wang Hao left, Li Mengyao opened a bottle of a meal-replacement drink. She slowly drank it as she walked to the balcony.

Li Dong was still standing at his third-story window of the male dormitory right across from the female dormitory. When he saw Li Mengyao appear on the balcony, his gaze suddenly blazed fiercely.

"Li Mengyao…that's the school belle, Li Mengyao! That f*cking Wang Hao is actually in the same room as Li Mengyao, so does that mean…my goddess! She's been…she's been…f*cking Wang Hao!"

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