17 Determined to Become Stronger

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Wang Hao was walking into the bathroom when he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Li Mengyao.

"You can come in and help scrub my back. Remember to change into a black short skirt like that character wears in the game I play, as well as a pair of white knee socks. I like it when you're dressed like that."


Li Mengyao was a little embarrassed by this request, but, after realizing how many times she had already had sex with Wang Hao, it didn't seem to matter anymore.

In no time, Li Mengyao had changed into a black short skirt and white knee socks as Wang Hao had requested, and she walked toward the bathroom.

When she walked into the bathroom, Wang Hao was taking a bath.

Li Mengyao noticed that there was an open box of condoms placed on the shelf on the side of the tub…

"This fellow really wants to do it in the bathroom…" Li Mengyao started to feel a little afraid. Wang Hao wanted to have sex too often, and she was already feeling rather uncomfortable in her lower regions and didn't know if she could take it anymore.


One hour later, Wang Hao carried the limp Li Mengyao back to the bed.

After that, he pulled out a cigarette out and started smoking away.

When he looked at the completely exhausted Li Mengyao sleeping soundly, Wang Hao started to think about what had happened when he'd first come back to the room.

He felt that he had really been incapable. If he hadn't had the ability to turn into a zombie, Li Dong would have killed him easily.

And so, Wang Hao decided that it was high time for him to make himself stronger.

He couldn't just focus on leveling up the zombie system, he also had to make his own human body physically stronger.

But for now, it was best to take a good rest.

Wang Hao put out his cigarette. He fell back into bed and hugged Li Mengyao's soft body as he went to sleep.


Later, after night had fallen, Li Mengyao woke up feeling hungry.

She opened her eyes and was about to go find something to eat when she heard some heavy panting sounds somewhere in the room.


Li Mengyao turned around and saw Wang Hao doing push-ups on the floor next to the bed.


Wang Hao was clenching his teeth as he tried his best to keep going. His entire body was covered in sweat.

"What are you doing? Why are you suddenly working out?" asked Li Mengyao with great surprise.


Wang Hao panted for a minute, then continued to persist with his push-ups.

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Wang Hao finished 50 push-ups and got up.

But he didn't stop there. Instead, he squatted down and started doing squats.


"Wang Hao, aren't you doing your workout a little too randomly? Surely…surely you should be following some sort of proper routine, right? If you work out like this, you'll end up injuring yourself," said Li Mengyao in a worried voice.

But Wang Hao completely ignored Li Mengyao's words and continued with his workout.

He finally stopped only after he'd powered through 30 squats.

"I really can't do it after all…this body of mine is seriously useless!"

Wang Hao sighed disappointedly. He'd intended to do 50 push-ups and 50 squats, but his body was really too weak. There was no way he could finish his planned workout.

"Forget it, when I have time, I'll go to the gym and get some protein shakes. Then I'll come back and start my workout again."

Wang Hao walked to the table and picked up a bottle of mineral water. He took two large gulps of water, then tore open a pack of sausages, and started eating.

"Wang Hao…can you tell me…why are you trying so hard to work out?" asked Li Mengyao curiously.

"Didn't you see what happened earlier today? If I hadn't used some sneaky tactics, Li Dong might have killed me. If I have to face future attacks with this weak, fragile body of mine, do you think I can protect you?" asked Wang Hao.

"So you're trying so hard to become stronger in order to protect me?" Li Mengyao felt rather touched.

It was so romantic to find a man who was willing to change himself for her sake.

"That's right. In order to protect you, I have to become strong," said Wang Hao.

Since Li Mengyao thought of him like that, he was going to let her continue thinking that way.

But, of course, Wang Hao knew that the real reason why he was working out so hard was for his own sake.

That was because he was going to meet even more powerful opponents and even prettier women. So becoming physically stronger was something that he would eventually have to end up doing. There was no way he could avoid it at all.

No matter how powerful he was when he was in zombie form, he would always have to be in human form in front of certain groups of people.

One example was women.

If he didn't have a strong body, then when he was faced with pretty women, he could only want more, but have no energy to carry on. It would be such a waste if he could only look upon the vast ocean, but merely sigh to himself in frustration.

There were also many men he would have to face.

In the long days of the Apocalypse ahead, he couldn't possibly always transform into a zombie in order to defeat men.

If some men tried to attack him and he didn't want to reveal his secret in front of women, then he would have to rely on his human body's physical prowess to defeat those men.

The probability of this happening was quite small, but there was still a chance of it that he needed to be prepared to face.

So increasing his body's physical ability to face all sorts of unknown dangers that awaited him had become something that he had no choice but to do.

"I'm going out for a while tonight. You take care of yourself here. Do not open the door to anyone else but me, and don't make any noise if possible."

Wang Hao stood up, grabbed a piece of paper, and pasted it over the small glass panel of the room door.

That way, no matter who stood outside, they wouldn't be able to see if there was someone inside the room or not.

"What? You're going out again?" Li Mengyao became a little fearful.

She was scared when Wang Hao came back, but she was also scared when Wang Hao left.

When Wang Hao came back, she was afraid that Wang Hao wanted to have sex again, but when Wang Hao left, she was afraid of having to face the terrifying night all by herself.

"Uh, huh."

Wang Hao looked at Li Mengyao and nodded as he said, "I need to look for something. If everything goes well, I'll be back pretty soon."

"Then please stay safe out there. Come back soon, okay? Without you, I can't fall asleep," said Li Mengyao with a pitiful look on her face.

"Got it."

Wang Hao put on his clothes, slung his backpack across his back, picked up his katana and a flashlight, and walked out of the room.

It was already past 8:00 at night, and the sky was very dark.



There were zombies everywhere downstairs, but none of them were the slightest bit interested when they saw Wang Hao, and they completely ignored him.

He rode out of the school on his electric scooter and hit the streets outside.

But when the scooter got to that gym he'd been to yesterday, he stopped.

He stopped because he realized that there was a light on upstairs.

"That's strange. Could that woman still be alive?"

Wang Hao remembered that he had used a Zombie Bomb to kill off the two bad guys inside the gym and had left behind the woman who had been attacked and violated by the two guys.

He'd thought that the woman would probably be unable to endure the terror she'd gone through and would eventually die. However, from the looks of it, she might still be alive.

"This woman is very strong."

Wang Hao complimented her to himself, then continued on his way.

He was going to check out the bungalow area up in the mountains first. Once he had confirmed where those rich youngsters were living, he was going to come back and get some protein from the gym.

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