18 Bungalow atop the Mountain

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The highway at night was covered with wandering zombies.

Wang Hao rode his electric scooter, weaving in and out of the crowd of zombies.

Half an hour later, he'd arrived at the foot of a mountain.

The concentration of zombies here was fairly low. Two or three of them would come by every once in a while. The threat to humans was low around here.

Wang Hao saw that his electric scooter only had half a charge left, so he found a place to park it.

He decided to take this chance to work out as well. He strapped the katana to his back, took some food and mineral water, and started running up the mountain.


Wang Hao was really in very bad shape. After running for a while, he was already panting heavily.

He'd only run for a few hundred yards and his legs already felt as if they'd been filled with lead weights. The more he ran, the heavier they felt.

"I can't stop…must not stop…if I want to train my body, I have to push myself to the limit."

Wang Hao knew that pushing himself too hard could injure his muscles, but he also knew that he had to injure his muscles in order for new muscles to grow.


Wang Hao found it more and more difficult to breathe, and he finally stopped when he was getting close to the top of the mountain.


Wang Hao opened a bottle of mineral water and gulped it down. Then he pulled out a sausage and gobbled it down quickly.

After a rest, he'd finally regained some energy.

But he didn't continue running anymore.

He could already see a light not too far away.

Wang Hao followed the road and soon reached the top of the mountain.

The luxurious bungalow area appeared before his eyes.

Wang Hao looked at this scene and went into a daze for a long time.

All the bungalows in this estate had been painted white, with a fence around each house. It looked like a European bungalow estate from the 1500s or something.

"So this is where all the rich people live? This is ridiculously luxurious."

Besides exclaiming in shock at the opulence of these houses, Wang Hao also told himself that he had to claim one of these houses as his own.

In the past, he wouldn't even have dared to dream of living in such a bungalow because it was completely out of the realm of possibility. Now, however, he thought that he would be able to experience it.

Just then, the sound of music started coming out of the bungalows.

"Who on earth is playing music at night? That's really a very careless thing to do. Luckily, there aren't many zombies in this area, otherwise those idiots playing music would have died without even knowing what hit them.

Wang Hao followed the music as he went closer to the bungalows.



Very soon, Wang Hao spotted a group of zombies crowding in front of the main gates of one of the bungalows.

The zombies clung onto the gates and were trying to push them open.

But the metal gates were very sturdy, and this small group of zombies wasn't strong enough to push through them.

There were two or three of those modified Land Rovers parked inside the courtyard of the bungalow, and the music that Wang Hao could hear was coming from one of the Land Rovers.

Wang Hao even noticed that the Land Rover that was playing music was moving slightly.

"These fellows really know how to enjoy life, huh."

Wang Hao looked away from the car at the fence surrounding the bungalow.

He noticed that someone had stuck sharp metal spikes on the top of the entire fence.

If anyone tried to climb into this house, they would be stabbed by these sharp spikes.

Wang Hao walked all around the bungalow before hiding behind the fence to observe what was happening inside.

After a short while, the front door of the bungalow opened, and a young man with dyed blond hair walked out as a group of men guarded him.

He walked up to the Land Rover that was playing the music and slammed the car door open violently.

He shouted, "I told you to guard this place, so what the h*ll are you doing? Do you want to die?"


The car door opened, and a man with short hair slowly came out of the car holding up his pants.

He smiled and replied, "Brother Hu, this place is so safe. Who would dare to make trouble for us? Besides, we've got so many people with us, who would dare to provoke us?"


Li Hu didn't say anything and just slapped this short-haired man across the face, leaving five fingermarks there.

Then he said with a cold expression, "We're now living in a time where everyone is fighting each other just to survive. Who knows whether anyone has their eye on us. If someone wanted to attack us and you're so relaxed about keeping watch out here, we're all going to die without knowing what hit us."

"Got it, Brother Hu." The short-haired young man nodded and didn't say anything more.

"All right now, just take note of this, and don't let me discover you doing something like that again. If I catch you being unguarded like this because of a woman again, don't blame me for chasing you out of this place," said Li Hu.

"Got it, Brother Hu. Even if I want to have fun with women, I won't hide inside the car anymore. I'll be outside the car keeping watch on the surroundings outside the gates," said the short-haired young man.


Li Hu scoffed coldly, then pointed at the zombies crowding around the main gates.

"All of you, settle those zombies."

"Yes, Brother Hu."

"Brother Hu, why don't you go back in and rest? We'll deal with the situation here."

The men around Li Hu smiled ingratiatingly, and Li Hu nodded and went back into the house.

The other men immediately carried their metal clubs and machetes and walked toward the metal gates.

These men were pretty bold. They opened the metal gates and immediately started hacking and smashing away at the zombies, and they soon cleared the gates of all zombies.

The men looked as if they were very familiar with dealing with zombies, so they probably did this sort of thing frequently.

Wang Hao had noticed the men's attitude toward Li Hu and guessed that Li Hu was probably the boss here.

"These guys are pretty capable, so I have to figure out a way to deal with them." Wang Hao frowned to himself.


After the zombies had been cleared out, the short-haired man waited until everyone had left the courtyard before opening the door of the Land Rover again. He reached his hand in and pulled out a metal chain.

In no time, a woman had been dragged out of the car like a dog. There was a metal collar around her neck that was connected to the chain in the man's hands.

"Come over here and lie down," barked the short-haired man fiercely.

The woman shuddered and quickly lay down on the bonnet of the car.

"Heh, heh…you'd better make sure you scream louder later, okay?" said the short-haired man with a smile as he stood behind the woman and licked his lips.


The woman replied simply and just quietly lay on the bonnet of the car.


Wang Hao was watching everything that was happening in the courtyard and quietly clicked his tongue. These people were really inhumane and didn't treat others as human.

"If they discovered Li Mengyao, I think she would end up even worse off than this woman."

Wang Hao had decided that he was never going to let Li Mengyao face this sort of danger.

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Wang Hao didn't know exactly how many people were living inside this bungalow right now or what weapons they possessed. So he decided not to do anything for the moment.

He continued to hide and observe them from where he was. He soon noticed that these people would send someone out to patrol the grounds from time to time.

"It looks like I've got to wait for a suitable time to strike. If I just go in like this, they'll be prepared to attack and things could get very tricky."

Wang Hao then left the bungalow area. He was going to fetch more food and water before coming back to keep watch here. He was going to wait until these people had to go out to get food before taking the chance to take this place down.

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