13 Another Group

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"All right then, I'll accept this knife. Thank you."

Wang Hao looked at Xia Lingling's serious expression and hesitated for a moment more before taking this hefty katana from her.

If this had happened before the Apocalypse, he definitely wouldn't have accepted such a valuable katana.

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But now that he was living in Apocalyptic times, he decided not to bother with all the formalities and politeness anymore.

Wang Hao pulled the katana out from its sheath and was especially pleased when he saw the cold gleam that the blade exuded.

After that, he looked at Xia Lingling and asked, "Do you want to leave this place with me?"

"I do," replied Xia Lingling.

"Okay, you wait here a little bit longer. I need to find a proper house. Once I find one, I'll come back here for you."

With that, Wang Hao took the katana and left the shop.

As soon as he'd stepped out of the shop, Wang Hao excitedly took the katana out. He couldn't wait to use it.

"This katana looks like it's really great. I wonder whether it's good for slashing zombies."

There were some zombies wandering around aimlessly near him, so Wang Hao immediately raised the katana and ran toward them.


The cut was as smooth as if he was cutting through watermelon. Wang Hao sliced off the head of the first zombie easily.


The zombie's head fell to the ground, where it continued to growl and roar.


Wang Hao saw that his XP had increased, so he didn't continue slashing at that zombie. He turned and started to attack his next target.

Since slicing their heads off was sufficient for gaining XP, there was no need for him to smash their brains in.


Wang Hao charged into the middle of a group of zombies and started slashing left and right. Each slash he made caused a zombie's head to come off its body and roll onto the ground.

He looked back at the ground covered with zombies sprawled all over in disarray, and Wang Hao felt that he was simply too incredible now.


These few hundred zombie heads continued to make the zombie-growling noises, so it was actually a very creepy-looking scene to behold.

"I wonder how much more XP I need to level up…"

Wang Hao looked away from the carnage on the ground and looked at the information in his mind. He realized that there had been a huge change in the numbers.

Name: Wang Hao

Form: Zombie Form (Can transform to Human Form)

Level: Level 2 (8,640/10,000)

Defense: 610

Attack: 660

Speed: 320

(The average human has 100 points per attribute.)

Talent: Bloody Massacre, Kill Humans, or Zombie Evolution. Each increase in level will unlock a new talent.

Zombie Bomb. A controllable Zombie will appear after use. Effect lasts for ten minutes. Increase in level can increase the duration of the effect.

"Not bad, my attributes have hit six times the score that a normal human would have, and I'm only about 1,000-odd XP away from Level 3."

Wang Hao was very pleased with the change in his attributes. He clutched the katana in his hands tightly and continued massacring zombies. He was going to get to Level 3 in one fell swoop.

Leveling up meant that he would get a new talent, and he really wanted to know what sort of talent he would get once he made it to Level 3.


After Wang Hao had lopped off the head of one more zombie, he kicked it aside and continued attacking another zombie.

And so, the massacre started all over again.

And just when Wang Hao had finished hacking through a little more than 30 zombies, he heard some very loud, obnoxious music coming from afar.


Wang Hao stopped his killing spree and frowned as he looked toward the other end of the street.

After the Apocalypse occurred, zombies were wandering all over the place. Any human in their right mind knew that they should not make any loud noises, otherwise, they would end up attracting the attention of the zombies.

But now, someone was actually purposely making a lot of noise, so Wang Hao couldn't help but feel surprised by this.

As the sound of what resembled partying music at a club drew closer, Wang Hao took out his katana and hid in a nearby clothing shop.

After a short while, a modified Hummer SUV drove onto the street he was on.

The Hummer's body was covered with steel plates, and metal spikes had been welded onto these steel plates.

The entire vehicle looked like a giant steel beast. Once the zombies got close to it, they would be stabbed by the many metal spikes and cut badly by them.

The spikes were only about four inches long, so even though they were long enough to pierce through zombie heads and bodies, they weren't so long that a zombie would end up hanging off them. These people were very smart.

There were a lot of zombies on the streets, but they were mere ants to this modified Hummer SUV and were crushed and destroyed easily as it drove past.

That Hummer soon disappeared into the distance as a huge group of zombies continued to chase after it.

Just about ten-odd seconds after that Hummer drove off, two more Hummers that had been modified also came driving up from the same direction as the first one.

And while these two Hummers had been fortified with steel plates, these steel plates didn't have any of those sharp spikes.


The cars stopped in front of a convenience store and the doors opened. Five people hopped out of the cars.

There were three men and two women. One of the men with blond hair said quietly, "Make it fast. The zombies will be here in no time."

The rest didn't say anything and dashed into the convenience store immediately.

They didn't bother picking out what they wanted and just stuffed things into their bags at random. They grabbed biscuits, sausages, pickled vegetables, instant noodles, all sorts of tidbits, as well as a bunch of cigarettes and alcohol, and stuffed everything into their backpacks.

In barely three minutes, the entire convenience store had been wiped out.

"Hurry up and get in," called the blond-haired man.

The rest remained silent and quickly opened the doors to get in.


But, at this juncture, one of the women gave a loud cry.

"What happened?" asked the blond.

"My foot…"

The woman collapsed onto the ground in pain, and she discovered that a zombie head had bitten her ankle.

It turned out that those zombie heads that Wang Hao had sliced off earlier weren't dead yet, so one of them had bitten this unlucky woman's ankle. Blood immediately gushed out from her foot.

"Cheng, I've been bitten by a zombie…help me…" the woman pleaded as she looked toward the blond man.

"How did that happen? D*mn it!"

The blond man turned and saw all the zombie heads that had been hacked off by someone rolling all over the ground and cursed.

After that, he walked over to the woman and said, "You've been bitten by a zombie, so you know we can't save you. I'm sorry."

"Cheng, don't do this…I don't want to die…you must save me…" The woman reached out in an attempt to grab the blond man's leg, but he dodged her.

"Enough of this nonsense. Since you gave me such a good time last night, I'll let you die a quick death."

Once the blond finished saying that, he looked around to make sure no zombies were around, pulled out a dagger from his belt, and stabbed it right into the woman's neck.


The woman looked in disbelief at the blond man as her body turned to the side and fell lifelessly to the ground.

It had never occurred to her that the man who'd said sweet nothings to her and promised to protect her just the night before would heartlessly kill her like this.

The blond pulled his dagger from her throat, wiped the blade on the woman's clothes, then put it back into his belt.

After that, he hopped back into the car, started the engine, and quickly left the place.

"These people are no ordinary people."

Wang Hao frowned. If he ran into these people, he might be in trouble.

If he ran head-on into them and was knocked into by these modified Hummers, he might not survive even if he was in zombie form.

"To avoid running into them, I have to attack them first."

Wang Hao started thinking to himself about this. He didn't want to become a target of these cold-blooded and violent people. If they discovered the pretty Li Mengyao, that would be such a pity.

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