7 An Unpredictable Zombie

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Wang Hao didn't bother continuing to listen to this conversation and just rammed straight into the door that was shut tightly.


The sound of a metal chain-breaking resounded, and the door in front of Wang Hao crashed open.


Wang Hao saw a strange scene in front of him and froze for a minute. He saw a muscular man lying on the sit-ups bench, while a woman with long black hair was kneeling in front of him.

The man's eyes had been closed, but when he heard the commotion at the door, he immediately opened his eyes and looked toward the door.

In that instant, the man's eyes met Wang Hao's, and the man's face was immediately drained of color, and his lips even started to tremble.

"A zom…zombie is here."


The woman's head was bowed, but when she heard what the man had said, she shuddered violently and looked up with a start to see the zombie standing at the door.


And so the shrill shriek of the woman broke the silence.


Wang Hao snapped out of his daze and immediately started growling as he pounced toward the man who was lying on the gym equipment.


The woman screamed in fright and turned to run away.

But the man reacted very quickly. He used one hand to pull his pants up and the other to grab the woman's hair and fling her toward Wang Hao.


The woman screamed as she found herself staggering toward Wang Hao.

The man had originally meant to use this woman as bait to buy some time so that he could escape, but Wang Hao did not behave as this man had predicted. Wang Hao dodged the oncoming woman and continued to move toward the man instead.

"What the f*ck?"

The man immediately broke into a cold sweat when he saw this, and he became panicky. He wanted to run, but he'd accidentally let go of his pants, which caused him to trip over himself and fall onto the floor.

"No…don't eat me… No!"

When faced with a zombie, very few could remain calm and rational, and most would end up peeing in their pants.

The man was so frightened that he was on all fours and kept moving back.

After the woman crashed onto the floor, her body kept trembling nonstop, and she couldn't stand up anymore.

"Come…look over here. This way…"

Just then, another man started shouting from the sidelines, and it seemed to be an attempt at distracting Wang Hao away from the first man.

Wang Hao looked over and saw an equally muscular man holding an iron bat and running very swiftly toward Wang Hao.

If Wang Hao had decided to bite the man on the floor, he would definitely have gotten his head smashed in by the iron bat in the second man's hands.

So Wang Hao decided to give up on attacking the man on the floor for the moment and turned to pounce toward the second man with the iron bat in his hand.

"You can go to h*ll!"

The second man held onto his iron bat and swung it straight for Wang Hao's head.

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But to his complete surprise, Wang Hao suddenly dodged and continued to leap toward him.

This man had never expected a zombie to know how to dodge an attack, so Wang Hao ended up grabbing his waist and bringing him down to the floor.


There was a terrible howl as Wang Hao bit right through that man's throat and got back up.

The strength of a zombie was seriously too great, and his mouth was able to bite through bone just like a ferocious wild animal. If humans didn't have any weapons and tried to fight a zombie with their bare fists, it would be almost impossible to defeat a zombie.

"What's going on? When were zombies this formidable?"

The man on the floor had hoped that his friend would be able to kill Wang Hao, but now he was completely stunned and confused.

He had killed many zombies himself before this, but he had never come across such an unusual zombie as Wang Hao.

To his even greater surprise, after this zombie had bitten his friend to death, the zombie had actually stood up again and started coming over toward him once more.


There was still blood dripping from the zombie's mouth, and as the man watched this terrifying monster come closer and closer to him, he relied on his strong survival instinct to force himself to calm down and pick up a wrench from the floor.

He knew that he had only one chance at possibly surviving this attack. Once the zombie came leaping toward him, he was going to use the wrench in his hand to smash the zombie's head to smithereens.

But when Wang Hao noticed what the man was trying to do, he started to laugh coldly to himself.

Even if an ordinary person had a wrench or a metal bat in their hand, they would still be in great danger when faced with an ordinary zombie. But now, Wang Hao was a zombie with intelligence.

"Come over. Come here…be good and lean your head forward."

The man's voice was trembling slightly while he clutched the wrench in his hands really tightly. He was waiting for the moment when the zombie came pouncing for him to burst this zombie's head open.


Wang Hao continued to slowly come closer to the man and finally stood in front of him.

The man was all prepared now. The moment this zombie lowered its head to come for him, he was going to swing his weapon toward its head.

He was very certain that he was definitely going to be able to burst this zombie's head with the wrench he had.


But to the man's surprise, the zombie in front of him had decided against pouncing at him and lifted a leg to kick him instead.

"What the hell… I'm just gonna go for it."

The man had no time to think about how to handle this situation at all. He clutched the wrench in his hand tightly and swung it toward the zombie's leg.


There was a crisp sound as the zombie's leg was instantly broken.


Even though the zombie's leg had been broken, the zombie's attack did not stop.


The man gave a bloodcurdling scream as his throat was also bitten through by the zombie.

"He died just like that?"

Wang Hao looked at the dead bodies of the two large men on the floor, and he was thoroughly shocked.

He didn't expect to find that controlling a zombie to kill humans would be something that was so simple and violent and didn't strike fear in himself at all.

If he was doing this in human form and he had to kill two men like that, he would definitely have found it difficult to murder them like this.

But as a zombie, things were different. He just had to change his attacking tactics, and biting these two men was something that a zombie did very naturally.


Wang Hao now looked up and glanced toward the woman on the floor. There was a large puddle below her legs, so it was obvious that she had been so frightened that she had peed on herself.

The woman looked very pitiful, but Wang Hao had no way of helping her. He was now a zombie, so if he went close to her, he would only terrify her further.

So in order not to make her feel too afraid, Wang Hao used his mouth to bite the man's arm and dragged him toward the inside of the gym.

But, after just taking two steps, everything went dark in front of him. When he came to himself again, he was back inside the shop where he'd found the machete.

Wang Hao had no idea what would happen to the woman after that episode, but he couldn't think too much about it either.

In this Apocalyptic world, there were just way too many people who needed help.

He was no saint, and there was no way he could help everyone.

Even though the woman earlier had actually been fairly pretty, he didn't want too much trouble on his hands.

After all, if he decided to save her, then he would have to think of a way to house her safely, protect her, and provide food for her. None of this was easy.

He had just gotten a school belle like Li Mengyao anyway, so he wasn't in a hurry to look for another woman.

But Wang Hao had plans to visit the gym when he had time. After all, the protein shakes and gym equipment were very attractive to him.


Just when he was thinking about all these things, Wang Hao suddenly heard a slight noise from the floor above him.

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