I Can Track Everything
novel - Eastern Fantasy

I Can Track Everything

Sanmao Wu

Ongoing · 2M Views

What is I Can Track Everything

I Can Track Everything is a popular web novel written by the author Sanmao Wu, covering Eastern Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.09/5 and 259 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 133 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Traveling through the Xianxia world, Chen Chen obtained the strongest tracking system and was able to track everything ever since. Chen Chen says, "System, I am short of money." "Two meters away, your father has hidden some money under the bed. Five meters away, there is a rusty copper coin buried half a meter underground." "There is a nugget of silver in the grass ahead." Chen Chen says, "System, I need some luck." "The feces in front of the pigsty is not ordinary." "Go to the Black Peak cliff ten kilometers away and jump off it." "There is an Immortal Cave Abode hidden somewhere, please explore it on your own."

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petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


This is truly a masterpiece. The worldbuilding is absolutely great. The main character is unlike the other cliche characters, who are always indecisive and need some kind of tragic event to start cultivating. He does what he wishes to while still maintaining his moral values The story has a very steady development. Neither too slow nor too fast. While the writing quality needs a bit of work, I truly think this is a story worth one's time to read.


My biggest worry is the MC just being a system slave. Also not very original P.S: First FillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFillerFiller


Welp, no more FPs for me :(, anyway, you guys have to do with a summary/review of the novel of 36 chapters. Mc reincarnated, gains a tracking system that can track everything without a limit within 10 meters and if he accomplishes certain milestones and achievements he can upgrade the range or he gains one-time use extended tracking range (for example: track within 10 km) After mc eats a fruit that grants perfect body for cultivation he brokethrough to the first level and his 'action' took a turn as he acted like a refined person... Weird but okay, at least his personality didn't change. Personality wise, a filial son who still remembers his parents after gaining cultivation. Of course he dumped them somewhere safe with some good friends he made to start his journey of cultivation with his 'good brother' he met. Ah yes, in this novel the mc is OP compared to mortals for anyone wanting to know. Translation Quality: 5* (It's nice to read) SoU: 5* (Always, trial read - Qidian, son of bitches, bring back the 60 chapters!!!!!!!!!!!) Story Development: 4* (I mean, it's going a good way) Character Design: 4* (Yes, filial, not retarded, cautious and side characters have a nice solid personalities) World Background: 3* (Yeah, not that much information, only the name of cities and their destinations. About cultivators is not much explained) P.S And, I saw someone saying that the mc is a slave to the system. Some might be disgusted by such a thing and won't read this novel so let's clarify. It's a tracking system, it's a system without many rules. The system DOESN'T give any quests nor any restrictions. The mc does whatever he wants. Ok, there is also an another side to slave of the system and that is that some mcs relies too much on the system and that is true, but it happens in every novel and put your self in their shoes. A tracking system, is it something not to rely on? What can you do? It's not like there is any rules of the system you can exploit as THERE ISN'T any restrictions. Have a nice day everyone!


Mtl trnslation, dont let couple chapter deceive you it keeps getting worse noticeably if I may add... Just can't believe that Webnovel allowed to such thing to happen... Good story but it got ****ed beyond reason with mtl translation...


Not only webnovel thrashes decreased number of chapters from 60 to 40 and made 50% to be paid they translation are sh*t like worse than indonesian piece of sh*t cheap translators from before and now they use mtl ffs


it is better than some, worse than others; the translation is better than a raw machine translation. the use of the word fairy instead of immortal is kind of annoying i guess


havent been on webnovel for a while and this was the first novel i decided to read after coming back and guess what?? its great!! though u probably figured that out if u read it.


The MC has as much personality as stale bread. The typical filial shtick with the annoying mentality of 'returning a droplet of kindness with a waterfall'. This MC has no individuality, nothing to distinguish him from the 100,000 other MCs with the exact same personality. If that wasn't enough the translation quality is terrible. The quality noticeably drops every 5 chapters. For instance, some words are directly translated into English without considering the context. This is why this novel calls cultivators as 'fairies'. Obviously rushed! Honestly, I have no clue how this rubbish was picked. The story is awful, character design is bland, and the translation quality is reminiscent of machine translation.


Theres no story, just power fantasy tuned down, but in the end its still power fantasy, its ungodly boring, the same thing we've all seen, with no interesting concepts, terrible translation, and the only good point is the grammar but im pretty sure Google is still updating Google Translate these days, so its no different from the MTL version.


Petition to call the translator a retarded fairy! Just read a few chapter then like this review. I'm not kidding. Trust me. Cultivator is translated as fairy, not some pretty women but all the burly dudes included.


Reveal spoiler


for everyone complaining about the word "fairy" being used, download this chrome extension, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-and-replace/bldchfkhmnkoimaciljpilanilmbnofo, and replace the word fairy with immortal or cultivation. It isn't perfect but it works


why is this gone from trial read?i thought it's got chosen already and only wait for release..................................................


It's an interesting novel so far but I wasn't able to put up with the quality of the translation and editing to finish reading the first 40 chapters, it's clearly MTL with average at best editing.


Translation of this novel is terrible. Simple terms like “cultivator” is instead translated as “fairy”. Don’t even get me started on the cultivation techniques the MC finds. There are also other inconsistencies which makes you sometimes have to reread a sentence. Some sentences even look like machine translation. All of these small details result in a crappy reading experience. All in all it shows that 0 proof reading was done or that the translator might not be that experienced. While I would like to give kudos for what the translator has done to make the story understandable I’m more frustrated as this has happened on a lot of novels, so obviously it is either an easy mistake to make or it’s always the same translator. No change will be made as no translator reads these comments. Story seemed like a good time waster if you can deal with the translation.


It's a hilarious story. I am satisfied with MC. He's cunning and not a push-over like 'I Am Not The Son of Providence'. But my problem is that the script keeps changing constantly and it doesn't stay in one place. This ruins the Cast of Characters that have a lot of potential and are no less hilarious. So it makes me sad. This is also a short novel so you can tell it wont go far!! The writing style really reminds me of "Skeleton Training Manual" I almost thought it was the same Author..[img=coins]


I only see 4 new books and where is the 5th?


This is a novel of high quality, of the kind that we do not see more often on WN. With all these orginal p*tains of m*rde full of protagonists who are no better than aces*holes and who are obsessed with their lower limb and who are content to form the largest and most disproportionate harem possible with female characters to shit. First of all the MC, Chen Chen is an MC like we do more often. With the popularization of novels with systems, we ended up with slaves of a system condemned to make quests like a damn MMORPG, which ended up being unpleasant and even disgusting. Here we have a cool MC, chill, not the kind to get in the head with useless stories, no sidequests to die of boredom, it goes straight to the point and does not lose us throughout the story. Moreover, he thinks like a real human being quite normal and not like these other assholes obsessed with their system, or their level of cultivation, which is totally refreshing. The world itself is well built, no superimposed Realms to finish, just the good old-fashioned cultivation! Everything is done in a reasonable scale and we do not have a delusion of grandeur that leads to excessive and meaningless shows. Finally, the system, the special ability of the MC which is in my opinion, the power both the most OP but also the most accurate of all the novels that I have read until this jor. That is to say, it can track everything and anything and god knows how much this ability is cheated in a world of cultivation or treasures and heritages sot everywhere to be without anyone ever discovering them. Therefore, the MC is not endowed with a chance defying the Heavens but rather with a skill evolving with its cultivation and which is extremely useful To conclude, in reality the best quality of this novel are - Balance: once the MC has dug up the treasure, we will not see the classic scene of the wild chase with dozens of powerhouses passing by randomly with the classic scene of murder, insults, hatred garnered from this fact, etc... -absence of this annoying part where once the MC arrives in the sect, he must climb the ranks from the external sect for months and months and during this process, offend his elders and all the elders of the sect and this leading to countless attempts of mobs and all failing... In short you yourself know -Lack of an indecent chance or plot armor, which is literally the most disgusting thing of all current stories -NO HAREM, one girl and only one from beginning to end of story


The story is Great but the translation is very bad i dont understand how they are letting books with such bad translation be put up for voting it seems like they dont have someone that go and reviews the story to see If The translation actually fits with the type if story this is they use fairy and time Traveler when it shoukd be immortal and reincarnation. it’s not hard to have some quality control for books especially the one being put up for votes


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