I can plunder Bloodlines!I can plunder Bloodlines!

I can plunder Bloodlines!

by Sunny_aka_Arthur

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"Little beauty, your fire phoenix is ​​so powerful, can I touch it?" Jiang Li looked at the ten-meter-long red giant bird with longing in his eyes. The little beauty nodded proudly, and Jiang Li's evil hand touched the bird's ass, plundering the "Top Phoenix Bloodline". "Dude, let's stop fighting. We are both human beings. Why bother with each other? Let's shake hands and make peace!" Jiang Li looked at the golden giant sincerely, and instantly plundered the other's top golden armored giant bloodline. "As a generation of peerless masters, I am standing here. If you can hit me, I will admit that your wind and thunder bloodline is the fastest in the world." Jiang Li stood there without moving. He was shot but plundered the enemy's top wind and thunder bloodline...

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