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I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Kings Don't Steal

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A light hearted novel to turn your brain off to. It’s silly, entertaining and isn’t your generic run of the mill martial arts cheat novel, more like gag slice of life. There’s no world ending threat or apocalypse, just some lad fooling around, trying to benefit off of other peoples hard work. This novel does a good job at bringing out the best of its tropes, even though a majority of the tropes are generic, I’m still entertained and actually looking forward to the next chapter. It’s unambitious but done well, nothing that will blow you out the water but a far cry from all the other rubbish on this site. It’s always satisfying to see a novel accomplish what it has set out to do well and although this is very much due to the fact that this isn’t very ambitious in the first place, it still deserves respect. I recommend reading this, as far as silly slice of life webnovels go, this is pretty much as good as it gets, this isn’t meant to blow you away but instead keep you lightly entertained so keep that in mind and just try to enjoy it for what it is, pretentiousness only hurts you. 4/5

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Somehow it is the best book of this batch. Funny and light hearted From the title, it would seems like a typical copy paste, but after reading it you would find that it is surprisingly satisfying to read.


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little sakura nation is against our MC. only MC and great xia can stand against little sakura nations plan towards world domination. so yeah.. go read this...


The concept is good and has potential, but done much better in other stories. The novel takes itself too seriously and the MC is extremely unlikable.


I am not a big fan of switching povs especially at the begining novel, while not always the case I find it to be a forewarning to the limitations and eventual boringness of the mc storyline so this novel for me gets low reviews. don't waste my time if your gonna do other characters don't elude to the book being all about the mc and his system through the name of the novel.


Cliched world. Pretty funny at times. Story is garbage and characters are braindead. It'll probably get annoying after a while. Plus, MC is kinda a simp


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It's decent, surprisingly. Even kinda funny from time to time. Although, keep in mind that, despite 'leveling up' from 'being idle', the MC still ends up having to manipulate the people around him to be more competitive, and seek out potions to increase his strength further.


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this book is not the original one. You can find it with the same name. I read the original novel, the novel is just bad. mc doesn't work his brain, he always plays the good person, plays the protagonist. There is nationalism in the book, even if the names change. the plot is full of gaps.


it's good 😂🤣.. & funny . . I was not sure what to write Soooo~~ here you go 😜 find it.. I can be hot, I can be cold, I can go down and i can be still, I can be hard and I can be soft? What's the Answer:😅


Reveal spoiler


the motivation of the world to swing in combat is not particularly clear, and the arrogance of everyone who is at least a rank higher ... and in general 40 chapters describe 4-5 days of the hero's life ... there is no description of the world either - countries? clans? races? monsters? eh...


It's really great in a way that I never expected! From the start, it shapes up like a novel thats going to be all about face slapping, but it surprises you in fun ways while avoiding it a lot of the times. The way that the mc goes about and tries to encourage everyone around him is also quite enjoyable to read. Also, RIP Yin Jian. Truly the most tragic person to exist.


Starts out good but the whole stalker arc was extremly frutrating. I get author setting up for a face slap but he overdid it. A little misunderstanding that could be solve with a few word or demonstration have turn into a big plotpoint and author keeps streching it for 50+ chapters so far. Not really a fan of cliche beta MC who'd not use their brain and set themself up in these situations that could be easily avoided with a short conversation.


Why author, This novel is good and enjoyable, only up to chapter 44. But after that i dont know why author like forcefully made MC low and forcefully delay MC growth of power. Which make the story like dragging not like first forty chapter, if author maybe keep story pace like the early forty chapter this novel would be epic slice of life.


Almost 60 chapters in and he still hasn’t even done the entranc exam yet these are the kind of novels where they be stretching and doing too much in these early chaps then once he leaves the earth for some arc it would be become a huge power creep with no stroyline idk why the details of just 15 days have to be dragged out.


The author is really just adding filler before the main events come just because of the mc’s ability. it gets to the point that unless you are reading the messages thag the mc improves in a certain fighting ability, everything else in this book is just face-slapping


For some reason, I don't especially hate this protagonist despite his character settings being a type I despise. He's not especially arrogant, but he doesn't understand others' struggles. He allegedly 'worked extremely hard' but somehow cannot fathom the fact that no one else has a cheat like him. Lolololol I love GHR, he reminds me of a stupid dog that keeps barking at trucks outside the window but has a good owner. Final review: Not a bad novel to read if you switch your brain off. Better than most other translated stories on webnovel.