1 Where the heck are we?

Like any other normal day at school, Dai, as he was lying on his bench on the second last seat with his head on table, sighing and trying to ignore the fuss in his class of 20. He raises his head up as he watches the two kids quarrelling, girls chatting, and some of his so called friends making fun of other kids.

Yes, just one more normal day for Dai at school. He has been studying here from as long as he could remember since his parents never wanted to change his schools. Being the oldest student there he had seen many of his old friends leaving the school and many new students joining.

Not very attractive, a 17 years old 6 feets tall boy, brown hair with a decent way of talking, wasn't a simp and girls did talk to him sometimes.

Dai looks at the clock as he waits for the school to get over so that he could read the the next volume of the action manga he recently bought. Dai was a weeb who liked reading action, isekai mangas. He always admired the MC who would always win his way out of any difficulties.

'Oi Dai, what are you doin lazying there?' yells Haruo from a distance while walking towards him with Aoi. Haruo and Aoi were the only ones Dai actually considered as his close friends.

Attractive, handsome, good at studies and the Class President, Haruo was friends with Dai since childhood and was popular with boys and girls. Aoi, a short heighted cute girl with soft brown hairs has also been studying with Dai since childhood.

These two were the only reason he somewhat enjoyed his school life.

'Hey ugly dumbass come here' says one guy from the back of the class trying to tease him. Dai looks back at him, gives him a little smile and turns back.

Dai was the kind of the boy who never got bothered or annoyed by just some jokes or insults and just ignored them. But there was one thing that he could never tolerate, and that was if someone hit him or harm him without any cause.


Dai grabs the back of his head as he realises that the boy threw a duster at his head.

'I told you to come here'

'This bastard…..', groans Dai with anger on his face. Haruo who knew what was gonna happen tries to stop Dai, but Dai already got up and reaches the kid.

'What?' Dai asks with a serious look on his face.

'Nothing. I was getting bored.' replies the kid.

'Then why hit me?'

'Told ya, I was getting bored.'

'Apologise' orders Dai.

'Damn, look at his attitude lol', he replies while making fun of him. Some of his friends giggle at him.

Haruo and Aoi tried to get Dai out of there since they knew how Dai was.


Dai threw a punch at the kid's face.

'Dont just go on hitting others if you are getting bored' says Dai.

'Hey watch there, Daiki just punched Noburu' announces a boy telling everyone.

Everyone gather there while surrounding them in a big circle removing chairs and tables. They really wanted to see the kids fighting.

'How dare you?' mumbles Noburu as he grabs Dai's collar and shoulder as he tries to make him fall down on his back on the floor.

Dai puts his foot at Noburu's belly as he falls and pushes him behind so that he falls little further with greater force.

'Woah, that Daiki got some skills haha' exclaims a student from the crowd.

'I always knew Daiki has some muscles hidden under his shirt' jokes another girl.

'Enough' says Dai who didn't want to continue fighting as he knew there wasn't any use of fighting. ' Let's stop now.'

'Like hell I would', yells Noburu at Dai, who had hurt his pride, ' How dare you punch me.' The look on his face intensifies. He quickly dashes towards Dai.

Everyone gaze at them excitedly, Dai gets ready to stop Noburu's attack and...…. Whoosh...


Dai gets punched in his face. Everyone is surprised. So surprised that they are silent. No one utters a word. It's not because they saw Dai get hit. No. What the heck happened? They were just in their class. Then what the hell is this place.

The same thought crossed everyone's mind except Noburu. In his excitement of hitting Dai and being joyous that he hadn't noticed what happened and where they were.

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