3 I'm Here, Are You Afraid?

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Southeast region's police station.

The police officers who had handled Neil's accident were discussing it here.

"Copy all the surveillance footage from the surrounding intersections around Louis Street to the monitor room."

One of the Chief Detective said, "This Neil is really seeking death. Even near the zebra line in such a busy city, he still dares to drive so fast? Serves him right."

"Everyone who hears about this will probably be very happy. How many bad things has he done over the years?" A young police officer, Alan, said as he looked at the car on the screen.

"Do you guys still remember five years ago…" Some of the police officers said. If not for their identities as policemen, they would definitely be clapping and laughing and cheering that this was retribution from the heavens.

All these years, they well were well aware of many of the dirty things Neil had done.

Like father, like son.

Neil's father was a man whose hands were stained with blood.

In the early days of the founding of Alexander Corporation, his father's hands were stained with blood.

That was how he created the current Alexander Corporation. Alan looked at the security footage and said, "This is no ordinary accident."

The middle-aged captain, Louie, glanced at Alan and said lightly, "Don't you know why you haven't been able to promote all these years? Even now, you're still speaking without thinking."

Captain Louie couldn't stand Neil either, but there were some things that couldn't be said.

Neil had done a lot of bad things over the years.

It was obvious that this accident was just an accident.

If they followed normal procedures, the police would have already settled the case.

However, Neil's father was the chairman of Alexander Corporation that had a market value of over a billion dollars, and his connections and influence were huge.

When the accident happened, his father immediately called the police station and instructed them to investigate the matter thoroughly. "It's the same no matter how we investigate," said Alan.

"Everyone knows that this is not an ordinary accident, but there is no evidence at all. All evidence suggests that this was a traffic accident."

Louis cast a sideways glance at Alan. "Hehe, you still hadn't changed, you are still saying this."

Alan pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Louie thought for a moment. Of course he knew the nature of this matter.

It couldn't be an ordinary accident, but there was no evidence.

The case should have been closed immediately.

But Neil's father had put too much pressure on the police, so they had to continue investigating.

At this moment, a female police officer said, "Neil is currently undergoing emergency treatment, but it's said that he's already past the critical stage. His life shouldn't be in danger."

As she spoke, she handed a document to the captain.

Then, she took out a pencil from another transparent bag. The young female police officer's voice was very pleasant to the ears.

However, her tone was quite flat. She was very unsatisfied with the result. She naturally hoped that the scourge, Neil, would die in the hospital bed.

After thinking about it for a while, she smiled and said, "I heard that even if he can survive, he'll have to spend the rest of his life in bed. His lower limbs are completely paralyzed."

Captain Louie was looking at the document seriously. This document was the police department's investigation of the car accident and the relevant oral evidence of the surrounding people. There were also some physical evidence and photos of the accident scene. The contents weren't very complicated.

Louie quickly finished reading through the entire process. He was shocked. He felt that everything was too coincidental. Could this be karma?

Sure enough, doing bad things would result in a bad end. It wasn't that that retribution didn't befall, just that the time hadn't come. After watching the surveillance video, he picked up the pencil in the plastic bag.

His heart was filled with mixed feelings as he examined the pencil in his hand. He couldn't believe that this accident was caused by a small pencil.

Captain Louie, who had been working at the police station for half his life, also had a lot of experience in solving cases. But at this moment, he really couldn't figure it out. He knew that this was definitely not an ordinary traffic accident.

However, he still didn't dare to associate this 'accident' with 'premeditated planning'. What kind of person could calculate everything and kill someone with mere calculation?

He glanced away.

"Alan, give me a copy of these videos. The rest of you, go do whatever you guys are supposed to be doing."

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Then, the captain and the female police left the surveillance room.

However, he didn't notice that behind him, Alan seemed to be thinking about something. After they left, Alan opened the surveillance video again and rewatched a few parts.

After rewatching, he found a suspicious young man wearing a black coat. He felt that the young man's movements were all purposeful, not accidental.

He quietly tapped on the keyboard in front of him and pulled out a few special software from the police station. He captured the only time the young man raised his head meaningfully. The young man's face was quickly retrieved.

Looking at the familiar face in the photo, Alan couldn't help but feel shocked. He took a deep breath and an incredible conjecture emerged in his mind. It was also a terrifying conjecture.

When he thought of this, goosebumps appeared all over his body.


"Impossible. Everything is just a coincidence."

"It's definitely a coincidence!"

"It must be a coincidence."

"If my guess is right, then is he still human?"

"Only gods can do that. It's too terrifying."

Alan, the young detective, breathed rapidly and said. After he calmed himself down, his eye flickered. He clenched his fists and thought for a while.

He slowly deleted all of his previous operations bit by bit. All of this might contain great terror.

All of this could be a perfect crime that no one could believe even if they knew about it and still wouldn't be able to regard it as murder.

Alan didn't intend to get involved. He would pretend that none of this had happened. As for those things that weren't related to him, he wouldn't care about them.

At the same time, in the small rented apartment, John was looking at his computer. He was searching for information in the local forums bit by bit.

He opened the news article about Neil's accident and took a look.

Countless netizens were discussing in the comments below.

However, most of them were gloating.

Everyone was rejoicing, saying that Neil really deserved it, he really deserved it!

They were even more excited by this news than some entertainment news.

At the same time, under the netizens' investigation.

All the dirty things that Neil had done in the past were dug out. One year, Neil was courting a female student at a school, but the results weren't fruitful.

In a fit of anger, he brought her to a hotel and raped her.

However, nothing happened after that.

He compensated the girl's family and transferred school.

Other negative news flooded in.

John was feeling very conflicted. There was also a feeling of pleasure in his heart.

After three years, the hatred in his heart had finally been vented.

He finally sent this bastard to the hospital through his own hands.

Letting Neil receive the punishment he deserved.

Then, a fierce look appeared in his eyes.

He looked coldly ahead, and thought: "Alexander Corporation? Humph, I will destroy you this time."

With a thought, John brought up the search box again.

He typed in it.

"How to see Neil in the hospital without being discovered?"

Clicked to confirm.

Numerous methods quickly appeared before John.

John's lips curved slightly as he thought: "My old acquaintance. I am coming to see you. I hope you won't be afraid."

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