1 1. Heartache News: Something pierced her heart ........

During afternoon school Ye Jin was busy with students. After school she opened her message box in her phone to check whether there's any messages or not. To her surprised there wasn't any, she went through all the message inbox but realized that really there were not any new messages. She began reminding all her past days and she was amused thinking that she's at the highest peak of her life. While thinking her lips curled upward and there was a pleasant sense in her heart. She thought might be Chen Hei is busy now with his nephews and doing babysitting.

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So she suddenly open the message inbox of her Weibo and send him a text,

" Are you there? Are you babysitting?"

" Had lunch? "

Then she thought to add " Are you ready to go back home? Done with your packing? " But she couldn't add it, because she thought that it might sound like she's extremely close with him...after all she has taken their relationship as just friends.

As soon as she reminded herself of him returning home to his native place she couldn't help but felt uneasy in heart. This feeling was something she never had before.

Instantly her heart was troubled and she became utterly anxious. As she was in the middle of her train of thoughts, her phone vibrated "Ding dong" and then she opened her Weibo to check messages and Chen Hie's text was there. She saw his messages, " I'm with my cousin outside and already had lunch with him. " Then she realized that he told her yesterday about his cousin's arrival.

"Ding dong" her phone vibrated again " How about you? " She lifted her finger in numbness of her heart and replied, "Yeah I had just now too."

After thinking a while she text him again, "Are you ready to leave tomorrow?" and pressed sent.

As soon as she sent she thought about to go to his home to meet him last time and see his face last time. As she thought the word 'last time' her heart couldn't beat normally instead it was numb and sorrow engulfed around.

Again her phone vibrated "ding dong" and the message notification popped up on home screen, she saw word,

"I already left....." as soon as she read her heart skipped one beat and pain engulfed her heart and it was like sharp knife piercing her heart. With trembling finger she opened her chat page with Chen Hei and she saw the words clearly, "I already left .....I'm on the way to get city bus."

As soon as she saw Chen Hei's texts instantly her train of thoughts couldn't help but began racing 'Isn't he was about to leave tomorrow?'

Yes he told me that he'll leave on Tuesday but why he's leaving today?

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