1 Chapter One

Leaves dance in the wind as a girl frantically looks around. Her actions are comparable to a rabbit being chased. She wants to run, but hiding would be her best chance of survival. She's running from a cold-hearted beast who could tear her to pieces in a second. Quietly diving into a bush, she lets out a small sigh of relief.

"Diana~ Come out...You can't run forever, and you won't be able to hide for too long. Maybe I'll be nice and let you have a painless death." A deep masculine voice says, making Diana tremble in terror.

The beast lets out a threatening growl that chills her to the bone. She hears the crunch of his paws hitting the ground. She pokes her head out of the green leaves but immediately regrets it. Three feet away was a giant grey wolf with pitch-black eyes sniffing the ground. Her yellow eyes widen, and a small gasp escapes her lips. His head shoots up, and his ears perk up. He angles his ears in her direction before he starts to walk confidently towards the bush she is taking sanctuary in.

"Ah. You're a clever girl, aren't you? Not only did you avoid the whole pack, but you also ran from me. But you made the mistake of not coming out when I told you to, and I hate when people disobey me." If a wolf could grin, he did, and he most definitely sounded and appeared insane.

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The tears Diana had been holding rush down her porcelain cheeks. The wolf jumps into the bush, making it collapse from his weight. Diana frantically scoots away from him, not able to stand up. She doesn't notice the sharp rock behind her, which pierces her skin. She cries in surprise from the pain that shoots up her hand. The blood that leaks out makes the wolf stop to smell. He licks his lips in hunger, and his eyes show the need for blood. His steps become frantic and needy.

"Please, no...Balto, don't do it." She begs him in a last attempt to stop him.

He looks at her amused before saying, "My dear princess, begging is useless but appreciated."

He launches himself onto Diana and presses his gigantic paws onto her chest. The feeling of being suffocated made her feel scared, for she couldn't take a single breath.

"Goodnight, Diana. Say hello to the King and queen when you see them again." Diana closes her eyes, accepting her fate.

Balto gives out one last growl before letting his canines graze her neck. Diana can't help shuddering in disgust as she feels his slobber drip from his mouth onto her skin. He then grabs her neck and softly presses his teeth onto her jugular, making her gasp. She forgot about how Balto loves to play with his prey, but she never expected to be the next one in this position. At last, he presses harder on her neck, a sickening crunch echoed throughout the forest, followed by the smell of blood. Diana takes in a breath to realize she's not dead.

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