Reviews of I Become An NPC That Can Do Infinite Job Changes


I Become An NPC That Can Do Infinite Job Changes

Pumpkin Mine

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After "I am the legendary mechanic",this novel is the only quality one in transmigrating to the game world novels.It might be worth to read.So let's give it a lot of supports.

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Webnovel butchering more novels. Tranlation is bad, and the translators are adding in plot points that don't exist in the original work. If you are wondering why they are using carriages and carrying things manually despite the MC 'having a spacial storage ring,'it's because the ring and the knight profession book don't exist in the actual work.


the actual story seems like it may be good, but it seems like they had a terrible or lazy translator who made it seem terrible(switching genders, numbers being mixed up, that sort of thing)




a very unprofessional book. Villagers pierce the skin of the bear, which she barely pierced , with a bamboo spear and pin the bear to the ground. Then mc pierced the skin of the bear, which he could not pierce before, with almost the same arrow on the ground. Also, it keeps changing the numbers in the same section, this is most likely the fault of the person who translated it. It is worth mentioning that before the bear episode, the main character cuts a large wolf pack alone. in the next episode he is running away from this bear but for some reason the wolf king is stronger than the bear because the bear does nothing while the wolf king is using the spell


How to know if the game merged with reality? The game could be reality. Maybe people created this chaotic world as a comedy and the reality is more organized in interconnected systems. And by the way, how much does a dragon eat? When does the MC get the Cattle rancher job? By the way, he should invest in professions like a king who basically gain the ability to collect taxes.


no raws posted, westernized characters, wrong characters name (avril/alice) in chapter 2... probably westernized trash rewrite... ffs why is it so hard to keep same character name consistent throughout the novel... probably cause author/translator doesnt care...


I've been voting for this every day with my energy stones and now they took it off the voting pool? What's the point of trial reads and picking novels then putting it in voting pool if this happens? This has been in voting pool for 9 months, people are still voting for it and it got taken off like this. I know novels get abandoned in this site, but this novel which was supposed to get translated didn't even start.


This ha more than 1.7Million votes and webnovel has not picked it, purest example of how your vote does not matter to webnovel, and that in the end only webnovel has the final say


Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and everyone's opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.


pretty interesting at first but its quality lowers as each chapter passes.. hm


I like how it got like 5 million votes on energy, was number 1 on the rankings for months then just got dropped. gotta love this app....


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MC is ex-player regressor who now is npc in settlement building game and develops on from farmer to war god. Later on the game would merge with real world too. It does have potential but after free capters: 1. it is mtl or bit cleaned mtl not translation 2. the development concerning numbers is total mess 3. Characters in game are 2 dimensional To sum it up - beside potentially interesting plot the novel is full of holes.


breath of fresh air from all the BS game novels, this one seems interesting to spend your time reading without plot armor, stupid cliches or young master syndrome. typical transmigration into the game but different in all ways. mc not a simp highly intelligent. character development coming alright. all in all its a good read.


This looked interesting and stayed for a long time at the top of the voting pool. It's disappointing that it did not get picked to be continued.


i read this and was so confused at the logical inconsistency. every piece that was logically inconsistent was a piece that was not in the original translation. Google translate of original was better than this translation. i do hope that they carry this book but have it retranslated from scratch because the story itself is really interesting!


Reveal spoiler


I’m here to say this got removed from the voting pool on the Que of books and I don’t see updates I’m sad it got removed today :( Is this story dropped forever???? someone please steal this and write your own I’ll drop $$$$


The trashy novel with trash Translation quality ... ☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻😏😏