170 I'm Jealous!

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The old man was dressed in a gray suit. Although he was old and his hair was white, he was still full of energy and vigor. His face held a dignified expression that made people unconsciously respect him.

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Su Jiu excitedly pulled Su Shengjing, who was standing beside her. "Daddy, it's Grandpa!"

Su Shengjing frowned and looked up at the screen.

When he saw Su Guobang's face, his expression turned grim.

The screen showed the reporter asking with a smile, "Old Master Su, I heard that you bought a piece of land a few days ago.. You're planning to demolish the shantytown there and transform it into a resort, right?"

Su Guobang nodded. "Yes. To be precise, it's a resort dedicated to children's entertainment. It's a place for them to have fun."

"Oh? This is the first time I've heard of this. What led you to such an idea?"

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