147 Couldn't Resist Her

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If it were anyone else, Rong Si would have resisted and retreated a step.

However, he just couldn't resist Su Jiu. In fact, he liked it when she acted so intimately. Hence, he motionlessly stood there and let her stroke his head.

Before leaving, Rong Si turned around and shot a last glance at the building.

When the trio returned to the apartment, Su Jiu invited Rong Si to her house for dinner. Not long after, Song Wanqiu returned as well. She thanked Su Shengjing and brought Rong Si home.

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After closing the door, Song Wanqiu turned around and found her son standing behind her.

His dark eyes were fixated on her as if he were trying to read her mind.

Although Song Wanqiu suddenly felt a little guilty, she smiled as if nothing had happened. "Ah Si, Mommy has good news for you. A school is willing to accept you. It's the best primary school in the city. You can go to school soon. Are you happy?"

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