I became the most powerful entity in the universe.What could go wrong? Book

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I became the most powerful entity in the universe.What could go wrong?


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You know how they say, don't make your main character overpowered? Well, I threw that rule into the bin while writing this. The main character is unquestionable the most overpowered character in fiction. I won't spoil the story, but here are a list of things you can expect: 1) Obviously, the MC is ridiculously overpowered, to the point where it's provable that no other fictional character could rival him. 2) Despite this satirical concept, there is an actually complex story being told. And no clichés, no predictability. The plot goes wherever it wants to go. 3) It's very analytical. Everything in the story is designed to make logical sense. Yes, that includes the MC's power. 4) The MC is not the good Samaritan type. He's the definition of an anti-hero. 5) Most of the fight scenes are brutal and gory. And detailed too. So, if you have a weak stomach, maybe prepare yourself. Hope you enjoy! The release schedule is pretty flexible for now, so I'll either get to release two chapters a week or one in two weeks or anywhere in between. So if you're not a fan of waiting, maybe add it your collection and binge read it when it's like 30 or so chapters in ;-) The cover art is not original. If the owner requests, I will remove it.


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