1 Chapter 1

It's been 1 week since I've been in this orphanage, it's been weird getting used to my new life since I've passed from a grown man to a little girl with bullying problems, but my biggest problem now is my powers that I can't control well, I've broken pens and even tables just to touch them, now the Hydrokinesis part is extremely easy of controlling as second nature.

Oh it's true I think I haven't introduced myself yet, nice to meet you my old name was Mark and I was exactly 23 years old, I was working and studying at a medical school. You see I've always been a Fan of Anime, Film and TV Series. One day I was watching one of my favorite TV series - Steven Universe - more specifically in the episode where Lapis Lazuli and Jasper fused into Malachite, which in my opinion is one of the strongest if not strongest Gem fusions. Obisidian is also pretty cool but Malachite has in its components

Jasper - a perfect warrior, born for battle and with tremendous physical strength and endurance

Lapis Lazuli - Has Hydrokinesis strong enough to make a water tower with all the oceans, it literally dried the Earth's oceans to make a tower

Malachite was strong enough to to defeat Alexandrite, but ended up losing mainly because was not stable and her anger issues

Well to say that I was surprised to wake up in an Orphanage in the middle of Deika-City Japan is an understatement, my skin had changed from white to a blue-green,my black hair spiked and turned white, dark green marks ran across my skin forming spirals and in place of my nose was just a sharp rock.....

it took me some time to calm down and look at myself in the mirror, I was Malachite but a child? Luckily I didn't have six feet either and my hands they are normal ones. I was a child with the appearance of Malachite, even its sharp teeth were here.....I found out later what the hell had happened with me.

I'm in Deika-City Japan, in the world of Boku no Hero should i be 10 years or more? before midoriya even born that is, I'm long before the events that happen in the anime.

At the orphanage each child has their own room, if you wanted you can have up to 3 roommates, the nearby school lets the children of the orphanage participate in volunteer work school clubs for small amounts of money .....

My new name is Malla Kaity, and I'm one of the first people to be born with dual Peculiarity in the world (or at least that's what doctors think) my "quirks" are called Bulldozer and Hydrokinesis

They named it Bulldozer because of the RapidSpin Quartz Soldiers can do, when I showed it they were shocked and decided to change the name from Super Strength to Bulldozer

Obviously because of my different skin color and my "wild" appearance it didn't take long for the kids to start trying to bully me, I ignored them or didn't care what they were saying, I just gave them a warning

Don't mess with Yuriko or else... ah true I never told about Yuriko right?

Yuriko is a dark skinned girl with hair made of pure lava, she is a year younger than me and is a love, as people avoid her for fear of her hair and simply avoid me for her we decided to get together and became friends in just 3 days. When she told me she wanted to be a Hero, I was very supportive...one thing led to another and we share our room now.

I only had one incident with the kids, which was the day to mess with me they took down Yuriko... and that leads to where I am now, in front of me there are 2 older boys and a little boy in the back.

One of them has a chubby look and messy dark blue hair, the other a lanky one with unremarkable black hair...but the last one I knew him from the anime

Snow-white hair, pale almost white skin and big White eyes, his eyelashes are unusually long, I would have thought he was a girl if I hadn't met him before. His white eyes glowed in the dark


This is my chance to bring him to the good side before the MLA catches him and brainwashes him, I've seen him a few times at the orphanage and he's a quiet guy and he never messed with me, it's a shame these friends of theirs always do some things wrong just like the mini bakugou henchmen, but Bakugou also did shit, Geten doesn't mess with anyone.

I step forward and say - Idiot 1 and idiot 2, back off you guys really don't want to piss me off - I step sideways standing in front of a fallen Yuriko

The fat one has a Quirk that lets him minimally control his breathing letting him release a small gust of air from his mouth, the skinny one just turns 2 fingers into scissors... seriously why are these pathetic guys trying to fight me again?

I ignore what the chubby says, and to my surprise he steps towards me with his left arm raised in a punch position, When he gets close to me I duck under his arm and summon Jasper's helmet, head-butt his belly hard enough for him to fall to the ground and cough a little.

With my helmet still on my head I look at Geten and Skinny, seeing my look he turns to run but I decide not to let him go, doing a somersault forward I start to roll in high speed towards him and so I hit a headbutt right in the middle of the skinny's back, he falls forward and skids causing some scratches on his arms, I turn to Geten

- I know you don't have many friends, but that's not why you should go out with these idiots - I turn around and start to leave Yuriko had already got up and started following me...

A few days later Me Geten and Yuriko formed a well-known Trio at the Orphanage

Me being the leader of the mini Gange, Yuriko the cute girl and Geten the quiet guy... The three of us also started training with our powers, Geten didn't want to be a Hero but Yuriko and I will change his mind over time, I also told them not to read the books that the matron da for them since I don't want my only friends to become MLA members

This world is so awesome... villain powers and all, I don't wanna be just another piece on the All for One board, I don't wanna be a government puppy, I'm gonna be a Hero yeah but I won't follow the government blindly.... when All Mighty goes down and All for One starts making a mess I want to be one more player on the board. I will fix this Dark Society and save the people who need it

If all goes well, I will form an agency of capable Heroes and help Japan and the World

Geten will already be a great addition to the Heroes and maybe I can bring in other people like Toga? Dabi? Twice? Let's see where this goes

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