I Became An SCP! Book

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I Became An SCP!


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MC is reborn into the SCP universe but originally didn't know that he'd ended up there (I mean, it'd be pretty hard to figure it out unless you directly ran into an SCP) and is reborn with an anomalous ability: The Hercules Method from Image Comic's 'Strange Talent Of Luther Strode' is in his head and he can practice it. Obviously, he eventually gets caught by the Foundation (kinda hard to stay hidden from a nigh-omniscient shadow organization) but unlike other humanoid SCP's, he has a lot of combat potential and is reasonable/sentient enough to actually have a conversation with despite this power. Hence, with the proper failsafe in place, he could be used as a very effective field agent. Kinda writing this for fun, so don't expect too much.


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