Chapter 117 Tai Cang Immortal Mansion, Descending Dragon Great Saint's Sole Disciple

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The Quest for Immortality!

Xiao Zi and Zhao Zhen's eyes both lit up. They had been following Fang Wang, and if Fang Wang were to become an immortal, they naturally stood to benefit. Hence, there was no jealousy, only excitement and anticipation.

Xiao Zi eagerly inquired about the specific opportunity, but the white-haired elder only smiled without speaking, his gaze fixed on Fang Wang from afar.

The day turned dark as the moon shone brightly, and day and night alternated.

Days passed by.

In a blink of an eye, another half year had gone by.

Fang Wang's physical body had finally transformed into the Heavenly Gang Saint Body, and his cultivation had entered the Third Layer of the Condensation Spirit Realm.

Going forward, he could still temper his physique to strengthen the vitality and power of the Heavenly Gang Saint Body.

However, he did not plan to continue cultivating there. Having left the Great Abyss Gate for three years, it was time to return.