7 0.36 Joules

We stayed at an inn near the slave market for the night using the money we took from the slave trader. A sneaky one! It was a courageous act not to flee far away from the crime scene. After all, they can't outwit our intelligence, so why should I be concerned? And also, I have already concluded why they won't find us.

For starters, that was a slave market. Of course, it has a bad reputation among ordinary people and other freedom advocates. It will just be seen as a revolutionary act or a normal murder. People who despise a specific law, or more specifically, a law that tramples on freedom, exist in different eras. It would be foolish to think that they don't exist here. So, investigators can't really say that that kind of person doesn't have any enemies in his entire life.

Second, neither fingerprints nor DNA can be used to identify Ellena. I'm sure it doesn't exist, judging by their present technology. However, it is not safe to assume that it exists here, and if it does, they will not use it as a mere slave trader. It would also mean publicizing the existence of those tools. 

Third, if they could trace us by magic? It's hard to trace signatures, especially unique ones, like Ellena's. No one will discover who killed that fat bastard. I would bring that information to my last existence... not breathe, cause I can't breathe.

Isabella, the kid that Ellena took in, was already an orphan. She doesn't have any close relatives that would help her. And she's scared of being in an orphanage. And that's not all; she despises it there. 

I can't really calculate others' backgrounds. I just conclude things, but I don't have the ability to see into the past. I'm smart, but without a brain, I'm just a normal human who likes to scheme.

The name of the inn we stayed in was Pretty Bed. And I feel the effort of that name. Really, everyone would agree with me. No kidding.

Ellena got a double-bed room using the money of the slave trader we took care of. And surprisingly, this room is decent. The floor had been properly smoothed. The bed was average, but it was neatly arranged. It gets 5 stars from me. I can leave a review at any time.

"Let's become sisters! Aaron, is it okay?"

Yes... This is my first time seeing Ellena smile in her entire life. And now that she has a reason to smile, I can't take that away from her. She can finally have a physical-present companion. It's not a bad idea...

"Yes, it is, esteemed host. There's no threat in bringing Isabella with us."

Just after I responded to her, her smile widened even more. She hugged Isabella because of joy. I can't stop loving that sweet smile. I will protect it. That shining, sweet, innocent smile. I won't let anyone take it away from you.

"By the way, Isabella, what's your rune?"

Now that Ellena is asking for it, the runes have their own classification too. Every rune has a grade level or rank that determines what abilities or capabilities a rune has. And it's determined by temples, so I can't tell anything about that. The built-in information is really limited, after all. If there's a chance, I will study it myself.

I'm really curious about runes. If there's a chance, I will study their bodies. Not that I have an ulterior motive! It's just that if I had a chance to dissect their bodies, I would like to know if there's another circuit or nerve for the runes. How does it work? I don't have any idea. Because, obviously, magic didn't exist in my previous life. 

Sighs... I would like to drink a cup of knowledge. Can't someone send some?

"I see. What can you do with it?" Ellena asked one more time. Isabella lifted her hand this time, revealing a diamond-colored rune. That's surprising. It's a beautiful-looking rune. What does it do? In what grade does it belong?... I'm really curious... Jiiii...

"I can make soft objects hard and I can make hard objects soft."

Ah! That's a useles- wait a minute! Did she just say she could change the solidity of an object? That's an unexpected and useful skill. It allows you to change the rules for objects in seconds. That's a law-defying ability.

"Ellena, give her a strand of your hair," I remarked. Without wasting any time, she plucked one of her hair strands.

Ellena handed her strand to Isabella, leaving her confused. Of course, she wouldn't know my idea.

"Tell her to make the hair hard." I continued.

"Aaron said to make the hair hard."

"But it's not soft, it's just weak."

Yes, but there's a theory there. If her ability is to make things change their solidity, she might be able to make weak objects strong.

"Okay... I'll just try..."

Isabella injected energy into her hand, making the rune glow. The diamond-like color makes the glow more vibrant and no one would think it was a rune for production. Just a few seconds after activating her rune, the strand started to gain strength, but it was just less than a second, and, after that, she wasn't able to make the strand strong.

I see... So my theory was applicable. Hardness can also contribute to a product's durability. If I study more of her ability, she can change the strength, and hardness, which is solidity, any time. But, of course, it's not unlimited. Abilities take stamina and Ellena should learn that.

Tomorrow, I will teach her to control her ability... Because the night is too late, they need to rest. I'll just watch them over the night. 

Being a father of two children is extremely difficult... And it's a joke.


After the morning sunrise, Ellena and Isabella prepared for breakfast. Today's plan is to go to the market to buy necessary things. If you know what is necessary for girls, you better not ask anymore. 

They went to the diner of the inn and, just another daily routine, I was just hovering above Ellena's head. Ellena's hair, since last night, was blue. It just blended with her dark eyes, and surprisingly, no one noticed it. When they arrived at the diner, the staff served them with the food appropriate to their payment. Amazingly, their food looks presentable. It looks like food from restaurants. The meat was still juicy and the drink was not just water. So it's safe to assume that gourmets are blooming in this world.

Just after they finished eating, the two girls took a bath and prepared to go out. 


The world's economy is not surprising, but it is still capable of making me praise it. I don't think of myself as superior to them; I just live in a world where I am expected to pass judgment. 

The market's stores aren't particularly well-organized, but they don't appear to be in disarray. Customers enter and exit various establishments. Guards are also stationed near the market as a precautionary measure.

The first place we went was to a tailor's shop. There are ready-made garments that appear plain, so it's preferable. We don't want to stand out, so the plainer the better. It's just a thing we need to be thoughtful about. 

Clothes in this world are not ostentatious in appearance. A normal dress, reaching the knee and covering the upper body. 

Following the purchase of clothing, they proceeded to a weapon shop. It's better to have a weapon for self-defense. And also, this thing in this world is normal. Anyone can buy sharp materials and bring them. That's how this world's mortality rate is towering. Literal.

"My purse!"

I heard a scream from an alley and I actively tried to see it. Ah... crimes in the middle of the day. Things like snatching are not rare here.

"Aaron, I want to help her."

I had already expected that. And if I just argue with Ellena, I will not win, just like last night. Sighs... I can almost hear a sigh of relief.

"Okay, head east."

At Ellena's location, the robber is to her north. It is a straight-paved road with people and standing out is really not good. And just by observing the eyes of that man, he observed the corners of his eyes. That means he's found a safe way out, and the only safe route is through the alleyway. It's in Ellena's east, so if Ellena enters the alleyway and heads straight, she can catch up with the snatcher.

"Isabella, hold this and stay here. I just need to catch that robber."

Isabella just nodded and Ellena started running.

Ellena's stamina is not that great, and by catching up with the snatcher, she can't produce much lightning. This could be an excellent opportunity to train her.

We entered the alleyway and reached the flat wall of a building. After reaching it, she turned to her left and continued running. By calculating the speed and obstacles of the snatcher, we can keep at the same pace. Ellena's path was clean and his was hard. So if he sees an opportunity to go inside an alleyway, we'll meet him before he takes another path inside the alleyway.

Sighs... I'm just thankful that building establishments are too organized here. It was easy to create a visual map by measuring each corner.

I levitated my vision and saw the snatcher had just turned inside the alleyway. Approximately 3 meters and it's surprising. Just within 2 seconds, they will meet.

"Ellena, stop at that corner and duck. Cover your body with a minimal amount of lightning, at least enough to shock the robber."

Ellena just nodded and followed my suggestion. She stopped at the corner where the snatcher was supposed to turn and just right on time, Ellena blocked the way. She ducked and produced a little thread of lightning around her body.

The robber, on the other hand, was surprised. He did not have enough friction to stop, and as a result, he bumped into Ellena, and just like my plan, he was electrified, just the right amount to take his consciousness.

"It's done?" Ellena just released a question like she didn't know what she did. Well, it's because she doesn't know how to measure lightning and at most, she doesn't know how to make a little amount of electricity just the right amount for 0.36 Joules. And from the amount of her stamina she spent on running, it was safe to assume that that was a recreation of a taser.

"Yeah, get the purse back and give it to the guard that's coming in 3... 2... 1..."


Right on time! It was nice that I saw the guards near the market being alarmed. As a result of his running, he wouldn't have the energy to fight or argue with Ellena. He'll just go with the flow.

"Mister. He passed out."

The guard looked at the robber, who was lying on the ground, and his gaze went back to Ellena.

"You did this?"

A simpleton. Can't you see other people here?

"Yes." Just right. Ellena is so kind. She won't give a sarcastic response.

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