106 The King of the Jungle

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"Whoosh —"

The night wind blew and the vegetation swayed.

A tall tiger with colorful fur slowly walked out of the bushes.

It was calm and composed.

Its dark and cold eyes and the word "king" on its forehead made it look imposing and especially impressive!

Even the lion, Seno, who had a lush mane, seemed so inferior in front of it at this moment.

It stopped outside the bushes and looked at Seno, who was baring his fangs and roaring with a trembling voice. Its cold gaze was filled with disdain.

Its calmness, composure, and arrogance formed a sharp contrast to the terrified and furious Seno.

It seemed like it was the true king of this grassland!


Little Curly Tail stared at the majestic big cat in front of him for a while before he suddenly called out to Chu Xiaoye.

He seemed to be saying, "Brother, brother! What a big and mighty leopard! Is he the father of that small female leopard?"

Chu Xiaoye:"…"

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