10 Impudent!

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Until noon.

The four female lions returned.

They hung their heads dejectedly and returned empty-handed. They did not catch a single prey.

The lion stood up from the hill and roared angrily and disappointedly at them as if he was reprimanding them.

The four female lions lowered their heads and walked to their cubs to lie down. They were exhausted and dejected as they fed them milk.

Xi'er lay under the tree and called for Mei Mei.

Meimei had just climbed down from the tree when the lion suddenly ran over and slapped her to the ground. It roared angrily and bared its fangs at Xi'er, biting her!

He blamed Xi'er for not catching any prey!

If she was blind in one eye, why did she go and be a burden to the team?

The lion's sharp fangs were mercilessly tearing at the pitiful lioness!

Xi'er opened her mouth and lay on the ground, begging for mercy as she struggled helplessly.

Mei Mei was crawling in the grass. Her head was hurting and she was shivering.

The other lionesses panicked and looked at their sister with pity. However, none of them dared to stop the furious lion.

When a lion gets angry, all the lions tremble!

The cubs who were drinking milk were also scared out of their wits. They trembled and hid in the lionesses' arms.

On the tree.

Chu Xiaoye, who was sleeping, was woken up by the roar of the lion and the cry of a lioness.

He looked down. His father was baring his fangs and brandishing his sharp claws at Xi'er!

Xi 'er could only beg for mercy as she lay on the ground, her face and head covered in bloody scratches!

The other lionesses, including his mother, paced nervously in place, not daring to stop him.

Meimei crawled in the grass with her body trembling as she cried out in fear and anxiety.

Chu Xiaoye's sleepiness instantly vanished!

He hurriedly climbed down from the tree. The moment he landed, he ran towards his father without hesitation!

While the lion was furiously beating Xi 'er, he quietly approached from behind and bit the lion's tail!

Then, he turned around and ran. With a whoosh, he jumped onto the small tree beside him!


The lion was caught off guard and jumped up in pain. With a roar, it turned around and chased towards the tree. It raised its head and roared angrily at the tree with a fierce and terrifying look!

The injured Xi 'er took this opportunity to get up from the ground and flee into the distance.

Now that the lion was furious, if she did not escape, she might be bitten to death by the lion!

She could only return after the lion left.

She looked at her daughter sadly and quickly disappeared into the bushes in the distance.

It was not her fault that they did not catch any prey today.

They searched the grassland for a long time, but they did not see any prey that they could catch.

They finally found a herd of water buffaloes after a long while and prepared to ambush the lone calf. However, they were discovered by the herd of water buffaloes and fled in panic, almost dying under their hooves.

The fact that she was blind in one eye did affect her ability to hunt.

However, her speed and courage were definitely not inferior to that of other female lions.

If she had not split up with the other three female lions and deliberately changed directions to lure away the water buffaloes, the furious water buffaloes would have chased them here and the tragedy of cubs being trampled to death by a herd of water buffaloes would be repeated!

She did not do anything wrong today.

However, the selfish and overbearing lion had blamed everything on her.

Just because she was blind in one eye?

Why was she blind in one eye?

Wasn't it because she was the first to jump up and bite the throat of the prey and the other lionesses did not follow up in time that she got injured?

Wasn't it all for the lion, for the children, and to get food for the pride?

Xi 'er walked alone and helplessly through the bushes. The wounds on her face from being bitten and scratched by the lion were burning, and her heart was cold.

However, for the sake of her child, she had no choice but to continue to work hard, live on, and try to please her cold and heartless king.

The hot wind blew and the withered grass on the grassland rose and fell like waves, just like her current mood.

On that small tree.

Chu Xiaoye stood on the highest branch with his head lowered. He looked at the lion that was still roaring angrily under the tree and unwilling to leave. His eyes were filled with disdain.

Aisha went up to the lion and tried to beg for mercy for her child. However, the lion slapped her face and she retreated in fear.

Little Curly Tail stood not far away and raised his head to look at his brother. He was both worried and impressed.

His brother was really impressive. He even dared to bite his father's tail!

The lion growled angrily under the tree for a while before leaving in anger. He lay back on the hill and closed his eyes to rest.

He would not actually chase Xi'er away by biting her.

The pride had few female lions to begin with. Even if Xi'er was blind in one eye, she was still useful.

At least she could stay at home to take care of her child.

As for Chu Xiaoye, he would not actually kill this daring little cub.

After all, he was his child.

Most importantly, although Aisha was afraid of him, if he really were to bite her child to death, this female lion would definitely retaliate and even provoke the other female lions to retaliate.

At that time, he would be all alone and the gains would not make up for the losses.

However, it was still necessary to teach them some lessons.

Xi'er had already learned her lesson. She must be terrified and ashamed now. The next time she hunted, she would definitely work even harder.

As for the boy on the tree who dared to disrespect his father, he had yet to be taught a lesson.

The lion decided that the next time he ate fresh meat, he would teach this brat a good lesson. He must let him know that his father's dignity was not to be challenged!

Without his father's permission and mercy, he could forget about eating a single piece of meat!

Here, he was the king, the supreme king!

No one could be disobedient or presumptuous!

He yawned, lowered his head, and decided to take a nap.

At night, he would let the female lions hunt.

On the small tree.

Chu Xiaoye stared at him for a long time on the branch. Seeing that he was really asleep, he climbed down from the tree and ran into his mother's arms to drink milk.

He had fought with the python for a long time last night and was terrified. His stomach was already rumbling with hunger.

Aisha lay on her side and looked at him lovingly. She stuck out her tongue and licked his head to show her affection and love for him.

Little Curly Tail walked over carefully and rubbed his head against his body with admiration and respect.

It was as if he was saying, "Big brother, you're the best. Little brother's respect for you is like a torrential river that never ends. It's like the overflowing of the Yellow River that can't be stopped!"

Meimei also came over, drooling as she watched Chu Xiaoye drink milk.

Her mother had escaped and she had yet to eat.

She was so hungry.

Aisha looked at her gently and raised her hind legs as if she was encouraging her.

She seemed to be saying: Come little girl, come and eat.

Mei Mei immediately leaned over happily.

Little Curly Tail immediately raised his claws and wanted to chase her away.

However, just as he raised his claws, Chu Xiaoye slapped him onto the ground and made way for Meimei.

Little Curly Tail crawled on the ground and cried out in grievance. However, he did not dare to hit Meimei again.

Obviously, her brother was protecting this little girl!

He dared to bully the other cubs in the pride, including the eldest brother, Lars, who was already one year old. However, he did not dare to provoke his older brother.

It was not just because his brother could let out really really smelly farts.

Over the past few days, his brother's actions had completely impressed and awed him!

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