56 Marriage

After a couple of months she's told that she's going to be married. She feels extremely angry because she wasn't even asked. She doesn't want to get married yet. She wants to stay here, where she can get her pussy filled.

"You do not have a choice. Here sign the papers." Her daddy says

"But daddy I want to stay with you" She says holding onto his hand.

"Daddy knows what's good for you pussy and you will be happy there"


"Sign the papers! Now!"

She signs them against her will and daddy says"Congratulations pussy. Now you are married. Trust me you'll love your new home"


"You'll be getting married in the evening. They didn't want anything grande so they sent the papers. Your marriage in the evening will be small and only their family will be there."

She feels scared.

"Come on get in the car" She gets in the car and they reach the destination. They get out of the car and greet a woman that is taller than her and has huge boobs and ass. Her red gown looks amazing on her.

"Hello dear, I am your mother in law. Ah! I am so excited." She holds pussina's hands in excitement. "She is extremely lovely" She tells daddy.

"Well now she's yours. I'll be going now. Please take care of her."

"You don't have to worry"

Too scared to say anything Pussina just stands with her head low as Daddy drives away.

Her mother in law puts her hands on her shoulder. "Come on dear, let's get you ready"

She just nods and says nothing. They walk in a room and she locks it. "Don't be shy."

Seeing how nice her mother-in-law is she smiles. "Remove your clothes and I'll bring your wedding dress, ok?"

Her mother-in-law comes back with clothes and sees pussina's lewd body. "You have an amazing body. I am glad we chose you. Here eat this pill" She does as told and her body starts to get hot.

"My name is Celine by the way." She helps her wear her long gloves, a corset that doesn't hide boobs but helps them perk up. "ahhh you boobs look amazing in this." She says as she twists her nipples making them hard.

"ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh"

"awww you moans are so cute. We'll hear them a lot from now on" She helps her wear stockings, a garter belt and a viel. "Perfect. You look amazing"


"Oh yes you are missing something"

Celine pulls something from the pile of clothes and ties the collar around pussina's neck.

"oh my god. you look great. Look at those juices dripping down your pussy"

"This ..this" Celine touches her pussy making her moan. "ahhhhhhhhhh"

"Perfect" Celine purrs.

She pulls the leash and they walk out. Pussina feels so horny she can even fuck a wall. Her hips buck every now and then as new juices flow out of her. They walk down the hallway and she sees two big men. One waiting for her she guesses is her husband and other is an older version of him.

Their eyes take in her fuckable body and their tents grow.

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Celine puts her hand on her ass as they reach them. "This is Axel your husband" He is tall and handsome with black hair and grey eyes. "And that is your father-in-law Ethan"

Axel's eyes roam on her body and dripping pussy. "I see our pet is very ready" He says in a deep voice.

"Yes, Now don't make her wait too much"

Celine stands aside as Ethan gets them married.

"I do"

"I do"

They both say.

Ethan continues, "Now the bride shall get on her knees and suck the groom's cock"

She immediately gets on her knees unzips his pants and his cock springs up.

"Look at her. She's so excited!" Celine says and the men chuckle.

She takes his veiny dick in her mouth and starts bobbing her head. Celine takes pictures of them. His dick almost chokes her as it grows in her mouth's warmth.

Axel groans and shoots his sperm down her throat which makes her cumm too. Her thighs are wet because of the cumm.

Her eyes roll back and Ethan pats her head.

"Good girl"

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