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I am the Universe


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What is I am the Universe

I am the Universe is a popular web novel written by the author Sailors_Den, covering LARGE WORLD BUILDING, REINCARNATION, REINCARNATED AS THE UNIVERSE, EVOLUTION OF THE UNIVERSE, 3 DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS, REALISTIC MAGIC, CULTIVATION AND SYSTEM, GALACTIC EMPIRES AND HISTORY, WAR-POLITICS-FACTIONS, SUSPENSE AND PSYCHOLOGICAL, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 43.9K readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 7 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


When I opened my consciousness, my whole being filled the whole universe itself. It was coiling under my hands. Existence as fragile as slipping sand. Its like painting, writing a book, or just making a video game, but easier. I am the cause and effect because I create the trillions of organism as they rise to power. One in three planets have life? Sounds interesting. The spiritual plane? Interesting. Reincarnation? Maybe. Everything was a creation of my imagination because it only took a though to create. Deities and guardians are little puppets under my fingers. Trillions arise within my hands like little sand grains. Magic and technology are at war, and I can see the little sparkles around space exploding. Magic systems yeah its all created within my mind space. Characters. How traumatized they are but yet I love how they grow with more power and different ambitions. This world is so rich thanks to them. Oh, there is an evil character, how interesting. This universe makes me feel like going inside of it and saying hello. Wait I can do that! ''Who are you!" ''I am the universe the father of your fathers!" I exclaim, as my eyes can crack the delicate spirits and my mouth can eat galaxies. This magical book is just the very beginning because there is much more within this universe. Join us to feel what is like to be the universe itself!

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Why 5 stars on the first chapter. Because i already feel the vibe and were it's going. I don't know if its original, but if it is then its a really interesting idea. Why do i give it 5 stars because i want to motivate this author not to give up from the amount of views, this can easily top up a few millions, if we where to compare many of does novels that are popular but not good. This is like a gem that has potential.


This is probably my first time giving 5 stars to one chapter. It flows nicely, the ideas are ambitious and to be honest, the way he explains the world building is stacking up to something that feels real. It feels real. Like he tries to make sense of magic and how it all works in the universe. Its fun to read about a main character who is a god and is creating existence. Its just fun.


If you like novels that are goes like, planets appear puff and they appear.. Water puff created by thinking of water. Then no you won't like this, everything is backed by a feeling of realism, and i feel like its going to keep going forward in that direction, as every creation is explained backed by his logical thinking. I think its going to be one of does novels, that explain things in detail how they work and function, slow paced but rich and detailed, mostly focused on world building and immersion.


Omg, yep love it. sooooooooo It may sound strange but because it just started, and saw some error mistakes i won't mind editing it for you, if you feel like it needs tiding up. Besides that, i don't give it 5 stars because i don't give a book with one chapter 5 stars that will be strange, on my view. Its good don't misunderstand I might change it to 5 stars if it gets more chapters and still is as interesting.


One last mention. I have planned ahead, so does who are loosing hope allow yourself to see whats next because I will be actively publishing chapters. My goal is for everything that is in my mind to be grained into this book. The next step is as easy as typing it. Thank you for does who are reading it, I hope you enjoy it


If you stop this novel or drop it then... Bad stuff.. I mean i know various novels that give in because there isn't much data views. But this, no, no, no, don't be like them


Easily a 5 star i just read it, and yeah. I am in for the ride. Number one it is well written, and has a very interesting concept. Number 2 I love how the author explains things, and how it all is moving. It's much more complex and deep then many wuxias and web-novels I read. I can already tell that this is for mature readers. He explain things in interesting way's like how the whole universe forms, and how it connects mana, and mana is like a mirror universe and there is going to be intelligent life forms who have no magic and magic life forms who aren't as intellectually stimulated. It already is going to a very good directions. I love how the universe is connected to him so the life forms evolves with him. Such as if they start feeling this emotions his starts feeling them as for now he is quite robotic. Probably one of the most interesting first chapters i have ever read on web-novel. The description is bad that's the only criticism, to be honest its way different. He or she might need to change it.. Your intelligence is learning from itself didn't make sense but sounded cool. Do i recommend it for one chapter and its potential 100% percent.


Premise is very unique, but grammar reads like a MTL and it’s dfficult to understand anything. Even without grammar my biggest fear is the protag starting to shift into a human mindset, or god forbid, stay in his human form. Also might just be the rough grammar but looks like he randomly got a system, and author started to randomly add words like Imaginination Points without context. The biggest reason it can hold a 3.4 star is the unique premise. Fix grammar and it can be a 4.5. Make protag act like a human and be all empathetic then it drops to a 2 star novel, even if the grammar is fixed. Hope you keep up the effort, if it impoves or gets worse I’ll post another review. -Novelizer


Reveal spoiler


Author of you stop this story then f u. I'm not being mean ok I love the story so far and I'm sure anyone who read is feeling the same so what I'm saying is that if you stop this you will be disappointing lots of people. Anyways good luck we all support you and keep making incredible work. And thx.


Okay i read the first chapter but now i just finished chapter 3. I was thinking where this was going to but oh boy. It had action, light comedy, weird but cool situations, world building in the get go. It started slow in the beginning but become fast paced. Do i recommend it. Well this time i am a fan of this, its just soooooooo sad that people don't know about it. There is things and stuff i dislike, an example is the beginning is to stretched and the second chapter is a little stretched and not as good.. The third and first chaps are epic easy call


For all does reading.. There will be various side characters.. One of them will be a villain that wants destruction domination... There will be various side characters who spice up the universe.. The god mc he is more like a watcher who makes things interesting, he is a MC but there will be others who are very important in the story.. The story will have anti heroes, heroes , as side characters who are crucial.. They will grow through the universe as the god of that universe makes things more interesting


Love the concept, the wording, the imagination and the effort. This book got me hooked from the beginning and now I cannot wait to read it all 😱 What a brilliant mind writer ✨


I read the all the way to 3 chapter the 4th chapter is just like a weird recap of everything. Anyways, wow. Everything is flowing, like the world buildings, the action, the cliff hangers. Like every ending leads to the next. Making me read more. If you like a novel that is philosophical and deep. Mature and tension wise, especially if you enjoy world building, then you are just like me, and will like this lol. It's different and most of all rich and dense, the two best words two describe the book since it hasn't really had its drama and emotional peaks etc. Rich and dense.


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Shameless author here. Thank you for the support i just uploaded this novel and have things planned for it in the future. For does who enjoy reading please up-vote or rate it because the more people see this the more can enjoy the galactic ride it brings.


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