8 Chapter 7

The next half hour was spent in a long conversation. Aya told Kenshin about herself, that her parents died when she was little, becoming victims of the third World War Shinobi. And although they usually tried not to touch civilians, but her parents moved in the same caravan with several Konoha Shinobi, and the whole caravan was cut out by a sabotage squad from Iwagakure.

Little Aya remained under the care of her grandparents. Her grandmother was a dressmaker, and taught the girl a craft. And her grandfather was a carpenter, and often worked in Konoha, from where he brought a lot of sweets and fascinating stories to his little granddaughter. Aya's grandmother died two years ago, and her grandfather died half a year ago, and the young girl was left an orphan.

After listening to the touching story of the girl, Kenshin pressed her closer to him, and hurried to calm her down, seeing two small paths of tears.

He conducted several experiments, revealing the degree of control over her, and found out that the girl's personality has not changed, but she is ready to fulfill any of his requests or orders. Horrified at the prospect of unknowingly harming the girl by saying something that would be perceived as an order, Kenshin discussed with her the main points of her submission, assuring her that she had the right to challenge his words or opinion, but was obliged to obey immediately if the tone of his voice became icy and as serious as possible. The young man decided that such methods of differentiation were the only thing that would help them maintain a semblance of a normal life.

While they were talking, the vegetable soup on the stove was finally ready, and the couple began to have breakfast. Kenshin made a memo to find at least a map of the area, and preferably the whole world. Unfortunately, the girl did not have such a house.

As soon as they ate, and Aya began to wash the dishes, there was a loud knock on the door, and an impatient shout: - Aya, open up! The old woman from the store blabbed that she saw you with some guy! Who is he? Open up, damn it!

Anger began to boil in Kenshin's chest, and he headed for the door, wearing only his pants without a shirt.

"Get lost, Aya is busy and doesn't want to see you."

Kenshin said as he opened the door and saw a fat man with a sweaty face in front of him. He only opened his mouth in shock, and froze with his hand raised for the next knock.

Kaito shouted, and made an attempt to step inside, but got punched in the nose, and took a few steps back, falling off the porch on his ass.

The fat man stared at Kenshin in shock, unable to utter a word, blood was flowing from his broken nose, flowing down his lips and chin.

"You... you! You're finished! Do you know who you hit?! Just wait, you and that whore will regret everything!"

Kaito shouted angrily, and when he saw Kenshin heading towards him, he quickly jumped to his feet and ran away at full speed in a random direction.

"Damn, that's just not enough..."

Kenshin muttered with a sigh, going back into the house and closing the door behind him. He realized that the plans for moving should be accelerated to the maximum, and entering the kitchen, he told Aya to get ready for the road.

The girl did not resist this decision in any way, and only asked where and for how long. Kenshin said that forever, and told her to pack light things, and he began to load the bags with a small amount of provisions, literally for a few days, but he collected all the salt and spices, not forgetting to grab a first aid kit.

He understood that he would certainly forget something valuable, but there was simply no time. He terribly did not want to be the "incompetent patriarch" who would be beaten to death by a few ordinary people. He did not consider himself super-strong, and he sensibly assessed his chances against a bunch of people with homemade weapons, even if they were.

Half an hour later, Kenshin and Aya finished collecting two large shoulder bags of things, and slipped out of the house unnoticed, leaving through the backyard in an "unknown direction".

Half an hour later, the door of Aya's house was knocked out, and five gang-looking men broke in. Breaking the whole house, they began to ask the neighbors, but they never found any clues about where the young girl suddenly went, and the "spy of the enemy village" who took the poor girl hostage, brainwashed her, and abused her. That's how Kaito filed this story, wanting to find an excuse for future reprisals.


Once outside the village, Kenshin stopped and asked Aya: - Is there a difficult-to-access uninhabited area somewhere nearby? The more inaccessible, the better!

The girl thought for a few seconds, and said: - Mmm, there is a large forest to the east of the village, which grows into large and impassable mountains, but it takes several hours to walk to the forest...

"Great, that's what you need! Lead on."

The young man replied enthusiastically, pleased with at least such a small success.

The young man and the girl headed in the right direction, carrying large bags of things, but fortunately, they never caught anyone's eye. After three hours of walking, they approached the forest, and sat down to rest in the forest thicket. Kenshin blamed himself for not taking more water on the road. The wineskin he took with him was practically empty, and the nearest mountain was still two hours away.

He was very surprised when Aya said that she did not know about the existence of plastic bottles or technologies like a TV or refrigerator. He wondered why the anime he watched in his teenage years was so different from reality.

"Maybe Kishimoto somehow got knowledge from this world, or was able to see its history, and already added technologies known to our world himself? Or maybe this world is not real, and I got into a fictional world by someone's evil will... or maybe I'm dreaming, and I'm dreaming everything... Or maybe ..."

Without completing the thought, Kenshin interrupted his thoughts, deciding not to fill his head with nonsense.

Kenshin pulled Aya to him, and began to rest, sitting with his back against a large tree. He felt that this young beauty was able to give a boost of energy with her presence alone, and he loved hugging her insanely much, inhaling her delicate floral fragrance, and caressing her small fragile body. The girl purred softly, and completely surrendered to the loving embrace of her man.

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