I Am The Anti-Mage
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I Am The Anti-Mage


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What is I Am The Anti-Mage

I Am The Anti-Mage is a popular web novel written by the author Phantomfiend, covering ADVENTURE, MALE PROTAGONIST, ACTION, FANTASY, MAGIC, WEAK TO STRONG, MAGE, DUNGEONS, HUNTERS, RANKER, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 78.3K readers with an average rating of 4.74/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 28 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Kim Ji-woo is back to his original world, but only to see everything is changed. Where Hunters with various magical powers fight monsters that come out from the Portal Gate. However, a soul that makes him to be different from other hunters, setting him on a course for an incredible and often times perilous Journey. Follow Kim Ji-woo as he embarks on an adventure to become an unparalleled existence through his curse into a blessing - the one and only in the dungeons world! ======================================= This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Hello, Shameless Author here. This is My 2nd Story and I learn a lot from the predecessor. I really like dungeon a lot, since I like play game, either Adventure or RPG one. So this not difficult or easy than the first one. [img=coins] Before write the story, I create the complete rough outline for I Am The Anti-Mage. Like what happen on early stage, how the MC at middle of the stage or how MC fight for the Later stage. What MC enemy, What MC fighting for, What power did MC have. What MC turning point, or MC key point, MC stepping stone and etc. But even though I have the complete rough outline, it didn't mean I have the complete story, I just lay a foundation for this story can be finished. The only thing that stopping me from update the chapter is whether I'm to lazy or I'm not in the front of my PC. [img=recommend]


I can't help, to just write another shameless review to put an information. I am very open for a suggestion, you critic me too. But don't judge a novel that yet has complete, because your critic might be answered by a chapter in the future. You can share you opinion and though about this novel, but don't judge everything from just a mere few chapter. IF there something you didn't like or something you didn't understand or know the meaning. Please use paragraph comment on the sentence, I might tell you something as long as is not a spoiler. Who knows, something that not likeable might changed in the future chapter. something you didn't understand and don't know, might be explained and revealed in the future chapter too. The only one that know how this novel/story will progress is me, the one and only author of this. I can't just make a novel/story and dump all the information and explanation in one breath. It need to take step by step. If everything already shared and explained at the very first chapter, what the use of 2nd chapter, 3rd chapter and etc.


This is a solo leveling type of genre. It has a good plot. There an unnoticeable grammatical error but there’s nothing to worry about. The author has a good job of putting a definition for layman term. Looking forward for more chaps


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it reads like your typical Korean returnee story except with terrible spelling. not really sure if this is a half ass translation or what. it is barely above a MTL . read 8f you're bored ....


Awesome story to be honest! The plot i so interesting and quite breath taking. I like the way you write, it really intrigues the reader as it really captures the background for ones imagination! I like the main characters as well, and the descriptions are very well-written!


You’re world-building is amazing, it really gives me a picture of what kind of world you are building. Your story is interesting with a good pace that is seems like it is fast, but in reality, it is not. I also like that you give translations on what some people would be confused on. I enjoy when authors give translations(whether it is for language, phrases/sayings, or something they made up). You do have grammar mistakes in the way some words are worded and punctuation problems. But it does not take from the story at all. Keep up the good work!


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Interesting story, great combat descriptions and realistic characters. I like the world that the author is creating so far, with multiple dimensions and the paths in between. The government officials are realistic too, haha. The story flows nicely, with a good balance between description and action. Keep writing, Author!


I see this book is for a contest. it's a fantasy based story which is very interesting. The book cover on its own really did create a reading impression for the reader and the promise it made wasn't a disappointment at all. The language is well relatable. Weldon.


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Wow!!! What can I say... a nod to your imagination. You've successfully created a different reality. The plot is captivating! The characters are interesting. I wish I could have more free time to follow all the novels I started to read ;)


Ok. I gave a 5-star review to motivate the author and also because it is rare for a novel to not be brain-dead. However, this novel has its own flaws... I will list them so that potential readers can determine it accurately. 1) It's too similar to Solo Levelling. 2) He prioritised his family over his sworn brother. This to me is a no-no because his sister is shit. Only his father and mother were good. Even then a person should not try to weigh between two precious persons, especially if they are both dead. Because it demeans their efforts and emotions they invested towards the MC. 3) So there was this dungeon. Monsters collaborated with each other quickly and killed a lot of hunters. MC lost his equipments as well as magic stones. Then when the guild didn't reward payments, he expressed his understandings. Then in the next chapter, he mocked them for not giving him payments. So, let me ask... Is his payment > human lives? Moreover, yes he saved them but he did not saved them perfectly. He just saved them on a whim and it resulted in some deaths. If only he had put efforts to save them from the start, none of them would have died. Moreover, he was a freaking general in his previous life. I doubt he is incapable of hiding his own power while saving them no? 4) The title is "Anti-Mage" but there is no detailed concept of Magic system. Moreover, he has this cursed mana. Although the novel tries to portray it as a curse, I only see it as unfair cheat that is biased against magic user. For example, if there is a mage god who is the peak of magical existences, is he supposed to fall flat because MC has the cursed mana? It feels like a lazy writing or wish fulfillment. Magic and Anti-Magic should be equavalent, not one greater than others. With that, I have said my piece. I support the author but not the work and hope the work can be improved.


I really love your book. The world throws you right in not letting you out till the end. The character development is great and I really like your writing style. In just a few cases there was some misspelling.


Would definitely follow this story and would definitely recommend it. 👍 Reading through it came naturally easy because it's quite engaging and interesting. Great work, author.


The nostalgia when reading this book is quite lovely. The background of this book and the plot intrigues me. I want to find out more. [img=recommend]


I felt nostalgic reading your book. It feels good reading your novel. Unfortunately, the chapters are still few. Looking forward to your work!


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