8 I Will Make the Decision In My Territory

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Hearing Granny Li say this, Ji Wuxia's heart trembled as she also felt that something was wrong.

"It does seem to be the case. We seem to still be at the foot of the mountain, but the problem is that I was actually unable to sense it just now. It was as if everything was normal."

The two of them looked at each other and had an idea.

They were trapped in the array formation.

A moment later, Granny Li's eyes were filled with seriousness.

"Logically speaking, even an ordinary person would be able to see through such a simple situation with a single glance. However, I actually spent half a day trying to figure out the mystery behind this! Not only that, the princess only noticed this situation after I gave her some pointers. Not only is this place able to confuse people, but it's also… also able to affect mental strength and thoughts. What a powerful illusion formation!"

Ji Wuxia's expression was also somewhat solemn.

"Looks like we've underestimated this peak master of Zhishui Peak. However, this also means that there might indeed be a huge opportunity hidden on Zhishui Peak."

"Very good."

Granny Li nodded and said, "Princess, retreat to the side. Wait for me to attack and break this illusion array."


Ji Wuxia retreated to the side. Granny Li shouted lightly and circulated her cultivation technique. In an instant, the surrounding spirit energy surged and was crazily absorbed into her body.

Then, with a soft shout, she struck out with one palm.

"Mountain Splitting Palm! Hah!"

With a palm strike, a violent wind like a dragon tore the surrounding air, emitting an ear-piercing whistle.

If this palm landed on the ground, without much judgment, it would definitely be able to shatter the rocks in a radius of 100 meters.


The palm wind did not do anything at all.

It was as if it had silently fused into the air, never existing at all.


Their pupils constricted as a cold aura surged from their feet to their heads.

Was this an illusion formation?

Could it be that this had already surpassed the scope of the illusion array? The other party could even directly digest an attack?

In fact, the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation was indeed not an illusionary formation. It condensed the power of the eight trigrams and transformed it into earth, water, wind, and fire. As long as one entered it, they would be directly sealed in place.

Be it movement or attack, they would all be sealed in this small world. Their strength was not enough to surpass the array formation, so they were unable to escape at all.

Granny Li wiped the cold sweat from her forehead and forced herself to calm down.

"Princess, don't be afraid. No matter how powerful this array formation is, it's only the Heaven Demon Sect's array formation. Among the Heaven Demon Sect, the strongest is only at the Shattering Void Realm. How can it be compared to our grand Zhou Empire's Purple Peace Imperial Palace? I will definitely be able to break this array formation."

"Good luck, Granny Li."

After a while, Granny Li's face was as pale as wax.

Ji Wuxia also had a look of despair.

Nothing worked.

Be it attack or escape, even if Granny Li used the secret escape technique of Purple Peace Imperial Palace, she was still unable to escape from this array formation.

What was even more terrifying was that she was unable to use the secret treasure her father had gifted her to send a message and ask for his help.

They had been completely trapped in this small world.

If they had known that this array formation was so terrifying, they wouldn't have dared to casually enter.

Just as they were in despair, an unfamiliar voice sounded from the mountain.

"Are you done playing?"

The two of them were stunned and looked up towards the voice. They saw Lu Xiaoran walk over with his hands behind his back.


The two of them trembled, and their eyes revealed dense shock and vigilance.

This array formation was so powerful that even a grand Creation Realm expert like Granny Li was unable to break through it. Yet, Lu Xiaoran could actually walk freely in the array formation!

"Princess, be careful. This person's cultivation is extremely powerful."

Granny Li protected Ji Wuxia behind her and Lu Xiaoran had already arrived.

"What do you want to do?"

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over her and looked at Ji Wuxia behind her.

"You came to my territory and asked me what I wanted to do?"

"Don't be rash. We only trespassed here by accident. Moreover, we're from the Great Zhou's Purple Peace Imperial Palace. If you dare to touch a single hair of ours, you won't be able to bear the consequences."

Granny Li berated angrily. Lu Xiaoran frowned and slapped her.


The huge palm force directly sent Granny Li flying and smashed fiercely onto a huge rock not far away, shattering it.

Lu Xiaoran hated wasting time. He would waste his breath if the matter could be resolved with a slap.

"Granny Li."

Ji Wuxia exclaimed and immediately cupped his hands towards Lu Xiaoran.

"Senior, the two of us have offended you. Senior, please be magnanimous. I'm willing to compensate you."

Lu Xiaoran's expression was calm. This girl's temper was not bad. However, he had to show her something and let her know how powerful he was.

Otherwise, she might not be willing to take him as her master later.

"Make your move."


Ji Wuxia was stunned and was somewhat puzzled.

Lu Xiaoran's words sounded again.

"Do what I told you to or I'll kill you."

"Then… then please excuse me for my offenses."

Ji Wuxia hesitated for a moment, gritted her teeth, and took out a mid-grade Heaven Realm sword. With a cold flash, she prepared to stab Lu Xiaoran.


Lu Xiaoran only used two fingers to easily grab the tip of her sword.

This move was naturally within Ji Wuxia's expectations.

Since Lu Xiaoran was able to instantly defeat a Creation Realm expert like Granny Li, it was naturally impossible for h4er, a mere Spirit Realm expert, to easily injure him.

Therefore, the moment Lu Xiaoran grabbed the tip of the sword, Ji Wuxia also suddenly took out a medicinal pill covered in blue runes from her storage bag.


After crushing the medicinal pill, an electric arc appeared, instantly causing the surrounding lightning to explode.

Lightning filled the area within a hundred meters. Booms sounded like the roars of birds.

This was a protective Dharma treasure that only the princes and princesses of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace would have—a high-grade Heaven Realm Thunder Pill.

Once it was crushed, it would unleash a full-power attack that was comparable to the peak of the Essence Realm within a hundred meters.

This attack should be enough to cause fatal damage to Lu Xiaoran, right?

However, before the lightning dissipated, Ji Wuxia heard the other party's voice again.

"Tsk tsk, a high-grade Heaven Realm Lightning Shock Pill. As expected of the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace."


Ji Wuxia's pupils constricted, and the hair on his entire body stood on end.

"How… how is this possible?"

Even the Lightning Shock Pill could not injure the other party. Just how powerful was this person?

Wasn't this the Heaven Demon Sect?

Wasn't the strongest expert of the Heaven Demon Sect only at the Shattering Void Realm?

The other party was actually able to resist a full-power attack comparable to a peak-level Essence Realm expert?

In fact, in this array formation, unless one had the strength to break the array formation, it was simply a fool's dream to injure Lu Xiaoran.

A moment later, the lightning completely dissipated, and Lu Xiaoran's figure appeared in her eyes again.

He was completely unharmed.

Ji Wuxia completely collapsed.

In the next second, before she could react, Lu Xiaoran raised his middle finger and knocked her little head.

"My turn."


A huge force landed on her head, making Ji Wuxia's eyes turn white before she fainted.

Lu Xiaoran was stunned and touched his nose awkwardly.

"I just broke through two realms in a row. My strength has become too much. I couldn't control my strength for a moment."

After a pause, he shook his head again.

"Forget it. I can't let her become my disciple in this array anyway. I'll bring her back first."

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran wrapped his arm around Ji Wuxia's waist. Just as he was about to leave, he swept his gaze over to Granny Li who was not far away. His large hand reached out, grabbed Granny Li's shoulder, and flew up the mountain.

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