1 This is Prologue!!!

"So I am dead?"



Shinji currently staring at the reflection of himself in a mirror in full disbelief.

"I really was transmigrated!"

At first, Shinji was panicking because awakening in an unknown room, only to hit by massive headaches. That headache was the memory of the body, thanks to that now Shinji have two sets of memories.

The memories of his past life, and the memories of Shinji Matou. Shinji can recall his past life clearly but somehow no matter how hard he tries, Shinji can't remember his past life name.

"Why I can't remember my past life name?" Shinji rubbed his head thanks to the headache of assimilating two sets of memories.

"Anyway, I have more important problems…"

"From all character that I can be transmigrated why it has to be Shinji Matou?!" Shinji said in despair "Shinji literally one of the most hated, butt-monkey, starter villain, talentless packed in a single character!"

For the one who didn't know, Shinji Matou was the starter antagonist in Fate/Stay Night, Shinji was born in prestigious Noble Magus family, have an OP immortal grandpa and cute adopted little sister, he lost both of his parents when he still young and even though, he from noble magus family he is talentless in Magecraft.

Have you noticed it? Shinji background was 100% Main Character material! If this is a cultivation novel all that left is for Shinji to find his cheat and began the journey of face smacking. Sadly Shinji main character material was not enough. The MC of Fate/Stay Night of this world has a better main character material than him.

Currently, Shinji was still 13 years old, that means the Fate/Stay Night plot will happen in 3 or 4 years.

As someone that can't use Magecraft Shinji truly fucked up, in the canon Shinji fate was truly pitiful, in Fate route, Shinji dies, UBW route he got fate worse than death, and finally in Heaven Feel route he dies again. Worse of all, Shinji kinda deserving it and no amount characterization can stop the fans from hating him.

Shinji was truly a useless piece of trash…

Heck, if you play FGO all CE with Shinji in the picture was 99% useless most of the time reinforcing the fact that he was useless.

"What should I do?"

Taking a deep breath Shinji start to calming himself.

"I have to calm down" Shinji takes a deep breath again "the current me still not committed any canon Shinji atrocities, except being an egoistic prideful asshole"

"I can still make my own happy ending! Screw canon!" Shinji looking around the room "but first I have to find some way to use magecraft, without that I will really defenseless!"

"Well, maybe I can just use firearm but acquiring and hiding it from Zouken will become a hassle, afterall if I am not wrong, Japan has a very strict law about firearm"

Suddenly Shinji feels a tug in his mind…

"Hmm, what is this strange feeling?" Shinji muttered, "why is my head feel funny?"

Knock.Knock.Knock. Someone knocked on the door. With that the feeling was gone…breaking Shinji out of his stupor


"Nisan its time for breakfast!" Sakura voice can be heard through the door

'Ah shit, I totally forgot about school…'


On the way to the school, Shinji keeps sneaking a glance at Sakura Matou

Shinji feeling toward Sakura Matou was complicated, on one hand, she was one of the various waifu in his past life, on the other hand, she is hated existence thanks to Shinji memory influence especially after knowing that Sakura was a ticking time walking world-destroying bomb.

Shinji past life moral wants to save her, but Shinji current moral just saying to kill her and done with it, Sakura canon self-killing him really makes Shinji angry. It seems even though Shinji was not a magus, after spending a long time with Zouken his moral compass got a little screwed.

'Damn why I can easily be influenced by original Shinji memory?!' Shinji stressed at his mind problem 'those fanfics MC never have this kind of problem!'

Meanwhile Sakura…

'Nisan seems different today! He was kinder than usual he even praised my cooking! Nisan never do that before! Will something good happens soon?'

Back to Shinji…

Once more Shinji feels a tug in his mind

'What is this?' Shinji rubs his head 'My head feels funny…its the same feeling before Sakura calls me for breakfast…'

"Nisan we arrived!"

Once more Shinji was awakened from his trance…and finally noticed that he already in front of the school gate.

'That feeling in my mind, I will check about it after school' Shinji thought 'if I am right that feeling on my mind was my transmigration cheat!'


The school was boring as hell…thanks to Shinji memories and mind, and his past life experience Shinji can literally skip grade…The only reason why Shinji didn't do that was because Shinji didn't want attention. Afterall magus was a secretive bunch.

Even though with Shinji egoistic attitude he already gaining attention as a as*hole pl*boy.

Heck, the only one that Shinji can call a genuine friend was only Shirou Emiya. The Fate/Stay Night MC

For the one who didn't know Shirou Emiya was the mc of Fate/Stay Night, he lost his family and memories in a supernatural fire accident more known as Fuyuki Fire. After that he was adopted by Magical Assassin that teaching him basic Magecraft, the magical assassin already passes away years ago and he also has an adopted little(big) sister that of course that the magical assassin conveniently forgot to mention.

He also a heroic suicidal idiot that has a cheat planted in his body that giving him passive minor regeneration, that, of course, as a proper MC he didn't know.

Shinji stared at Shirou that sitting in the infamous Main Character seat beside the window.

"Is there anything wrong Shinji?" Shirou asked "you keep staring at me weirdly"

"Nah, I was just in deep thought" Shinji answered

According to Shinji memories Shirou no matter at what circumstances always gets the MC seat. Not that anyone aware of that.

'It seems his fate as MC already decided long ago' Shinji thought 'my past life memories telling me to just let the plot happen but my memories of Shinji telling to me to help him!'

Normally as someone with a magus mindset helping someone without payment was impossible, but because his past life has access to Shinji memories the opposite is also true! With that Shinji memories have an access to the meta-knowledge!

And with that Shinji knows that Shirou was a genuine friend! The Shinji before always suspicious of Shirou true nature because there is no way someone can be that selfless! But thanks to the meta-knowledge all of that suspicious feeling goes down in the drain!

Of course the fact Shirou canon self never killing Shinji and easy to manipulate help!

'What should I do? Should I help him? Or just let him grow into his canon self?'

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