43 Women Are Like Water. What a Good Imagery

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"I refined the First Essence Heavy Water?"

Shen Tian was stunned before his expression changed drastically.

A strong sense of hunger and emptiness surged through his entire body.

At that moment, he felt as though his body had been emptied.

"Something's wrong. That thing is absorbing my essence!"

Shen Tian clutched his kidney, feeling the essence energy in his body rapidly depleting.

A powerful suction force erupted from his kidney as it crazily absorbed energy.

F*ck, it's said that women are like water. What a good imagery.

While Shen Tian was cursing in his heart, he quickly took out a large amount of Spirit Stones from the Archeon Sea Ring.

The so-called refinement of essence energy into Qi meant that essence energy and Spirit Qi were actually two convertible types of energy.

However, the purity of Spirit Qi was higher than that of ordinary essence energy.

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