10 How Could You Not Assault Her!

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Little Spirit Fairy—a drop-dead gorgeous beauty and graceful like a fairy.

Little Spirit Fairy's image was engraved in everyone's hearts. She was perfect and nobody should have improper thoughts toward her.

Everyone reluctantly looked at Little Spirit Fairy's departing back. They seemed just like those fans in Shen Tian's previous life—devout and obsessed.

"Little Spirit Fairy has left again. My love has left me too."

"Wake up, you have no love."

"What did Little Spirit Fairy say just now? She seemed to have said that there are plenty of fortuitous encounters in Sky Spirit Pavilion?"

"Little Spirit Fairy has learned the divine skill, Ore Piercing Eyes, and she is able to see through all ores. Since she said that there are good ores in the Sky Spirit Pavilion, then there definitely will be!"

"Brothers, it's our chance to get rich!"

"I think that gold Spirit Ore looks quite good. It has an exquisite shape and seems to be glowing. There's definitely a great treasure inside!"

"I think that green one is better! It has a peculiar shape, like a fairy hugging a Guqin1. Maybe, a Heaven Immortal might even appear from within!"

"Don't snatch! Mine, they're all mine!"

At that moment, the whole Sky Spirit Pavilion's business was flourishing.

Meanwhile, Shopkeeper Song's face, which was originally dark, had become slightly better.

Shen Tian had a silly look as he reluctantly stared at the direction Little Spirit Fairy had left.

It was not that he could not bear for Little Spirit Fairy to leave. He felt uneasy as he still had not figured out what was going on.

The ill-starred 13th Prince's only hope of changing his destiny was to freeload the fortuitous opportunities of those blessed by providence.

Unexpectedly, Shen Tian encountered someone whose fortuitous opportunity he could not check. Thus, he felt that she was a variable and such a change made Shen Tian feel extremely insecure!

"Your Highness, if you really like her, then go and court her!"

"That's right, Your Highness. Little Spirit Fairy is the one most suitable for you, don't let yourself regret it!"

Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao had noticed that Shen Tian's face was full of reluctance, so they both urged Shen Tian.

Shen Tian said indifferently, "Don't you know I am Country of Fire's 13th Prince? How could I stalk a girl!?"

Eunuch Gui whispered, "Your Highness, I saw someone sneakily chase after Little Spirit Fairy just now. That person did not look like someone good."

What!? Someone is sneakily following Little Spirit Fairy with bad intentions?

Once Shen Tian heard what Eunuch Gui had said, he was instantly filled with excitement.

Logically speaking, when shameless scoundrels were stalking a gorgeous beauty with bad intentions, she would be saved by the brave male lead, who would happen to be passing by. The beauty would be filled with gratitude and promise to marry the male lead to repay him.

Wasn't that the most commonly seen and classic plot in novels!?

Shen Tian had actually encountered such a plot—he was simply too lucky!

Since the villain and the beauty had already appeared, then the male lead would also appear shortly. The male lead would definitely be someone blessed by providence!

As long as Shen Tian could become friends with that providence-blessed someone, he believed that he would quickly encounter another fortuitous opportunity that could improve his halo's color.

Shen Tian was in a pleasant mood just from imagining this scenario!

Eunuch Gui looked at the smiling Shen Tian and could not help but remind him, "Your Highness, you won't be able to make it if you don't chase her now."

Shen Tian pulled himself together, and hurriedly said, "Let's go. We need to chase after them!"

Concubine Lan had taught Eunuch Gui the basic cultivation technique in the past, so his original realm had been at the 5th Firmament of Qi Refinement.

After starting to train in Demon Book of Hyuga, he had improved greatly, and within just three days, he had broken through to the 7th Firmament of Qi Refinement.

Coupled with the tracking mystic technique recorded within Demon Book of Hyuga, the three of them quickly chased after Little Spirit Fairy.

At that moment, Little Spirit Fairy had already left Myriad Spirit Garden and arrived at a remote alley.

She stood within the alley silently and said calmly, "Come out!"


Suddenly, a person landed from the sky in front of Little Spirit Fairy.

He smiled and said, "Little Spirit Fairy, hand it to me!"

Indeed, it was extortion.

Qin Gao was impatient, so he asked quietly, "Your Highness, should we make a move?"

Shen Tian said calmly, "Fool."

"That's right, you're a fool." Eunuch Gui pulled Qin Gao back and explained softly, "Use your brain. That fellow is only robbing her, not assaulting her yet.

"If His Highness helps her now, at most, he will get a 'you're such a nice guy'.

"Little Spirit Fairy is very pretty, and that scoundrel will want to do more things than just rob her. At that point, we will make a move.

"The hero saves the beauty. His Highness is so handsome, how could that beauty not fall for him?

"I'm right, aren't I, Your Highness?"

After listening to Eunuch Gui's explanation, Qin Gao could not help but admire him with all his heart.

"Such a perfect plan! Your Highness, you're indeed very clever!"

Shen Tian rolled his eyes.

What nonsense! The reason why we have not made a move is simple—the male lead has yet to appear!

Shen Tian wanted to befriend that mysterious providence-blessed male lead, so he would wait for him to appear and save the beauty before he came out to help.

Then, since they would have been through thick and thin together, they would become close friends. Thus, it would be more convenient for Shen Tian to freeload his fortuitous opportunities in the future.

If Shen Tian helped her now and chased away the villain, the male lead might feel that there was no need to appear.

What if the male lead just directly left?

"Wait, let's wait for a while more!"

The three of them leaned on the rooftop and silently looked at that scoundrel extorting Little Spirit Fairy.

After Little Spirit Fairy saw that scoundrel blocking her way, she sighed and slowly untied the money pouch on her waist.

"Can't you leave some for me?"

The scoundrel smirked. "Of course! If you're willing to be my partner, then I can even let you have this whole bag of Spirit Stones!"

It appeared!

The legendary scene of assaulting a beauty!

Eunuch Gui was extremely excited. "Your Highness, we can make our move now!"

It's been 16 years! His Highness has finally grown up and become interested in girls.

As long as His Highness successfully saves Little Spirit Fairy and captures her heart, he will be able to continue the family line.

By then, Concubine Lan would be happy and be able to rest in peace.

Qin Gao was also extremely excited. "Your Highness, let's make a move!"

"Wait, let's wait for a while more!" Shen Tian was not in a hurry, he said calmly, "It's still not the time now."

That male lead has yet to appear!

At the other side…

When Little Spirit Fairy heard what the scoundrel said, her face instantly darkened. "Impossible, dream on!"

After that remark, she directly threw the pouch at the scoundrel and turned to leave.

Surprisingly, that scoundrel did not chase her.

Eunuch Gui panicked. "How can he not chase her!? Your Highness, we must make a move now. If we don't save her now, then Miss Little Spirit Fairy will leave."

It was already rare for the 13th Prince to encounter such a perfect opportunity, so how could he fumble the ball at such a crucial moment?

Eunuch Gui's heart was aching at Shen Tian's lack of action.

Shen Tian was also heart-broken—this was not the expected plot!

Logically, the scoundrel should have stopped Little Spirit Fairy with a lustful smile and prepared to assault her. Then, the male lead would appear at the right moment!

How could that villain be so dignified and even ask if Little Spirit Fairy would agree before wanting to assault her?

If she does not agree, you will not assault her?

Chase up to her and bully her, assault her, and possess her!

Where is your professionalism as a villain?

If you're so easy to talk to as a villain, how can the male lead become the hero that saves the beauty?

It's simply too disappointing!

Little Spirit Fairy walked further and further away, and she was almost out of the alley.

Shen Tian sighed. There was no other choice; he could only make a move himself…

Although the providence-blessed male lead had not appeared, Little Spirit Fairy was also someone with a red halo.

If he saved her now, then conveniently, he could also become friends with Little Spirit Fairy. He might be able to freeload Little Spirit Fairy's fortuitous opportunities. That was better than nothing!

After he made his decision, Shen Tian shouted loudly, "Scoundrel, how bold of you to dare to try and rob such a kind and beautiful woman in broad daylight!?"

Shen Tian took a deep breath and abruptly jumped down from the rooftop, landing in front of Little Spirit Fairy.


Ah, darn it, who threw the banana skin!?

How could that person be so inconsiderate!?

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