1 Fear

I don't remember grabbing the knife. I don't remember slamming him against the wall or pinning the knife against his throat. I just remember the blazing rage that swallowed me and how good it felt.

"Do it." A raspy voice said.

I snapped out of my blind rage and looked at him. And he was just standing there, pressed against the wall, knife to his throat, and he was grinning in that insufferable way he does. It just made me angrier, I applied pressure and watched as a thin stream of blood dropped down his throat. For the first time, for a fraction of a second, there was fear in his eyes, he was afraid. He was afraid of me and what I could do, I could do anything I wanted and he was terrified. I reveled in his fear. I. Had. Power.

"Do it." He said again.

I cocked my head to the side and a sinister grin spread on my face, beneath the knife I felt him swallow hard.

"I don't think I will." I said.

"Because you're a coward?" He smiled slightly.

"No." I locked eyes with him and his smile vanished instantly.

"No, because I can use you anyway I choose and you're afraid of what I could do to you if you say no."

Behind me I heard the faint growls of my children, his eyes flicked to the darkness behind me, he heard it too. He licked his lips,

"Who are you?"

I placed my long nails over his heart,

"I'm the dragon queen, and you killed one of my children, bastard." I ripped out his heart.