25 Five-minute Battle! (II)

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This was Lin Yuan's only grade-one Black Gold Stone, and it was extremely expensive.

However, in terms of lethality, it was ranked first among all of Lin Yuan's grade-one spirit stones.

The completion of the "Mechanized Crossbow" was extremely difficult. Its semi-automatic assembly structure required a martial artist to control multiple types of spirit stone mechanical energy at the same time to complete the assembly.

What directly increased the power of the Mechanized Crossbow was the bolt.

Lin Yuan had tried it before. The mechanical energy of this grade-one Black Gold Stone could only condense five bolts at most!

In just one or two seconds, Lin Yuan's counterattack had already arrived.

A black gold bolt had already been placed on the Mechanized Crossbow's "arrow path"!

Lin Yuan's mechanical spirit energy crazily poured into it. The Mechanized Crossbow's bowstring was pulled open, and the silver-gray light on the Mechanized Crossbow became even brighter!



As Lin Yuan released it, a dark-gold light pierced through the fighting ring and shot toward Zhou Tianyuan's eyes at an astonishing speed!

The examinees watching the battle below the fighting ring were completely dumbfounded.


"He can still counterattack!"

"He's too strong..."

Even if they were below the fighting ring, they could feel how strong Lin Yuan's attack was.

This guy could actually counterattack at this time?

Lin Yuan's mind was extremely calm.

When he shot out this strongest black gold bolt, he had already begun to predict Zhou Tianyuan's movements in advance and complete the battle plan!

"Elementary Ice Wall."

"There shouldn't be any gaps in the front."

"Then the gaps are only..."


Sensing this black-gold bolt with extraordinary spirit energy fluctuations, Zhou Tianyuan's eyes gradually lit up.

The power of this black-gold bolt had completely surpassed the attack range of a level two martial artist.

The release method of this mechanical-type spirit skill was extremely special, and the angle was extremely tricky!

It went straight for Zhou Tianyuan's eyes!

"Not bad."

Zhou Tianyuan gradually became excited. The young man's combat ability had completely exceeded his expectations.

The black-gold bolt shot straight at Zhou Tianyuan's face, but it was simply impossible to defeat a level 3 martial artist with just a black-gold bolt.

Ice-type spirit energy condensed, and the spirit skill Elementary Ice Wall was released.

A small ice wall instantly condensed in front of Zhou Tianyuan!



The black-gold bolt shot into the ice wall. Even the ice wall released by a level three martial artist had spider-web-like cracks. One could imagine how powerful the bolt was.

The moment the cracks spread, Zhou Tianyuan temporarily lost Lin Yuan in his vision.

"Now is the time!"

Lin Yuan's eyes lit up.

A white spear quickly condensed in his right hand. The tip of the spear stabbed into the ground heavily. The entire white spear showed amazing elasticity.

The kinetic energy was converted into elastic potential energy, helping Lin Yuan to fly in the air in a way that was close to the pole vault!



The brothers who were preparing for the battle below the stage gradually raised their heads to look at the sky along with Lin Yuan's posture.

Their mouths slightly widened, and all of their exclamations were stuck in their throats.


The mechanical energy used for this long white spear came from grade-one Dolomite.

The grade-one Dolomite was usually used to make weapons, but most of the time, it was used to make the spear barrel of a "bouncing spear". It was very flexible.

When facing a level three martial artist, Lin Yuan set his target above Zhou Tianyuan when he couldn't attack him from the front!

When the ice wall in front of Zhou Tianyuan disappeared, Lin Yuan had completely disappeared from Zhou Tianyuan's field of vision.


The reaction and perception of a level three martial artist far surpassed level two martial artists.

However, when Zhou Tianyuan raised his head, the Mechanized Crossbow in Lin Yuan's hand had already shot out colorful bolts again!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lin Yuan raised his combat ability to the maximum and released it completely without holding back.

Bolts of different power fell from the sky one after another, and their momentum reached the maximum under the acceleration!

Zhou Tianyuan had no choice but to activate his ice-type defensive spirit skill, Ice Wall!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the continuous bolts hit the ice wall released by Zhou Tianyuan, Lin Yuan's figure also fell from the sky gracefully, and he pounced on Zhou Tianyuan like a hungry wolf pouncing on its prey.

The continuous shooting of the Mechanized Crossbow was still a feint.

The most important tactical goal was to decrease the distance between Zhou Tianyuan without causing any injury!

"Even if he's a level three martial artist."

"He can't condense two spirit skills at the same time."

"Since I can't dodge it, I won't let you attack me!"


"He is getting close!"

"Lin Yuan is getting close!"

"Is the examiner being suppressed?"

"Is that Lin Yuan?"

Some of the passing examinees stopped by when they saw Lin Yuan bombarding Zhou Tianyuan.

There was only shock in their eyes when they saw the situation between them.

Since Lin Yuan launched his counterattack, he had started a three-minute countdown in his heart.

Even without looking at the timer beside the fighting ring, Lin Yuan could roughly estimate the time.

All the examinees with ten meridians knew very well that they could not win against a level three martial artist.

However, only Lin Yuan had been thinking about how to restrict his opponent!

The overall speed of a level three martial artist was more superior to a level two martial artist.

If he kept dodging and defending, as long as a level three martial artist was slightly stronger, Lin Yuan would definitely lose.

The first three gates opened by Zhou Tianyuan were "xiumen", "dumen", and "jingmen".

He did not choose "shangmen" which would increase his spirit energy and control, or "kaimen" which would increase his perception and mental power.

This also meant that the examiner in front of him, Zhou Tianyuan, could not release two different complete spirit skills at the same time.

As long as he released the Elementary Ice Wall, it meant that he could not release offensive spirit skills.

Then the pressure and threat that Lin Yuan received would be greatly reduced.

Previously, when he was watching the examinees fight, all the examinees with ten meridians knew very well that they should stay close to the examiner.

However, they thought too simply. The methods they used were mostly to dodge or attack forcefully.

How could a level three Qi path martial artist let a mere level two martial artist get close to him?

With a few spirit skills, they were defeated.


Lin Yuan was a martial artist who used his brain to fight. His calculation ability was strong.

When he was below the fighting ring, he had already thought of a complete battle plan and achieved a perfect close distance between them.


Lin Yuan landed steadily on the ice wall that Zhou Tianyuan had released. The Mechanized Crossbow in his hand disappeared and was replaced by a spirit iron long spear!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

At the same time the ice wall shattered, Lin Yuan suddenly landed. He waved the spirit iron long spear in his hand and swung it at Zhou Tianyuan with all his strength!

Zhou Tianyuan, who had rich battle experience, did not panic. He condensed Three Souls Mystic Ice in his hand.

The level three martial artist released all of his spirit energy and clashed directly with Lin Yuan!


"What a powerful strength!"

At the same time, Lin Yuan and Zhou Tianyuan exclaimed in their hearts.

Lin Yuan's strength had completely exceeded the scope of a ten-meridians martial artist.

As a level three martial artist, Zhou Tianyuan, who had opened dumen, had much more strength and explosive power than Wu Di, who was also a level three martial artist.

If Zhou Tianyuan were to do a Strength Test, he could easily achieve a full score of 50 points.

Lin Yuan suffered a great loss in this head-on collision, and his entire body was sent flying.

Qi path and weapon path were just two basic directions. It did not mean that Qi path martial artists did not have any close combat ability.

As long as one mastered a spirit skill, it was impossible for them to not have close combat ability. It was just that they were slightly weaker compared to weapon path martial artists.

The huge gap between their realms, strength, and speed could not be eliminated just because of a level two martial artist's close combat.

While Lin Yuan was sent flying, a smile hung on his face.

"He used his full strength."

As a level three martial artist examiner, Zhou Tianyuan used his full strength in this attack!

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